Paper Notes v2.0 #12

Paper Note v2 - 12




As he moved ahead in his path he saw a long road ahead, a never-ending pavement going up and down at successive summits and valleys. At some places, the road was taking turns and getting straight again. At the both sides of the road, he saw long grassland. The knee-height grass was waving in the direction of the wind and coming back to its position again. He looked at the sky, a few birds were flying in circles, neither going up, nor coming down, but a certain bird on the earth was taking its first flight to the sky.

He started to walk with long steps and in no time he realized where did he want to go? What was his destination? Where was he heading? And in this utter confusion, he saw a hut almost at horizon, illuminated by torch from inside. ‘That is my destination.’ He decided. He progressed in his path quickly. He kept on walking and walking and when his legs started to ache and back got stiff he reached the hut. His hand and face had wrinkles and nerves were protuberant on the skin. He was old now and the road was not taking any turn after that house. It was such a dead-end.

A little about Analogies: Does it happen to you that when you see an object or anything around you, it gives you a thought that defines the life quite perfectly and leaves you contemplative for a moment? Well, that’s what Analogies is all about. By simple things around us, what can we perceive about life. Can we really see life through what is already visible?

Moments of Truth… by Nimish Tanna – Book Review

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Title : Moments Of Truth
Author : Nimish Tanna
Pages : 235
Genre : Reality Fiction
Publisher :  Leadstart Publication

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3.5/5
Storyline : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues : 4/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

Arjun Mehta is a smart, confident and charming Management graduate, who is desperately trying to hunt down his old college professor, Col. Rawat, with the help of his fiancé, Shruti. However, this trail unearths many secrets about Arjun’s life during his MBA days, which Shruti might not be prepared for. Will they be able to pull through this ordeal with their relationship intact? And Will Arjun ever find Col. Rawat? Moments Of Truth is a fascinating tale about how Arjun battles against controversies and heartaches, and his struggle to protect his relationships and realize his ambitions – all against the backdrop of “an average B-school”. Will he be able to find his real purpose in life? Or does he get end up getting lost in the crowd like so many others?

Beauty :

  • Concept is good.
  • Writing style is brilliant.
  • MBA’s hostel life of Arjun is fun filled and hilarious to read.
  • First few chapters of the book proves to be ‘anxiety generator’ chapters for the readers.

Beast :

  • Blurb seems to be distracting.
  • Middle part of the book is seems to be a bit stretched.

Review :

It takes a huge courage to face the truth, only few of us can go through the dark trail which leads us to the ugliest truths of our life. Moments of truth is a brilliantly written story of Arjun Mehta who refused to accept the truth and decided to run away till he met his professor Col. Rawat. Col. Rawat showed him the path, Arjun was always destined to follow. Arjun followed the trail of destiny and found the main motive of his life.

Moments of Truth offers a fresh idea with a captivating storyline, written brilliantly by Nimish Tanna. Writing style of the author is simple and very effective, he possesses the power to draw readers attention over the story he is narrating through his characters.

The story kick starts with the love proposal, followed by 3 months of exile of Arjun. When he returned, he took his fiance, Shruti on a trail to find his professor Col. Rawat. Author does creates a huge anxiety while building the plot for the novel. Reader starts to anticipate but nothing seems to be convincing.

According to me the downfall of the story starts with the stretching of the love story of Riya and Arjun. Reader could feel detached from the story at that moment because the initial anxiety gets lost with the beginning of an unexpected love story introduced in the middle portion of the book. The trail of finding Col. Rawat gets completely lost.

In the end, the story again picks up its beauty with the revelation of Col. Rawat’s truth and the story of 3 month exile of Arjun. That made the overall story grab 4/5 stars.

Verdict :

Moments of Truth is a story of a soulful confession and then fighting back to get the life on track. I’ll recommend this book on the basis of writing style of Nimish Tanna and the plot of the story.

Quid est Veritas


cropped-author-photo5This beautiful poem is written by Norine Acevedo. Enjoy the poem and don’t forget to appreciate our guest writer by reviewing it.




Time has a way

Of calling back the days,

Of bringing to the heart

What’s true.

Glorious were those days!

The Sun seemed to always

Shine upon our happy Youth.


I see the Sun

Now dip behind the trees;

His light shines bright

No more.

The silver Moon,

High in the sky She climbs;

The Stars slip higher still.


Memory defined,

In the corner of my mind,

Remind me of Eternal Truth:

Someday the Sun

Will shine for me no more;

Woe for those left behind!

What will be said

Of glory days gone by?

How did I live my life?


The Sun, it sets;

The hour marches on;

The minutes, and seconds, too.

I see the Old

Grow cold in their desire.

I see my time

Pass, too.


All fades away

In the deep and darkening sky;

Nothing left to the eye.

Time has a way

Of taking all our days,

And leaving behind

the Truth.