थोड़ी सी उदासी है

कितना ख़ामोश समां है
थोड़ा सा अंधेरा है
मैं हुं और आसमां है
और थोड़ी सी उदासी है

जो मिल सका मिला है
किसी से न कुछ गिला है
ये मैं हुं वो काफिला है
और थोड़ी सी उदासी है

कुछ सुक़ून मिला है लिख के
कलम के हाथ बिक के
कुछ और देखुं लिख के
क्योंकि थोड़ी सी उदासी है

ज़िद पूरी कर ली सारी
भूली सभी लाचारी
मंज़िल को पा लिया है
पर थोड़ी सी उदासी है

ऐसा ना हो कभी के
तोडू़ं मैं दिल सभी के
तूफान बन ना जाये
जो थोड़ी सी उदासी है

सब ख़त्म कर मैं दूँगा
शायद ख़ुश मैं तब रहूँगा
क्या चाहती है ये जो
थोड़ी सी उदासी है

इस ख़ामोश से समां में
अंधेरे के रास्ते में
मुझे आप कैसे दिख गये
मुझे आप कैसे मिल गये
क्या मेरी तरह भी आपको
थोड़ी सी उदासी है


Ghazal #5

ऐसा है हाल ए दिल के अब रहा नहीं जाता
ज़ब्र ए ज़ब्त तो देखो कि कहा नहीं जाता

और कितनी सांसों की गुंज़ाइश है मुझमें
या ख़ुदा ये दर्द अब सहा नहीं जाता

लाओ भले लहर या फिर सैलाब ले आओ
बहा नहीं जाता तो फिर बहा नही जाता

दूसरी मोहब्बत में होता ही यही है
गले लगाया जाता है चाहा नहीं जाता

ज़ब्र ए ज़ब्त = compulsion of self-control

सैलाब = flood


I wish you would have heard me
I cried like a homeless child
the pain which grew in my heart
was so severe not a mild
I wish you would have heard me
pain residing near me
killing me, my every bit
why don’t you hear me
I wish you would have heard me
I stayed there for a while
I waited for your return
but you were gone, many mile
I wish you would have heard me
my deepest love, my heartfelt concern
if only you would ever realize
will quieten my cutting burn
I wish you would have heard me
my last cry, my last request
that would be enough to live
that someday you would come back


There’s a strange calmness in the environment today. It keeps on going calmer and quieter after each second. The sea in front of us is getting restless now. It’s the time of dawn. Extremely hot sun is now looking hotter but hotness is missing now. The yellowness is quietly mixing with the blueness of sea leaving behind the orange sky. It’s all colourful now but dull. Birds are getting in rush to go back to their places so that they can meet their families back home and tell them about their  adventurous day.
Everything is beautiful but their is something sad about it. Beauty with sadness. Strange!
Why they is so much sadness. Sun is looking sad to go down back from where it started it’s day. Birds are sad as their fantastic adventure is going to end. Children around are sad to go back to their home. Have they all forgotten that everything which ends, ends with a promise that it will come back? Or is their something else which bothering them?
Father now looks to her daughter …..
0! now i see the reason behind this sadness. They all are sad because you are sad. They all are missing your smile.
You are sad because you think that god was cruel to not give you the eyes to see the beauty of nature. But you are not valuing the most precious thing which god has given you. Your smile. You don’t know that your smile is so precious that even the most beautiful things of nature come to you to see your beautiful smile.
You are not valuing the things what god has given you what you are worrying about those things which god has not given you.
God is not cruel with you or any other person. If he has taken something from you, he would have definitely given something better than others too.
Value what you have in spite of worrying about what you don’t.
Little girl smiled and hugged her father. Father took her in his arms and keep on telling her the beauty of the nature.