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Embers of Light… By Abhi

Embers of Light

Title : Embers of Light and the sacred secret
Author : Abhishek Gupta(Abhi)
Pages : 365
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd

Ratings :

Cover : 3/5
Blurb : 3.5/5
Theme : 4/5
Story Line: 4.5/5
Writing & Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Characters : 5/5
Plot, Twists and Suspense : 4.5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

Embers of Light and the sacred secret is an epic tale of five human beings coming together to face a noxious evil threatening the peace on earth. These five humans; a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, a Chinese karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker are teamed up together by the leader of an alien race living secretly on earth for centuries.

This alien race, the Vaashis, is terrified as a strange ‘Y’ shaped symbol appears in the sky. Based on some bizarre prophecy and some occult trick, the vaashis group together these five individuals, changing their lives forever. These five are the embers of light that are prophesied to fight against a darker evil.

Meanwhile, a guy named Nicklaus meets his so desired angel as his dreams grow more and more intense each day. But is it really that angel which he wished for?

It is the story of how their lives intertwine. They chose to stand even when destiny tried to rule against them. This is the story of five ordinary humans who followed their destined path against all conspiracies.

  • The author succeeds in creating a fantasy epic with everything narrated to perfection.
  • Amazing plot and placement of story right from the starting till the end.
  • The beautiful way in which each character is given life of its own. A crucial task done with perfection.
  • A pacy story unfolding a new mystery at every page.
  • The suspense, which the author cleverly maintains at every stage, intriguing and challenging the reader to the very last.
  • How the sacred secret remains a secret leaving the reader waiting anxiously for the second installment.
Setbacks :
  • Non I would like to mention.

Review :

“An epic tale of fantasy bound to keep you glued till the end. Fantasy and mystery at its best. A milestone in Indian Fantasy Literature.”

A first look at the book gives a rather average effect of yet another fantasy book written by yet another newbie. But as the book unfolds its intelligence and potential as it progresses, all those preliminary thoughts about the book and the author vaporizes. With every page, a new identity of author is formed, one of a genius story teller.

Being a hardcore fan of fantasy, thriller and mythology this book brewed a certain curiosity in me. I have come across many fantasy tales and this certainly was another milestone in this fantastic journey.

First of all I would like to thank Abhi for creating something worthwhile. The book is plotted at a time when darkness starts brewing over our precious earth. A strange ‘Y’ shaped cloud forms inn the middle of sky. While the humans are busy wondering as to what that symbol stand for, an alien race called the Vaashis, living secretly on our planet for centuries knows exactly what it stands for. And there starts the tale of five heroes, the five chosen embers of light to protect the earth from this growing darkness.

Vaashis, the blood of angels, is a mysterious race which settled on our earth centuries back. Now the story has its own twists and suspense, ready to be exploited by the reader. The turn of events results in five embers against the most powerful of angels, the royal devil.

The story is cleverly weaved into a  fantastic tale of good against the bad. But the ingenuity of writer gives it a totally different taste. Abhi manages to keep the readers glued to the pages. With the reader lost between a fast paced story, there is no time for boredom.

One of the interesting things about the book is how the characters uplift the entire story. Every character has its own role to play in the story which is ingeniously shaped and structured to give a realistic touch to the story. The element of ‘Surprise’ overcomes the ‘Guessing’ and the ‘Predictive’ element in the book. While you will be busy guessing the most probable outcome, the author will surprise you, every time.

The way in which the mysteries have been revealed in the book are just  commendable. It’s like watching a magic show where the magician tells you about a trick but keeps it till the end to build anticipation and enthusiasm in the audience. The ending leaves the reader craving for the next part. I want the second part in my hands right now!

So overall it was a fantastic read. I would like to thank the author for delivering such a great fantasy novel in the Indian market. It was a great experience reading this book. A powerful script for a Hollywood flick(just because they could deliver better screenplay with awesome graphics). All the best Abhi for your book. Would definitely like to see it on the best sellers list.

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister… By Tabrik C

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister Main

Name : Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister
Author : Tabrik C
Pages : 316
Genre : Political Thriller
Publisher : Hachette India
Source : Author

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Blurb : 4/5
Story : 3/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Dialogues : 3/5
Overall : 3.5/5

Overview :

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a political thriller written by Mr. Tabrik C. The book is a future vision of Indian politics where mid-term general elections stand tall. India is on an edge of internal revolt against the old-stable constitution and terrorists nuclear attack. Siddhartha Tagore, the maestro-politician, is the new Prime Minister of India. This is an interesting journey of Siddhartha Tagore from Harvard to 7 Race Course Road.

  • Solid writing style.
  • Well carved story with interesting twists and turns.
  • Well researched data with extensive analysis of current political scenario.
  • Beautifully structured into 70+ chapters.
  • The unexpected twist of Dr. Thornburn.
  • Life-like characters.
Beast :
  • The story loses pace towards the ending.
  • The dissolution of government at such short intervals stresses the validity of the story.
Review :

‘A fast paced political thriller which will keep you excited. Well researched, beautifully structured and amazingly written.  An astounding launch in the Indian market.’

So here’s a political thriller which easily distinguishes itself from all other books because of its theme and genre. The book is fast paced and will keep you interested the whole time. The personality and character of Siddhartha Tagore, the propagator of this book, is so vivid that you can actually connect with him. I really enjoyed the reading session.

The book itself is complete in all regards. The thrill, the pace, the twists and all. But the  story gets a little predictable towards the middle. Now that doesn’t ruin the story or the theme, but the pace is somewhat reduced when a reader is expecting the expected.

The other characters of this book fall short to the character of our maestro politician, maybe because the story involves him as the lead character. I personally felt that the character of Rukmani Devi and Thor were a little underpaid.

The twist of Dr. Thornburn(Thor) hits the reader with a bang. It is nicely placed and well woven. The condition between India and China is one highlight of the book. Some of things are beautifully crafted in between the chapters which every Indian can easily connect to. Siddhartha Tagore is a Maestro-Politician and Mr. Tabrik is our Political-Maestro!

So my final word is that the books delivers what it boasts. Go for it if you are looking for one fine read. And if you’re into politics, grab your copy now!

Reach the author, Mr. Takrik C here.


“Who says thrill is only written in the typical prose of language?
All you need is a flawless story and picture-perfect set up. A perfect example
is Algorithm of Future.”

“Among other available genres which the market is flooded with, this book remains untamed
and holds its ground.”

“A MUST READ for everyone who want to try something new other than the usual love, romance and life experiences.” 

“In the current era of Indian novels where genre such as love, romance, drama, betrayal, sex is the major and safe priorities for authors, Sandeep Sharma’s Algorithm of Future is certainly a new trend setter as well as previous tedious trend breaker.”

“The novel forces you to go deep into imagination and till the very end you are unable to predict what will come next.It is an amazing novel which occupies your mind till the very last.”

“Writer has done it…. that’s a great debut. It was so easy to connect with the story line. Every character has spark which enlightened the whole plot.”



Everything was fine till that plane crash in China. That’s where everything started……
Rakesh – the youngest Mathematician who can predict the future using his mathematics….
Aakash Singh Rathore – the greatest Magician and the hypnotist who wants to rule the world….
Rahul – a friend, a RAW agent or something else?
Here mathematics, magic and science will fight to decide the future of this world.
Will Rakesh be able to save his family from the fate he himself has predicted?
What happened that night from which Rakesh couldn’t recover himself from 12 years?
This is the story of revenge….. This is the story of love…. This is the story of friendship…. This is ‘Algorithm Of Future’…



The Disclosure

The Disclosure

“Windsor Street”
The sign board glimmered in the pale light of passing vehicles.
I was crossing this sign board third time this night. This was probably the most crowded place at this point of time. That’s why I loved crossing this place several times during my night walk. Random faces, random talks.

The weather was calm & clear. The cool breeze tickling through the bare skin served as cherry on the cake.
I wish if ria was here, walking to my side. I would have held her hand & enjoyed the breeze. She is beautiful, beautiful as the full moon in a cold winter’s night. I was in love with her since the first time I saw her. She always appeared the same to me, an angel bestowed by the mighty heavens in my vapid life.

Suddenly it struck me. I took out my cell phone & dialed her number(although it was on speed dial) .
“Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring. . .”

That was all that I heard. Was she busy? Or maybe she couldn’t find her phone(she always did that, i.e, misplaced her phone). So I tried a second time. No luck!
Maybe she was busy with something or the other. She would call me as soon as she reaches her phone.

These thoughts crowded my mind as I walked across the streets. Suddenly I stumbled into a stone & hurt my toe.
“Damn! The right toe again!”.
I stamped my left foot on the ground & stared at the dead stone.
“You are gonna pay for this!”.
I picked it up & threw it in the road side drainage. Well there was nothing I could have done practically but I satisfied myself. So with a hurt toe & a busy mind I decided to walk back home.

“Windsor Street”.

This was the fourth time I guess. I crossed the road to the other side & joined the crowd in motion. Soon I reached the road to greenery. I used to call it that because it was endowed with green trees on both sides. This road lacked the glimmer of street lamps because of the tall trees. But it didn’t matter much as the path was still clearly visible. One of the lamp post was damaged due to the storm the day before. I kept looking below to dodge any further foot injuries.

Progressing on the road to greenery I think I heard something. So I took a pause & looked around. Surely it was someone talking. Someone very familiar!. I recognized the feeble voice but my mind neglected to accept the thought. It was odd. Still I gazed around to check & recheck. I reached for my cell phone but it was unattended to.

At last I discovered an image in the far corner, near a tree. I decide to move a little closer in order to get a better glance. And there it was,… the familiar image, the familiar voice. Yes! She was there. But?!? Yes it was her. I could sense her beauty in the flickering light passing through the leaves. She looked beautiful as ever. My eyes were fixed on her & maybe I skipped a heartbeat or two. Then my mind came in with the obvious question, ‘What is she doing here, alone??’ Well the latter part was discarded quickly as I saw another figure emerging from the dark corner.

This was a new figure, none that I can recognize. He was standing fairly close to her (My eyebrows frowned). Both were looking at each other in an unusual way. My heart beat jumped to 84 or even 90. I was flabbergasted at the entry of this individual in such a moment.
I knew something was wrong but I didn’t knew how to react in that situation. I felt completely blank, blank like an empty glass(Everything but nothing). In a micro moment he took her hand & looked straight into her eyes(I clenched my fists tightly). The quite environment & the serious moment made me restless.

“What the hell is going on??” I whispered in an angry yet calm voice. The guys lips twitched a little & I rushed to my nearest tree. I could hear his voice in the quite environment.
“I know it has been difficult for the both of us but believe me everything’s gonna be alright.”
Ria sobs.
“Just remember that I will be by your side forever. Whenever & wherever you need me.”
Sobbing faded slowly.
“I know… I know…” replied ria in melancholic tone.

Both remained silent in the moments that followed.
My breathing was heavy & I was trying very hard to listen to any word, any sound. But nothing. I wondered if they were still there or if they just disappeared. I sneaked around the tree to get a glimpse.

‘What the ….!’

For a moment I thought it was one of my mind’s trick. But no. They were hugging each other shamelessly, like lovers do. I reached the state of EXTREME SHOCK. More of shattered than hurt. Betrayal & anger were at their most. My mind flooded with numerous thoughts –
‘She a liar, a manipulator – Slap her in front of this guy – Call her mom & tell her about it – Punch this guy in the face – Snap it & post it on facebook – Call the police!’

But how could she have done something like that to me. Why me?(because I was the other guy?) Why in the world only me? We were in love(Well, I was). What could have possibly gone wrong?
In between these mindless thoughts my ears reacted again.
“Don’t worry. It will all be over very soon.””
“I wish” replied ria with a vapid tone.
“I know I must have told you this many times… but I just want you know that I L. . . …”

I realized what was coming. But I wasn’t prepared to deal with that(not on a casual night walk). I became furious. My mind was not in the state of making decisions. I don’t know what overruled me but in a flick of moment I reacted.
I picked up a fist-sized stone from the ground & threw it in their direction furiously. I didn’t even knew what I was doing & why. As soon as the stone left my hand I turned around and ran, ran as if being chased by a bunch of bulldogs(I hate bulldogs). I was blank & in no state to understand what was happening.

I heard two screams, two high pitched screams. But I kept on running, with a hurt foot and a damaged heart.
I don’t know what really happened but when I regained my senses I was entering my house through the main door.

I hurried towards my room with quick & heavy steps. That seemed the only practical option at that time. I closed the door behind me & gazed at the clock.
’10.20’ it showed.

“Aditya! What happened?”
“Is everything allright?” called my mom in a concerned tone.
“Good night mom” was what I replied to those morbid questions.

I threw my phone on the bed & occupied my chair with the head in my hands. I tried to remember what I had done. Nothing. Nothing at all. No guilt, no anger, no depression, nothing. The emotions were somewhere there deep inside but outside just a stone face. The images of ria & that random guy were flashing before my eyes. Steamed up by the emotional scarcity I punched the table in front of me. Lucky I was as the punch landed on my firm but soft notebook rather than the hard wooden surface.

I gently picked up my notebook & turned around some pages. This notebook had been my oldest friend & the best part was – no complaints, no arguments & no fights. Most of the moments of my life(happy & sad) were inscribed somewhere in between those pages. Turning those pages I realized what I had to do. I decided to pen down my feelings, describing each and every emotion, reliving the nightmare.

This notebook contained various segments of my life & now I was ready to add a new one to it. I picked up a pen from the table & adjusted the notebook on the table. The pen flowed & the words accumulated, emotions revived.


Love unveiled

Love Unveiled

Love and faith are overruled by emerging hate
I can’t help but remember our very first date
The words seems meaningless, emotions hollow
My mouth is full but I can’t swallow
From angel of love to a lover’s kiln
Your picture changed like a moving film
Our moments are fading, losing their charm
The heart is cold but mind still warm
My love
 was pure & so is my heart
But you nailed the bull’s eye with a single dart
Now my love is confused, dying with the moments
And the heart is sinking far from the banks
My soul is hurt, tethered to the fatal blow
And life has suddenly turned into a comedy show
The emotions are shattered, I won’t love again
Back into the grave, I won’t live again….

The Con Who Loved Me

The con who loved me

I jumped over the brawny fence to square him on the next street. But he was way too fast to be trapped that way. I tried to match his agility and followed his lead. Just a little faster and there he was, in my grip. He took a sharp left & I swayed my hand. Missed by inches! I regained balance & rushed again in his direction. Left-Right, Right-Left, many more turns but I knew where we were heading. A quick right and there he was , facing the wall. A dead end!

He turned around & drew his gun. I wasn’t prepared for that but I reacted. A drop of sweat ran down his right eyebrow. His finger reached for the trigger. Our eyes met for the one last time and. . . . .BANG!

One hour later. . .

The heavy sounds of ambulance and police vehicles covered the lonely street. Every officer was busy investigating the crime scene. I was sitting silently in the far corner of the street covered in a blanket. Yes I was cold! I dislocated the bullet casing from my gun. Tears rolled down my eyes as I looked below. . . . .Six slots, Six bullets.

Murder on Lexington Street

Murder on Lexington Street

Walking past the pavement I realized something was wrong. The road ahead was unusually crowded and the lights beamed in the shallow night. My eyes crossed a speeding vehicle. The red-blue lights flickered and the horn blared vigorously. Suppressing my booming anxiety I asked a gentleman what it was all about. To my utter shock I came to know that there had been a murder on the next street.

I was three blocks away from my house. The unusual news triggered my speed and I paced towards my house. My mind was a little disturbed and I stumbled into a big guy coming from the other direction. He was one BIG hooded figure and seemed to be in a hurry so he moved on although I apologized. As he didn’t cared, i moved on.

Soon I was standing before my front gate calming my breath. I felt relaxed & reaching for my keys moved on to open the gate. I gasped at the sight of it! How the hell? My right hand was covered in blood without a single scratch on it!