Holi Hooligans ~ {SS #2}

There were colours all around; in the air, on the ground, and every living being was covered covered in them. The surroundings were soaked in captivating essence of various flowers. People were dancing and cheering all around. The environment was filled with so much energy that the usually morbid beings looked as if they had been injected with a new variety of drug, something ecstatic.  The sounds of laughter and joy together cultivated a state of bliss. The smiling faces burst into laughter every time a relatively clean person was soaked in colourful water or bombarded with water balloons.

Soon the thrilling yet peaceful environment was disturbed by the high pitched roaring of extremists, who came in groups, laden with balloons filled with dirty water and pockets filled with tacky colours bottles – the holi hooligans. The smiles faded away giving in to fear, and joy turned into hysteria as the hooligans infiltrated the gathering, celebrating in their own way, exploiting the virtue of a festival they were vaguely familiar with.

The music was still on, colours still soared the sky as the festivities continued, people still celebrating – some willingly and others unwillingly. No one objected and no one cried; the festival of colours, dull and bright.


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The Happiest man on Earth?


Antony Fartey was ten when he first felt as he was feeling now. His face was pale and he was sweating as though his body was nothing but a shower. His light blue shirt had sweat marks at armpit, at shoulder and at collarbone. The air conditioned atmosphere of his cosy cabin had no effect on him. He looked restless and troubled. He loosened the tie and closed the lid of his laptop. He went back on his chair and tried to relax. He closed his eyes and wished this would get over, very soon.

No, he was in no state to bear it. He stood up and walked two rounds in his office. He opened the gate of his cabin and went towards the washroom, two cabins away. He was about to enter there when a guard stopped him. ‘Sir, there’s some plumbing work going on, No one can use the washroom today.’

Antony cursed the man whose face he saw when he woke up in morning. That was a threatening situation for him. He called his secretary and asked her to cancel all his today’s appointments. He started to run in the corridor, slipped twice and dashed two persons in his way and did not even care to apologise. Entire office looked at him in disbelief. He had realised that he had a very little time left. He took the elevator, entered in and pressed minus-one button. Elevator accelerated down quickly, became steady then decelerated till it stopped at parking. Antony could feel every single movement happening to and in his body. He reached to his car and entered in there, took some deep breathes and pushed the accelerator hard enough that tyres made two skid marks on pavement. On his way he jumped four red lights and almost killed a man and his wife who were crossing the road.

After some fifteen minutes of reckless driving when he reached his apartment, his legs were trembling. They were weak and strained.  He opened the gate. His dog jumped on him and licked his hand. His wife looked worried when she saw him in that condition. Antony pushed both of them and went straight to the washroom.

Ten minutes later when he came out, his wife had swathed her face with a thick cloth and was spraying room freshener at everywhere. His dog was barking like an animal that just had gone crazy. The entire apartment was filled with obnoxious smell of human excreta. And amid all of this, Antony Fartey was standing at the washroom gate, his hand on his stomach, a heartfelt smile on his lips. Antony Fartey was perhaps the happiest man on the earth.

The Old Man and the Nymph… By Vipin Behari Goyal

The Old Man and the Nymph

Title : The Old Man and the Nymph
Author: Vipin Behari Goyal
Pages: 192
Genre: Fantasy
Publication : Blackbuck Publication

Ratings :

Story : 3/5
Cover : 4/5
Blurb : 3/5
Theme : 4/5
Characters : 3.5/5
Overall : 3/5

Overview :

“The Old Man and the Nymph” is the story of three nymphs- Melissa, Pun and Mint. Narrated in parts by Melissa, it traces the journey of their encounters with the Colonel, an old man who wishes to entice them to satiate his carnal desires. Melissa, the nymph of the clouds, is a young writer whom the Colonel hires to pen down the story of his life. Pun, the nymph of water, is a young orphaned girl who comes to the city to build a comfortable life for herself. Mint, the nymph of the woods, is an unusually insolent, seductive young girl, who hails from a small mountainous village.

All the three nymphs are characterized by extraordinary beauty, and captivating charm. In addition, Melissa has unusual wit and ego, Pun has towering confidence and a shrewd min, and Mint is master of the art of seduction.

There are actually 3 old men in the story- the colonel, the Naga, and Melissa’s father- all of them shadows of the same energy- desire and greed.

The book chronicles the encounters of the 3 extraordinary demigoddesses with the old men, promising to transfer the reader to mysterious worlds of fantasy!

The Remarkables : 
  • The cover- the illustration is a perfect embodiment of the theme.
  • Blurb- arouses interest.
  • Intricate detailing in each scene.
  • Painstakingly descriptive style of narration.
  • Deftly sketched characters- the nymphs and their complementary energies, the old men.
  • The writer paints worlds of fantasy with words.
  • The concept- amalgamation of Greek mythology with an Indian setting- witty and intriguing.
The Letdowns :
  • Incoherent narration- the writer tends to get carried away with descriptions of the mundane. Results in breaks in flow of the story.
  • The ending is a huge letdown- the story ends abruptly without justifying the roles of the old men or the nymphs.
  • The plot is weak- the reader’s attention tends to wander. The concept could have been exploited in a more expansive manner.
Review :

“The Old Man and the nymphs” is a most unusual tale. Chances are it’s unlike anything you have ever read. The concept itself is intriguing- a heady mix of the fascinating Greek mythology and a believable Indian setting. Greek mythology describes ‘nymphs’ as demigoddesses- extraordinary female deities that have qualities similar to the Indian Apsaras. The book takes the concept to another level by personifying them as 3 beautiful, young girls. The old men are analogous of carnal desires.

The writer has, to some extent, been successful in incorporating the concept into the tale. However, the narrative often loses track. The story progresses at a slow pace, and is often confusing. It leaves the reader feeling lost and clueless.

However, the excellently sketched nymphs more than make up for the drag in narration. These fascinating creatures manage to keep the reader involved till the end.

Overall, “the old man and the nymphs” is a book that could have been a real fascinating journey, if the writer had a better grip on the plot. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable read that will send your mind to mysterious realms of fantasy, and for that, I would say it’s worth a read.


INTERVIEW: 7 Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Hello Readers!

Today’s guest is none other than the writer and contributor in the anthology ‘Uff ye emotion’. Yes you heard it right. We are going to interview Himanshu Appie Chhabra. A potential writer, famous blogger and moreover a wonderful person. Find out more about him.

A little about Himanshu.

Name : Himanshu Appie Chhabra
Location : New Delhi
Blog : purplepenblogs.in

So here goes our little chit chat session with Himanshu. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

  • Do you remember your first creation? What was it?
    My first creation was a poem, full of grammatical errors and leaked emotions. I literally killed literature. I had written it for a beautiful girl. She was my schoolmate. I was in 12th standard that time. I do not have that paper on which I scribbled it but I do remember the person who owns it.  ‘Reminisce’ was the only reason of my first creation and it fulfilled the purpose of its life.
  • You own a wonderful blog, Purple Pen. Tell us about it something. When and how did you come up with it?
    It is my second blog. My first blog was ‘The Crescent Dreams’, which extinct in the forest of internet with time. Purple Pen is doing well and it is a website now.
    We came up with this idea in August, 2012 and after some homework we launched it on 14th September, 2012 itself.
  • ‘Purple Pen’ sounds interesting and Pen sounds reasonable for blog but why ‘purple’?
    Even, I don’t know the answer. It was one of the names we listed for voting. It just clicked in one of our teammates mind, other teammates voted for it and the blog was named ‘Purple Pen’.
    However, knowledge is good. Purple colour is formed with combination of ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’. It is said that it is the fusion of ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’. But for me, this colour stands just for ‘Pride’. Purple Pen is my Pride.
  • You manage your blog but you have team of around 9 or 10 members. What’s their role? Do they all write for your blog as some of them have their own blog and besides that maximum posts are posted by you?
    It feels good when aspiring writers come to us with their writings and ask us to post them. Normally, these people are new to this blogging world. We provide them a platform and when they feel like then what to move one step ahead, them form their own blogs. We never stopped them. Our purpose is not to stop them but give them the boost they need to reach readers. We feel happy when readers appreciate them.
    They write, do book reviews, take interviews and read each other too. We are all here to learn. Maximum posts are posted by me? Well, my readers can answer it well. They keep messaging me on social networking sites that when you are coming up with your new posts. Moreover, I am managing ‘Purple Pen Blogs’ currently, which apparently gives reasoning to your question.
  •  Is your team permanent or members keep-on changing?
    Change is the only consistent thing in this world. We are always open. Anyone can join, anyone can leave. And writers do that. Sometimes they get so engaged in their more important works that they keep writing on hold. Eventually, new writers fulfil the space and perpetuity sustains.
  • You have published your anthologies ‘Uff Ye Emotions’, ’25 Strokes of Kindness’ and ‘Uff Ye Emotions-2’. Want to share something about it?
    A year back, I was totally new to this publishing industry. It feels good to see your name on paperback pages. These anthologies make me hungry. Now, I want to know how it feels to have your name on the cover of a book. Hope, I feed myself well, regularly, and become a big fish someday.
  • Do you read? What are your favourite book, author and genre?
    No, I don’t read. I eat books. Initially, it was a hobby. Now, it is a need for survival. I mean, I can sleep without a good night text from my imaginary girlfriend but can’t sleep without reading something.
    I like when writers play with their imagination power and form something new. Thus, Fantasy is my favourite genre. It is so unpredictable, which makes it ecstatic. ‘Vampire Diaries’ is one of my favourite series.
  • Yours words for ‘The Author’s blog’.
    Stay calm and Keep Blogging. I appreciate your dedication.

That’s it from Himanshu. It’s been wonderful talking to him. We wish him all the best for his future and for his blog.
Keep Reading… Keep Writing!

With Regards
Team TAB


He was trembling. Keeping his head low, he was trying to figure out what has just happened with him. His control over his breath was completely lost. His eyes were searching for something which never existed in his life. PEACE.

He was sitting on a chair in front of a large mirror. He was supposed to see his own companion on the other side of the world which existed behind that mirror, but he couldn’t collect the courage to see. Darkness was filled both inside and outside of that boy sitting there.

He was sweating heavily. He was muttering something which even his own ears couldn’t listen. His sweat was now mixing with his tears. He was feeling guilty but now it was too late.

“Time has flown away my friend, it will never come back.” His companion from the other side of the mirror said. He continued when he received no reaction from his listener, “Look at me…. LOOK AT ME.”

Now the boy slowly lifted his head to see his own reflection, his companion, sitting calmly as always, on the other side of the mirror.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” His companion said with a charm in his eyes which could fool anyone other than the boy listening him.

“You Just Keep Your Mouth Shut.” The boy yelled at him but left no impact on his companion. “You know why I have done this. I never wanted my life to come at this point. I never imagined it before…. before you came in my life. You are the one behind everything which went wrong in my life.” He busted out everything he had in his heart and now he felt relaxed.

“I have just helped you to achieve your dreams. I showed you the path which you yourself could never see.” His companion said.

“You showed me the path….?” The boy said in sarcastic way. “Yes, you have showed me the path; you have showed me the path to this.” He said while signalling towards the corner of the room.

The boy himself was lying there, dead. He had took poison.

“I killed myself, just to run away from you but……….” He cried harder.

“But you can’t. You can’t runaway from me because I am the other you and you are the other me. We can’t runaway from each other.” His companion watched the boy crying like a baby. He slowly forwarded his hand out of the mirror and took him in his world. World of infinity, behind that mirror.

Mental Hospital, New Delhi: Patient found dead within the walls of his room. Police initially thinks that it is a case of suicide but can’t give any official statement before receiving the postpartum reports. Police is also investigating on how a bottle of poison reached inside the cell.


There’s a strange calmness in the environment today. It keeps on going calmer and quieter after each second. The sea in front of us is getting restless now. It’s the time of dawn. Extremely hot sun is now looking hotter but hotness is missing now. The yellowness is quietly mixing with the blueness of sea leaving behind the orange sky. It’s all colourful now but dull. Birds are getting in rush to go back to their places so that they can meet their families back home and tell them about their  adventurous day.
Everything is beautiful but their is something sad about it. Beauty with sadness. Strange!
Why they is so much sadness. Sun is looking sad to go down back from where it started it’s day. Birds are sad as their fantastic adventure is going to end. Children around are sad to go back to their home. Have they all forgotten that everything which ends, ends with a promise that it will come back? Or is their something else which bothering them?
Father now looks to her daughter …..
0! now i see the reason behind this sadness. They all are sad because you are sad. They all are missing your smile.
You are sad because you think that god was cruel to not give you the eyes to see the beauty of nature. But you are not valuing the most precious thing which god has given you. Your smile. You don’t know that your smile is so precious that even the most beautiful things of nature come to you to see your beautiful smile.
You are not valuing the things what god has given you what you are worrying about those things which god has not given you.
God is not cruel with you or any other person. If he has taken something from you, he would have definitely given something better than others too.
Value what you have in spite of worrying about what you don’t.
Little girl smiled and hugged her father. Father took her in his arms and keep on telling her the beauty of the nature.

At Sixteen #5


#5 WAR

“You shouldn’t have done that.” I stated to pulkit and ended a long silence. I was at his room rethinking what pulkit had done in the class. He was sitting on the study table and was busy with the ice-cream cup that he bought after the class to use as an ice-pack on his face swelling which he got in the class fight and in the contrary I was sitting on the chair surprisingly staring him with a wide open mouth. How could be one so blase!

“They stimulated me.” he exclaimed casually licking his ice stick.

“They were just talking to her.”

“Okay, then you stimulated me.” he immediately replied.

“What the…… how did I stimulate you?” That guy was psycho.

“You said they were flirting with her.”

“I might have not been serious there.”

“So that’s your fault.”

“Are you really aware of what you have done there?”

“Yes, a punch in the face which would result in four or, may be, more stitches.”

I don’t know why but I was really scared of him. “What does your father do?” that was the only question which came out of my mouth. I really wanted to be sure that he did not have any mafia background. Four stitches or more.

“He is a doctor.” He replied. “Why did you ask me?” he asked after a short pause. “Wait, are you manipulating something about my family?” he added before I could say anything.

“um…… ah…… listen pulkit I know it may sound a bit harsh but you are weird. Sometimes you behave awkwardly and I highly doubt that ‘that sometime’ is more often related to time which include anything associated with Khushi.”


“That’s her name right? You told me after the fight.” I tried to remind him.

“That’s not her name. I call her by that name.”

“Then what’s her real name?” I asked him surprisingly.

He looked me suspiciously for four seconds. “None of your business.” he spoke suddenly and again started licking his ice-cream stick.

“That’s where you behaved awkwardly. That’s the exact thing I was talking about. And look it includes Khushi or whatever her name is.”

He looked concerned and serious this time or in specific words normal. He threw his ice-cream in the garbage bin. Took a long breath, looked at me and said, “Look Abhishek, I highly appreciate how you controlled the situation out there by controlling me otherwise those two boys would be dead man.” He shifted his eyes out of me for two seconds and then again started “I don’t know why but whenever she comes in front of me i become a bit uncontrollable. The first time when I saw her in school I found her attractive but when I became possessive about her I really don’t know. She has many friends which are boys in bharatpur and, trust me, that is really disheartening to me when they talk to her in the way which I don’t like. I know it is not right and she has her life to live in whichever way she likes but what can I do…. I love her and all I want is to see her happy and safe.”

That was serious. I hadn’t gone through any love story of this kind of obsession at that age. At sixteen. “Have you ever talked to her?” I had many question but eventually it came out.

“No. I think i will threaten her.”

“Oh boy! You have already done that in the class. But no worries I will help you in getting her.”

“And why is it so?” he immediately shifted his glance at me.

“Because the guy you hit in the class was really flirting with her. And when he was out for first-aid, his friend Prateek challenged me.”

“Challenged you for what?”

“It is obvious don’t you understand? The guy you hit…. What……what was his name?


“Yeah kartik. Kartik was trying on Khushi. And by your act in the class it is very clear that you are too behind her. Prateek is Kartik’s friend. I am your friend. So it has become a matter of social prestige. Who will get the girl first?

“Oh I see. But it’s not the way I like. I love her and this is not a war.” He stated

“War is for me, my friend. You just… keep loving her.” I said and headed to door to leave.

“By the way what’s her real name?” I turned back and asked.

He looked me again in typical-pulkit-suspicious-look. Paused for one second and said “none of your business.”

“Never mind.” I left.