Paper Notes v2.0 #19

Paper Note v2 - 19


I Will Rise Again

I Will Rise Again

Tethered to these hollow morals
I am bounded, surrounded
Like the roots of a senescence tree
Deep down the earth, grounded
The burden is self-imposed
Gradually rising and abiding
The horizon is yet another mile
With the blistering sun rising
I am ready to dump the rusty pile
For the heavens are forgiving and homeric
History long forgotten will be revived
Like the birth of ages; epic
Enough of these filthy shackles
Delivering nothing but pain
The world shall witness
As I will rise again

Rise : Fall


“And today we are on the brink of a new divide; a world ready for change. The penny & listless will rise to take back what is snipped from them; the very right that has been sequestered & usurped by the raunchy marauders who smell the fear within us & suppress us with power & schemes. The blood has been boiling for far too long, the heat is beyond control now. It’s time that the callous fences of these fancy autocrats be shattered & destroyed & the holy grail brought back to its sacred place. For long we’ve suffered under this reign of darkness. There is no sun for us which will rise & force away this darkness. We need to ignite our inner chi & blaze like a sun, a sun within ourselves ready to pierce this darkness by its emanating rays of faith, strive & sacrifice. Let us unite & show this world that we stand taller by might & hardship. Prepare yourselves for the war is……”


The reporters gasped as streams of blood splattered all across their faces. There was a stampede of party members & supporters as they screamed & ran around in terror. Every heart present mourned as their leader fell from the stage to the ground. The rise of a new revolution was embarked by the fall of a great leader.