Paper Notes v2.0 #11

Paper Note v2 - 11



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I am a teenager
Many feelings evolving in my heart.
Learning many aspects of life 4m U.
I as a girl like sharing my thoughts.
I watched, noticed u.
U d superstar me d beginner.
My dreams got direction.
I started u’stndng the intensity of emotions.
The banter and reunion we had..
U were d Potter,
Me your pottery.
U made me stronger.
N now d time is….
U in my soul.
Me in your heart..


This beautiful poetry is written by Jivya Arora. Do tell us how you like it and if you too want to get published through our portal, just mail your creative work to



In Between Transition

Life is cosmic, unpredictable and complex. There is no doubt about it. It expounds every day, emanating from the very depths of this world. Similarly a person intensifies with the vastness of life. There are those moments when a person transforms from one state to another, a state of transition.

Actually these moments repeat themselves quite often. As a matter of fact a person transforms every other day. Life with its new experiences and vivid reality catalyzes this process.

But the actual treasure lies not in the transition but, in between transition. These are the golden moments, the moments envisaged by a peculiar part of our brain on account of experiences offered by life. This is the phase where one can discover his/her true self. It is pure.  Mostly it happens during the night, when we are sleeping. People commonly refer to them as dreams. But all of us don’t dream, do we? So what about our phase of transition? When does it occur? Does it even occur or not?

Now dream is a little vague to describe this process. For dreams are nothing but fragments of our mind; flocculated thoughts, ideas and some unexplained phenomenon. It’s the conjunction of these elements that puts together a dream. So these elements are common to all but dreams aren’t.

The fact enclosed here is that each and every one of us undergoes this transition. Now most of us might not realize that. In any case, it happens, with or without our consent. And some of us, who realize its occurrence, try to make the most out of it. For this is the phase of absolute reality where nothing is veiled or hidden. This is the period where we can connect with our souls, with our true selves. It has its own purity and essence, unbiased and objective.

Some of us have even devised ways to control its occurrence. With utmost focus and relaxed mind, many of us can control & even extend its occurrence. People usually call it meditation; a state of trance. Now you might feel cheated & might question its occurrence. Because we all know about meditation, but not its purpose. You might question me as well. How am I so sure about it?
Well I have none but one answer to that question and I might not be able to speak for everyone but me. I don’t know with what method I have figured out a way to experience this transition but yes, I can experience it with all my senses. In fact I am experiencing it right now with every word I am writing. Confused a little? Don’t worry; you will learn it one day. For now I am experiencing the real beauty of life, not the reflection. For now I am face to face with my true self. For now I am writing, in between transition.