थोड़ी सी उदासी है

कितना ख़ामोश समां है
थोड़ा सा अंधेरा है
मैं हुं और आसमां है
और थोड़ी सी उदासी है

जो मिल सका मिला है
किसी से न कुछ गिला है
ये मैं हुं वो काफिला है
और थोड़ी सी उदासी है

कुछ सुक़ून मिला है लिख के
कलम के हाथ बिक के
कुछ और देखुं लिख के
क्योंकि थोड़ी सी उदासी है

ज़िद पूरी कर ली सारी
भूली सभी लाचारी
मंज़िल को पा लिया है
पर थोड़ी सी उदासी है

ऐसा ना हो कभी के
तोडू़ं मैं दिल सभी के
तूफान बन ना जाये
जो थोड़ी सी उदासी है

सब ख़त्म कर मैं दूँगा
शायद ख़ुश मैं तब रहूँगा
क्या चाहती है ये जो
थोड़ी सी उदासी है

इस ख़ामोश से समां में
अंधेरे के रास्ते में
मुझे आप कैसे दिख गये
मुझे आप कैसे मिल गये
क्या मेरी तरह भी आपको
थोड़ी सी उदासी है


Ghazal #3

अपनी वोही रीत आज हमने निभा डाली
नयी पनपती लौ-ए-इश्क़ हमने बुझा डाली

इक ख़्वाब को निचोड़ा और लहू किया जमा
फिर अपने ख़ून-ए-चश्म से तस्वीर बना डाली

बुझने लगी थी आग सो हमने तो यूं किया
कुछ अश्क़ थोड़े ख़्वाब और थोड़ी हवा डाली

इतरा रहा था क़ैस जब दश्त में मिला
हमने भी थोड़ी वहशतें अपनी गिना डाली

मौत तो आनी ही थी पर ग़म रहा मुझे
क्यों ज़िंदगी ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा निभा डाली

पिघली मेरी नज़र उसके बदन पे जब
उसने भी आंखों से खरी खोटी सुना डाली

तेरी याद की हलचल मकान-ए-दिल में रहती थी
कल रात तो सारी फ़सीलें ही गिरा डाली

पहले तो मेरे हाथ से मेरा जाम ले लिया
फिर अपनी आंखों से हमें बेहद पिला डाली

– अभिषेक ‘अमन’

ख़ून-ए-चश्म= blood of eyes
इतरा= was behaving with pride, or arrogance
क़ैस= another name of Manjnu. He is famous for wandering in the desert naked after he went mad in the love of Laila.
दश्त= desert
वहशतें= madness
मकान-ए-दिल = house of heart
फ़सीलें= boundaries, walls



In late Uranium age, Torman was a planet with beings whose bodies were made up of jelly like structure. They used to respire methane through their skins.

The Tormanians thought that they were the sole rational beings in the whole universe. They had advanced technologies like ‘calcitops’, ‘compucus’, ‘nuclear telescope’etc.

The TAA (Tormanian Agency of Astronomy) had discovered a new sickly blue-green planet in the solar system and named it ‘Earth’. They found that this tenth planet of the solar system was infested with other intellectual beings also besides them in the universe. They were very jealous when they became acquainted with this fact. They also found that people on earth never grew old. People of earth were always young. They had no misery, jealousy, bitterness among them.
Tormanian scientists made several investigations & research to find the reason for this utopia. They found that there is a place on earth called ‘Stone Henge’ , which is a castle of a very intelligent young man, Adam- who rules the earth. He had a large and beautiful clock in his castle which never worked and for the same reason it had earned the sobriquet of “stopped-time-clock”.

The  Tormanians with the help of ‘wireless sleuthing‘, had found that every night Adam rotates a dial in that clock due to which the time had stopped in it and hence the clock doesn’t work.

They were curious to know the reason for it. So, Torman Armed Force(TAF) was sent to the earth to retrieve that mysterious clock.
There was a devastating war between the Torman army and the Earthly creatures. The war ended very soon, with the effect,that the clock being seized by the Tormanians, who took it back to their planet.

Now a major change started coming over the people of earth. They started growing old. They acquired several diseases also. There was unhappiness, greed, hunger, bitterness, jealousy among them.
And on the contrary, the Tormanians had stopped growing. On their planet, Torman, old were now old, and young were young. So, this highlighted the magical power of that clock- which stopped the time.
At the beginning of Polonium age, Earth had also become quite developed & the scientists were trying to bring that clock back. But a comet named SUPRA struck Torman and and the planet was completely destroyed including that clock.

Since then, we have nine planets in our solar system and humans on earth are continuosly growing up & meeting their ends. Thus, there would not have been any jealousy, bitterness, cruelty, unhappiness, greed in the world if the time would have stopped…



I wish you would have heard me
I cried like a homeless child
the pain which grew in my heart
was so severe not a mild
I wish you would have heard me
pain residing near me
killing me, my every bit
why don’t you hear me
I wish you would have heard me
I stayed there for a while
I waited for your return
but you were gone, many mile
I wish you would have heard me
my deepest love, my heartfelt concern
if only you would ever realize
will quieten my cutting burn
I wish you would have heard me
my last cry, my last request
that would be enough to live
that someday you would come back



You been here, suffered a lot
wipe your tears, be strong
people, here, are icy hearted
don’t deserve you, any long


Hold my hand and come with me
I know a place beyond the sky
you believe me, I’ve been there
there is no sorrow and no one cry


Incarnation of great almighty
left alone on steps of shrine
God cried and screamed
“How you dare, SHE was mine!”  


I hate this world I created
I shunned people whom I birth
with moist eyes, and heavy hearted
God left with her from callous earth

…and almighty smiled

His soul needs another venture,
 diagnosed a sore abscess
someone, oh please, someone
give him a comforting cure.

Died like a helpless puppet,
followed always wrong
believe me, you please, believe me
once he also followed a prophet.

Oh god… yes, he killed your men,
but they abducted his sister
May god forgive his oblivious crime,
I end my prayer with  ‘Amen’

Hemmed in incessant dark,
scared like a forbidden child
mercy him, oh god, mercy him
almighty saw him and smiled.