Facebook – How do ‘you’ use it? – My journey over this virtual world.


I think I was late to realize the actual power of facebook. In 2010, I joined this vast network of people from all around the world. The reason of joining facebook was pretty usual and was to stalk girls *Winks* but soon I realized that what I actually was doing on facebook was chatting with my school mates with whom I stay for more than 10 hours daily at school itself.

In 2011, something stuck me and my passion of writing grew. That was the first year of my college life and I was determined to cash this opportunity. Coming out from small town like Agra and landing into the world of passion, Noida (NCR), it was totally a outstanding feeling. In big cities, people actually knows what to do and how to achieve their goals. I learnt a lot from my environment and soon started to live my passion, writing. I started to blog. A story, everyday was my target. Whatever the story is and how-so-ever it feels to write it, I was determined to write.

I wrote for around 5 to 10 days but then lack of audience took over my determination. I was writing but there was no one to read. That was the first time I used the power of facebook. I started sharing my stories in a group of our college. The very next day, people started to atleast recognize me. I won’t say that they started to read my stories, but atleast I came in their attention and that was more than enough for me. Appreciation with some abuses, came to me in package but the most important thing was, connections. Slowly, connections started to build. Like minded people started to appear over my timeline. Chats started to become fruitful. Time spent over facebook increased and parents started to get worried.

That was the time when I met my team of The Author’s Blog and we formed this platform to showcase our skills. We started to explore the layers of marketing of books and came up with many things that could help the authors to reach a larger number of audience. We started to review books over our blog and soon requests started to flood in and the moment your demand increases, it starts to reflect on your pocket. Now parents felt content and we had full support for what we loved to do the most.

We started doing college promotion that attracted many authors and even the publishers. Now was the time to think something big. I launched my first book, ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom‘. Facebook was my only way to promote the book and I used every length and breath of the platform. Contacts was the only thing that I looked over facebook and slowly, my ’empire’ started to build. Just while sitting in my living room, I am connected with the whole world, now it was upon me to what to do with these connections. I decided to ‘earn’ living through it.

Soon I co founded Author Paradise that took the concept of ‘The Author’s Blog’ to a new and higher level. Under Author Paradise, we used the connections of facebook to contact authors all around and slowly, we became the fastest growing publicity partner of Upcoming bestsellers.

I am still sitting over the chair of my living room. the platform is same, the world is same in front of me but the motive is different. Facebook, once joined for stalking girls, is now my bread earner. How do ‘you’ use the same?




‘The Suitable Inheritor’ by Pushpendra Mehta – Book Review


Title : The Suitable Inheritor
Author : Pushpendra Mehta
Pages : 220
Publisher : Notion Press
Genre : Fiction (Inspirational)

Rating :

Cover : 4.5/5
Writing Style : 5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Michael Elliott is stirred from deep sleep by an early-morning dream-a beautiful woman leads him to the Pacific Ocean and whispers that the ocean will help him discover his true destiny. When Michael is then invited to Peru, he wonders if this is the path to that destiny.

The journey of a lifetime, the energy of the majestic Pacific Ocean, a meaningful legacy for success and happiness, the sacrifice of a soul mate from Chicago, and the support of a special mate from India combine to make Michael the preeminent relationship coach for young people. Once he reaches that pinnacle, he is confronted with the most difficult choice he has ever made: in the pursuit of excellence, does sacrifice matter more than support; or without support, does no sacrifice count?

Can Michael resolve this life-changing dilemma, discover his true destiny, and finally become The Suitable Inheritor?”


Sometimes the question is not that how beautiful is the story but how beautifully it has been written. Pushpendra Mehta, in his magical book The Suitable Inheritor has magically portrayed the power of words that grips the reader from start till the end.

Book Cover is the first thing about the book that will take away your breath. I was surprised to see that the book cover was actually a very important scene from the book itself. The man standing near the shores, above a stone seems magical when read within the book. These kind of things are pretty rare in today’s writing.

Coming to the story. Story starts with a dream and from that moment only, it grips on your spine. You can try but can’t put this one down. The language of the book is having it’s own beauty. Writing style of the author is fabulous. Short dialogues with meaning punches in something that is rare to see within current Indian Writing scenario.

Story travels at many places but answers to the questions of protagonist actually lies in divine lands of India. The journey of Michael Elliott is surely a treat to treat.

While reading the book, you’ll surely be lost in the storyline and hopefully will find some of the crucial answers of your own journey. This book holds the magic to travel through your mind and enlighten your thoughts. I would surely recommend this book to my fellow readers. Everyone who loves to read, should read this book.

You can buy this book now from Amazon.


452830868_0f1406ba87_bWriting. Writing doesn’t come to me spontaneously. I have tried sitting in front of laptop  continuously for 10 hours without writing a single word. I just can’t do it regularly. It takes time to build a story inside my head that is exciting enough to be worked upon, and then pour it on a blank page. I usually write when I have a story (or a scene of ongoing novel) that could wake me out of deep sleep. People call me lazy but I am not, I would rather crown myself as a perfectionist. I may spend more than 1000 hrs to write a novel but it doesn’t matter to the ones who are going to read it, spending 6 to 7 hrs of their life. You have to make (or write) something that stays with your reader till eternity. You have to learn to value those 7 hrs of your reader.

My first novel was a disaster. I would have left writing after the first review that I got for the same. I still remember each and every word that he wrote for the novel. I felt bad. It was shattering, but then I had one more shot and came ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom’. It was a kind of experiment from my side. The first copy that I received was couriered to the same reviewer. I waited impatiently for his review. The review came and he rated it 4 star. That was the highest ranking that he had given to any book released during that period.

I started to receive responses from across the country. They all loved the unusual story-line, and then something struck me. It doesn’t matter, for general readers, how beautifully you have written something and how in-depth your research is; the only thing that matters is the experience that the reader will have while spending those 7 hrs of reading.

So whenever I start writing anything, I do keep this in mind that how my reader will respond to it. I want to tell them a story that can entertain them and keep them on their toes till the very end. So you may call me lazy, but I am not. *Winks*

‘Let the Game Begin’ – Sandeep Sharma (Blog Tour)


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4000 years was a long time but not for someone who was brooding in revenge.

Two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war with each other since ages. Chaturanga, ruled by King Viratha, is soon bestowed with a dynamic heir, and the whole kingdom is drowned in rituals and festivity. On the other side, Sarprakt is executing a cruel conspiracy. King Viratha, crippled by the conspiracy, urges the mysterious man of the mountain to devise a method to recreate the conspiracy and that gave birth to ‘The Game of Chess’.


Serial killings shock the nation as the police are rendered clueless. The killer leaves behind a trail of chess pieces with a strange message. Random people are murdered. Connoisseurs of different fields – History, Chess and the Security forces – have united as the next intended victim is the most powerful person of the country.

How is Chess involved in the whole scenario?
How will they find a man who died 4000 years ago?
Can a person defy the laws of nature?
Does history really repeat itself?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
Let the game begin!


Sandeep Sharma (23), made his debut in the writing industry with ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’, the book which is still a hot topic of discussion amongst readers. He is currently working on his start-up venture named ‘Author Paradise’ that works for the benefit of Authors to provide them well-organized online & offline publicity. By education, he is a civil engineer who graduated from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

He is very passionate about writing and has been writing short stories for his personal blog since 6 years and they were published various times. He has also co-founded ‘The Author’s Blog’, a platform that tries to bridge the gap between authors and readers. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He is a well-known reviewer in the literary world.

He can be contacted through:

E-Mail: sandeeplochansharma@yahoo.in

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sandeeplochansharma

Book Cover

Are you a ‘Book Reviewer’? Who Told you? – by Sandeep Sharma

Background-Spot-Light-Surface-Texture copy

Yes, the writing industry is evolving everyday and everything that evolves in this world, have to face the obstructions. With the coming of up self-publishing (or POD), the authentication of author’s writing has degraded a lot. Earlier the published author was the one who must have been brilliant with his/her writing skills but today, the scenario is different. With the coming up of ‘Open Self-publishing houses’ (Those who openly accept that they are self-publishers in nature) and ‘Hidden Self-Publishing houses’ (Those who are working under the curtain of traditional houses), the need of Book Reviewers came up in the market because you never know, from where the lotus is going to blossom. Even the self-publishing market is providing fabulous fictions that are way superior to the traditional ones.

Now the question that arrives is that, who should be remarked (or tagged) as a book reviewer? I am reviewing books since last 2 years now and I am still searching for the answer of this question. Though I do call myself ‘A Book Reviewer’ but sometimes I do feel like I am cheating by calling myself the same and that’s why I decided to write upon it.

We all know that facebook is a powerful medium for our industry. Social media is the only place where a writer gets appraisal for his/her book (I am talking about the majority part, not the giant Bestsellers like Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathy etc.). Being an ardent follower of the changing trend of writing industry over social media platform (facebook), I noticed that there’s a constant conflict between authors and publishers that who should be the genuine reviewer for the books they have brought up in the market? In my opinion, the answer is pretty simple; every reader is a reviewer. Everyone is having their own opinion and when you are standing in the market to sell, be ready to hear everyone’s opinion. Everyone is free to speak and with the power of social media, the thoughts will surely get magnified and will reach the masses.

Lately I was reading an article about the success of an International Bestseller Novel named ‘The girl on the train’ by Paula Hawkins. It broke an epic record of 3 million copies being sold in a very short span of time and the success story of the book is pretty simple. It reached these tremendous heights just because of the early reviews that got received by mere readers (termed as Book reviewer). The hype that got received by the book after the review of a reviewer named Karen (Top reviewer on goodreads) on goodreads, was tremendous; even Goodreads was stunned to see that. Another such story was of Harry Potter series. Oprah Winfrey, the most influential lady over television, speaks about Harry Potter, and the sales of the book picked up the speed of rocket.

Concluding the thoughts that kept on wavering inside my head, in my opinion, a reader is a reviewer and you are absolutely free to review it on your blog and when your friends start to follow your blogs (Which does happens, if you are regular), you becomes the voice of readers. And for the writers, if you have confidence in your writing and want to reach the masses, you should be ready for everything. You do need reviews, there’s no escape to it (if you are a debutant or still struggling to reach the heights, you dreamt of!). You should be thankful to everyone who is taking the pain of reading your book. With so much of choices around, so many big names around (and tempting deals on Amazon and other online portals), you should thank every reviewer around and should encourage the reading. Believe in grapevine publicity of your book and for that, you need reviewers.

Now why I do feel like cheating, when I review books? Well will write next time!

‘WHY DO WE WRITE?’ – By Sandeep Sharma

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The question that we, authors/ writers, come across numerous of times, Why Do we Write?
Are we being paid heavily? Nope. Lakhs or crores of readers would be waiting for our work? Nope (or maybe, not sure!) Any hidden secret? Well, yes. There are some!

  • We are introvert. For us, presenting our opinion may not be always to debate over the topic. May be we would just like to put forward our thoughts and let it go. We are not good with our verbal communication but still do have ideas and confidence over them that these ideas can make a difference and that’s why, we decided to write them up and the world decide their fates.
  • We have stories to tell. Well everyone is having a story to tell but we are determined to pull it out of our mind and pour on paper for others. We are unable to sleep because the characters that we are developing on our unconscious mind are continuously pinging us up to grand him/her a life.

Whenever you read a fiction, you grand the character of the book a life and his world would be your own mind. Be proud!

  • We can dare to live our passion. Yes, living your passion, now-a-times is the biggest dare. Like every other creative work, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll have to face rejections, you’ll have to face criticism, and you’ll have to live the most vulnerable life but believe me, its worth.
  • We are confused in our life and now want to put the confusion forth our readers. We have no clue about the depth of human nature but have the desire to figure it out or in simple words, we are frustrated because of the surroundings, the fake masks all around and all this frustration is killing us inside, every day. So when at night, we get the time to think, in the darkest hour of the day, when we can hear our inner self, we chose to pour that frustration out, on a piece of blank paper.
  • We write because we can write!

‘How can I let her go!’ by Sandeep Sharma

Another drink will help, well, may be it should help. He filled up his empty glass and gulped it down his already burning throat. ‘Pain kills pain’, he believed. He smiled with teary eyes. Once the burning of his throat stopped, that same pain came back from his chest. The weight of someone’s memories, some unfulfilled dreams, promises & desires, all together on his heart. He could feel the painful heaviness. He needs another drink.
He took the bottle & tried to empty the already empty bottle in the empty glass to fulfil his empty wish of letting her go out of his heart.
He laughed to see his foolishness. Tears fell down his red eyes. He heard someone sobbing from the next room but ignored. He had much to worry about other than that sound.
Balancing himself, he tried to get up from the couch on which he had spent maximum of his time after getting married.
Somehow he reached the desktop. He had sleepy eyes but still, wanted to see something else other than the bed.
He logged on the desktop and opened up the secret folder where his life was hiding from the world.
‘This folder is empty’.
He closed his eyes when realized what he had done few days back. The question was not that what he did was right or wrong but the question was, what could be the remedy of it? How he’s going to let her go. How?
He looked around, a room with memories, those quite and calm sleepy days and naughty nights; there was no feeling, there was nothing that they had left to share with each other, except that one photograph on which his gaze finally got fixed upon. Photograph of his marriage. How badly he wished to see ‘her’ instead of her.
He wanted to cry, or rather howl in pain and let everyone know what he is feeling right now but he stopped. A promise stopped him, a promise of never crying. ‘How cruel you are!’ He thought and smiled in pain.
Finally, he decided to hit the bed next to the lady whom he never loved but got married in hope of moving on in life, just like ‘she’ did. He was not angry on her, how could he ever be? He was just following the road that ‘she’ paved for him but nothing worked for him and may be, for ‘her’ too.
He looked at the clock, 2 ‘ o clock, time to sleep. He forwarded towards the bedroom where his wife was still sobbing. He felt bad for her. Three or may be four lives got destroyed because of one love. He had to let her go and give his wife what she deserves.
He grabbed her from behind while falling on bed next to her, rubbed her wet eyes and when she turned, he faked a smile too.
He could see ‘her’ in his wife. He knew he was hallucinating but still hugged her tightly and asked the almighty, ‘how can I let her go!’.