The Mask

The Mask

I don’t think I can make it

Or rather I could just fake it

It’s easy that way, playing roles

Covering all the patches, all the holes

It would be a new story, a new line

No one too close, no one to whine

No questions asked, none answered

And life above all, mastered!


Classroom Scandal

Classroom Scandal

Murmuring amongst the living dead

She progresses with extreme dignity

Here & there & god knows where

She moves like a wind seen very rare

I stop, I gaze & I breathe out

She intercepts, she feels & shouts loud

The mask is off the stone cold face

The burden too heavy to resume the race

I am off the road, into the wild

Walking amongst the rest like a forbidden child

Absolute Laugh

Absolute Laugh


Make me laugh like an innocent child

Not very vivid, just the usual mild

Skipping all the agony, all the pain

A laugh so rare as the autumn rain

Make me forget the worst of my nightmares

Refresh me like cold water dripping through hairs

A laugh so real it accompanies every joy

To enjoy the moment like a kindergarten boy

Make me believe that joy is life

Joy so pure like the rama’s wife

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

Life in its crystal form

More of like shattered glass

Each piece having its own image

So versatile yet so brutal

Magnificent & rendering with age

Interrelated within the frame

Not as pieces but bitsy cage

The stories, the emotions bound intact

As on a wimpy diary’s page

10 easy ways to – SUCCESS!


  • Create a new folder & move your academic records in it. Rename it to ‘success’.
  • Use the C language to create a program with following output-
    “Press any key to achieve success”
    “Success achieved”
  • Visit a pet shop. Name your favorite pet ‘success’. Buy it.
  • Write ‘success’ with bold marker on your dad’s hand. Irritate him to the extent that he slaps you.
  • Write ‘success’ in bold letters on a blank piece of paper. Mail it to your own address.
  • Type ‘success’ in WordPad. Click print.
  • Change your best friend’s name to ‘success’ in your phone. Text him to call you.
  • Buy a plane white T-shirt. Use custom printing to print ‘success’ on its front & back portion.
  •  Change your user login account name to ‘success’. Use the same account to login every time.  
  • Hack your friend’s facebook account. Change his first name to success. Poke yourself through his account.

At the end of the day you are a “SUCCESS-FULL” man 😉