Ghazal #3

अपनी वोही रीत आज हमने निभा डाली
नयी पनपती लौ-ए-इश्क़ हमने बुझा डाली

इक ख़्वाब को निचोड़ा और लहू किया जमा
फिर अपने ख़ून-ए-चश्म से तस्वीर बना डाली

बुझने लगी थी आग सो हमने तो यूं किया
कुछ अश्क़ थोड़े ख़्वाब और थोड़ी हवा डाली

इतरा रहा था क़ैस जब दश्त में मिला
हमने भी थोड़ी वहशतें अपनी गिना डाली

मौत तो आनी ही थी पर ग़म रहा मुझे
क्यों ज़िंदगी ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा निभा डाली

पिघली मेरी नज़र उसके बदन पे जब
उसने भी आंखों से खरी खोटी सुना डाली

तेरी याद की हलचल मकान-ए-दिल में रहती थी
कल रात तो सारी फ़सीलें ही गिरा डाली

पहले तो मेरे हाथ से मेरा जाम ले लिया
फिर अपनी आंखों से हमें बेहद पिला डाली

– अभिषेक ‘अमन’

ख़ून-ए-चश्म= blood of eyes
इतरा= was behaving with pride, or arrogance
क़ैस= another name of Manjnu. He is famous for wandering in the desert naked after he went mad in the love of Laila.
दश्त= desert
वहशतें= madness
मकान-ए-दिल = house of heart
फ़सीलें= boundaries, walls





A white bed sheet, silky and smooth, is entrapped in curls of itself and a pair of hands. His hand is clenching her palm and the bed sheet in between.

And somewhere between their fingers a red rose is entrapped, waiting to be crushed, right then and right there, knowing this would be the only way to its freedom which would come when he would loose his grip on her when they both will be crushed like rose.


Through STILLS writer would portray various phases and faces of life in the form of stills. Like a photographer. There would be no movement but each element would say its story. There would be no dialogues but emotions would be communicated.

So the concept is very simple. a photographer can capture a moment, but can a writer do the same?

The BreakUP? – Friday’s with DX #3

Hello guys! I was not available for the past two fridays due to internet problem. Otherwise, who would miss a friday?!
So today I have a short story for you guys. This is a small experiment as I have never written in this genre before. Fingers crossed!


The wind played with her hair like he used to. He saw her beautiful face through the black locks that were trying to shield her face. He remembered how much he loved her cascading hair, and her. She sat beside him, near the shining lake, gazing into infinity. She was much too occupied within herself to respond to wind’s graceful attack. Oh! How badly he wanted to play with those black locks, and how badly he resisted.

She finally decided to defend herself, collecting all her locks into a nice bun. He saw those locks getting caged against their will.

“You know you look more beautiful with open hairs”, he said, swift as the blowing wind.

“It doesn’t matter”, came the instant reply, with a voice fighting to stay put.

“Matters to me”

She looked at his sincere face, with eyes so intense that you just don’t want to miss any moment, and she knew that it did matter. With one swift moment she removed her hair pin, and her black locks were back into the battle. A decent smile curled upon his face. She still cares.

He picked up a small stone from the vicinity and threw it towards the shining lake surface. The small rock piece bounced-off the surface 5 times before finally meeting its destiny.

“Why does it have to be this way?”, she spoke in a voice so innocent, even the most sinful of beings wouldn’t dare to break her heart.

“I don’t know…”, he said, lost somewhere in between random thoughts. But he knew she deserved some sort of explanation.

He continued, “You see, our destinies are like that small stone. We can dare to rise against the mighty water, we can even survive for a bounce or two,but in the end…”, he paused, realizing the sudden silence around them. The wind had stopped blowing and the insects and animals were on a surprise break. It was as if the whole universe was silent, silent for them. In that moment, his eyes met hers, and the silence of the universe spoke for the both of them. None of them blinked, for this divine moment didn’t allow them to. He could only see unconditional love & kindness hiding behind a thin veil of anger. She could only see true love bounded by helplessness; stale mate.

In that moment of silence, their souls exchanged loud memories and moments. He knew he was going to lock away his heart forever, but there was one last thing.

“You know… I still love you… I always will…”, he said, gazing into the blue sky, trying to figure out its boundary.

She looked at him for one last time, her face dressed with a beautiful smile, putting the key into the lock. She silently took his hand in hers and joined him in search of sky’s limit. The universe was back on its regular track. The gentle wind blew once again, playing the songs of nature, bidding farewell to the love which traveled on water, unlike the stone.