The Idea of Being Left Alone

We all tend to be in company of people we love and care about – our friends and family. For in their company we feel safe and happy, and a happy human being is a much better human being. And that is probably the idea of life – to harbour love and kindness and to spread comfort and joy.

Having stated the plausible purpose of life and the desire to be in the company of people we love and care about in a harmonious manner, it is the need of the hour to ruminate on the idea of being left alone. I say ‘being left alone’ because it is fundamentally different from ‘being alone’. While the former demands, the latter just accepts. The very foundation of ‘being left alone’ is based on the voluntary need of personal space rather than an unhealthy state of being, which our loved ones usually suspect. And while the idea of being judged by our loved ones is acceptable to a certain degree, the idea of subtle understanding by the same people in matters relating to personal space is still missing.

When the affairs of life transforms into a state of pandemonium, the intention to sit alone and grasp the current state of things in order to prepare for the battle ahead is justified and self-advocated. We can empathize to a certain extent, but we can’t truly understand a person’s current state of being. So the next time one of your loved ones desires to spend some time alone, respect his/her feelings. A matter resolved in solitude of one’s being gives way to acceptance, and a further chance at happiness. And a happy human being is a much better human being.

Evaluate. Empathize. Evolve.




There is a bench at the other side of the river. Sitting at the bank, I always look it. It always remains vacant. Nobody comes there, nobody sits there. Albeit loud river stream passes in between us as if teasing us for what we don’t possess; life.  Yet bench never shows any discontent, however, I throw some stones into the river sometimes.

Sometimes a few people come at the bank, they look at the bench but ignore as if it doesn’t exist. They prefer to sit at the bank while their legs hanging above the cold river stream. But bench always remains vacant.

One day looking at the bench, I conform my disposition to the vacant bench.  Nobody likes the bench, nobody like me either. Nobody comes there, nobody comes here either. Out of compassion that I have formed for the bench over past few days, I decide to go there and may be sitting on it, for the mutual eradication of solitude. Hardly had I got up when I saw the one leg of the bench had been ruptured from it and the sawdust was floating in the loud river stream.

I proudly announce that the above sketch is an original work of artist Chakit Sharma. You can checkout his work on his Instagram handle@chakit.sharma

A little about Analogies: Does it happen to you that when you see an object or anything around you, it gives you a thought that defines the life quite perfectly and leaves you contemplative for a moment? Well, that’s what Analogies is all about. By simple things around us what can we perceive about life. Can we really see life through what is already visible?

Mug Full of Memories

Here it is yet again, a beautiful and sound poem submitted by one of our guest. Enjoy and share the love…

Submitted by : Lalit Gaur

While slurping my coffee
I am scouring my memories
For those moments
Which I am missing these days
Those endless talks
Those low paced walks
 A naughty whisper in my ear
A chuckle which is oblivious of tear
Every shred of me
Wants this coffee to last longer
Every shred of me
Want some memories,new and stronger