In a world full of sorrow

With nothing but pain

How can I be kind

With nothing to gain


Yet you smile

Like an incandescent dream

Against odds and oddity

In a world miserably mean


You show us a path

Forgotten and ignored

And a humble sense of humanity

Once adored


My own reflection

Is my worst nightmare

Haunting and daunting

Embodiment of despair


Yet you carried this burden

This long, this far

Only to be rewarded with betrayal

At the judgement hour


Yet you smile

Like dawn of spring

In a world that treats you

Like a plaything


The blame is mine

And I bear it in shame

This guilt, this suffering

My existence, my bane


In a darkened world

You’re a speck of light

Which I once cultivated

Now lost, and denied


Rising Pains

Rising Pains

Somewhere beneath this plastic smile

the soul is crying

Usurped by emerging pain,

tears showering like rain

The shades of darkness

rendering with age

Scavengers of the past

thriving on rage

The world parting slowly

for the evil deeds

And the creators of past

enjoys the rain

The pool of memories

filled with guilt & shame

And the so called absolution

a myth, a fairy tale

In a world so selfish

one has nothing to gain

Just to kneel before self

due to the rising pain…. . .