Why Some People Are Better Than Others – Fridays with DX #4

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

It’s Friday again! Today I am gonna lay some points as to why some people are better than others. So here we go…

  • Manufacturing defect.
  • They attend ‘How to be better than others’ classes.
  • Their favorite TV serial is ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma’.
  • They are good at ‘Role Playing’.
  • They watch ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • They give money to beggars for unknown reasons.
  • They have MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder).
  • They offer free alcohol and cigarettes.
  • They offer money at zero rate of interest.
  • They speak.

In addition to above mentioned points there may be some other useless reasons which don’t actually matter. Some of them are…

  • They are kind and good at heart.
  • They understand the essence of humanity.
  • They are forgiving and easy going.
  • They want to make this world a better place.
  • They are gifted.


Stay alive and keep smiling! 🙂


But we are proud to be an Indian.

proud to be an indian

Written by- Anshul Gupta

We have the best democratic country,
And the common people are still fighting for their freedom.

Every month, a newspaper reveals some big scam of the country,
Where a  local citizen strive to earn a single rupee of our Indian currency.

But still we are proud to be an Indian.

We have the tradition to worship a lady,
And see the several rape cases in the news, daily,

We are known since the years for our humanity,
Just once travel the local areas of our metropolitan city.

But we are proud to be an Indian.

Our pride nation is in the list of developing country,
And still one served with star luxury and millions without local amenities.

Common people have all the powers to elect our politician,
But their promises becomes the incredible corruption.

Even facing all this, if you also strive hard to grow in my best written constitutional country.
you have to pay your bunch of hard earned money, not to any trust but to local criminals for security.

Britishers came, and Divided us , Ruled us !
Our politician also obey the same ,
Divide us on basis of minority- majority, small caste- high caste,
Just to increase their vote bank.

Still a lot to say about my India.
from the heart of common people
but whenever i try to write something.
the ink of my pen disappears in front of their agony.

JSS Whereabouts

Whereabouts of JSS known for their particular specialty or they can be.Enjoy.

CENTRAL COURTYARD: Careful, you may fall in love here.

you may fall in love here
you may fall in love here

If Kashmir is the heaven of earth then surely CC is the heaven of JSS. If late Yash Chopra had seen JSS courtyard, he would have shot an entire movie on a single set. How romantic would that scene have been when Sharukh and Kajol reanimate the DDLJ’s mustard field iconic scene in JSS central courtyard!- “Sharukh is sprinting in slow motion from the R.O. plant and Kajol is approaching him from FC and both embrace at the centre of the central courtyard.” But Alas! This couldn’t happen. But no worries, if you are at courtyard, you may witness many Sharukh and Kajol of JSS on the round tree-platforms.
Oh! I was about to end this here. How could I forget the 8:00pm courtyard? #uncensored

MPH footsteps: Hacker’s circuit

Hacker's curcuit
Hacker’s curcuit

It’s a more like a place where you may find some kind of DJ personalities or some sort of software hackers with headphone on, wearing loose t-shirt, with carefully done careless hairs, sitting with a group of 5 to 8 coolest guys and girls of JSS, doing some B-Boing kind of stuff and challenging each other to copy their moves. Okay. Ye jyada ho gaya. So what? We all have enough Michal Jackson inside us to woo a girl, At least those who are regularly spotted at MPH footsteps.

R.O. PLANT: Where waiting is worthy

where waiting is worthy
where waiting is worthy

What? Your class has lasted before your friend’s? Don’t worry and don’t bore. JSS presents a perfect place for waiting purposes. R.O. Plant. Here you sit. You gossip. You wait. You stare. Yeah you stare, don’t you? If it is 4:30, it’s girl’s hostel reloading time. (I know you are blushing now). 5’5”, 5’4”, 5’6” moon, stars pass in front of you and makes your wait worth. Each girl passing through wants to ask you same thing, ‘you don’t come here to wait only, do you?’

FC: Your bunk will find its reason here

Bunk finds its reason here
Bunk finds its reason here

Wants to bunk a class for no reason whatsoever? FC is ready with its cheap, fresh and hot samosas (chatni free) and with a reason for bunking a class. All you have to do is escape from the class like you have planted a bomb in it. Sprint to FC like you are the next Usain Bolt. Set your hairs in the glazed gate of FC as you will get a lot of attention of opposite gender, much to your interest, in the next moment. Finance your 7 rupees in priceless samosa. Occupy the most undetectable seat of FC where no one could find you with your samosa. Don’t only eat it, feel it, feel it till each mole of it forego its existence in your saliva. With the last bite of it you will succeed in giving a reason to your unreasonable bunk.