The Ocean Between Us

How can the apathetic ocean separate us

When I can hear your heartbeat

In its pregnant silence

And you, my love, can hear my song

Carried by the gentle wind

And the lovely winter birds

How can our love be bound to you or me

When we aren’t

I can still smell you in the evening air

While the sun drowns

Just like I do

In an ocean of you

Lonely nights bring memories of you

Of our time together – good and bad

And I embrace every moment of it

The water of my tears, my witness

I hope you long for me

With your every breath

The ghost of my warm embrace

Lingering in your dreams

Oh, my love, how I miss you

And that intoxicating smile

More potent than the finest of wines

How I long to hold your hand

To never let go of it again

And walk with you down the solitary road

In the pouring rain

You are my anchor

Something to hold on to

I love you my darling

I really do


Of Love and Fallacy

How do you define the idea of love?

By compassion and care

Truth lying bare

A singular affair

Or a burden to bear


How do you define the boundaries in love?

The masculine way

Or the feminine suffering

Of what you can do

And what I can’t


How do you define the notion of trust?

By what you want to share

And what you want to know

What can be veiled

And what, revealed


How do you define falling in love?

A wonderful emotion

A state of being

Or a forlorn notion

Miserable and mean


How can you define

Something beyond words

An explicable feeling

A mystifying emotion

A union of beings


How can you betray

The ones you’ve loved

The ones who’ve loved you

Yet talk about love

Like the better of beings




‘No one can live it alone; life is all about laughing and not mourn.’ We all need a group of people to admire us, criticize us, to be with us in every upstream or downstream of our life, to laugh with us, and to cry as well. Almighty gave us a family for the same, to support us in every odds and evens, but then he thought a little bit more and made friends. There are things and times in which family cannot take you to the safer shore; sometimes you need something more. Someone different; someone like a friend. Friends are those who may get you into troubles sometimes (yah! like really big troubles), and may bring you out of one. We cry with them, laugh, howl, and sometimes kill with them. Friendship is a different relation, more than love (for some), similar to a family (for others). For some friendship is life, and for some it is life. ‘Life never gives you what you want; it embraces you with what you deserve.’ It’s like an ice-cream really, you know, you lick it slowly and slowly, to take the full essence of it, and then you realise that it had started melting. Now you eat it fast, you realize you are left with much to do, and much to get, but time may not let. All our life, we run behind success, to achieve things but in the race of achievements, we win to lose. We lose those little moments of love, memories, those little laughs and giggles with ours closest, to just fill our closet. With every page beyond, you may find yourself in one of the characters of the story, you may think that, ‘hey, he’s\she’s similar to me’, or ‘hey that happened to me’. And that’s exactly when this fictional tale will begin affecting your life. Just wait till you get your point of collimation, and then live with the story. Maybe in end, some of you will find a realisation to change track of life, or maybe an assurance to continue driving. There is a possibility that you may like the story, or you may not, but that’s the real fun after all, to take everything as it comes. You are most welcomed to suggest your way of turning the story with your twists and turns, or to give your own climax in the end…..   So, let’s begin with— LOVING FRIENDSHIP.



“Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin? Well that’s what love is like. Everything around you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. “

From Shikha’s View……

I did not know when I fell asleep that night…..

“Believe me Raj, you’ll be fine.” I was holding his hand and was dragging him in rain.

“You know me Shikha, I don’t bath in rain. I fell ill.” He was resisting himself from coming in rain.

We were standing on a bus stop when it started raining. I loved rain as it gives me more time to spend with Raj before going to home from college. I always think that rain is a shower of life, life starts to blossom in rain. Rain is a blessing of god but for Raj it’s just a part of water cycle which makes him ill often.

“Do you believe me Raj?” I can notice his belief in his eyes. He was ready to give away everything to me. His fear was fading and love was blossoming in his eyes.

I was lost in his eyes, in his deep blackish eyes. I was feeling as if entering into a dark cave without fear; without knowing where it will end, but only believing that in the end everything will be good. It was the first time I experienced the feeling to be spell bounded. When I regained my senses I found myself under the shower of rain. This was the best feeling I had in many years. When fast moving drops of water strikes on your eye lids, you feel something, something very strange. I sensed the same feeling in Raj, he was happy with me. He was lost in the shower. He was trying to look at the cloud and thank them and apologize from them for being so rude with him. Now he was looking at me. But I was not there.

Raj’s eyes were searching for me but I was there, on the empty road. I was dancing. My head was enjoying every drop falling on his face, hands open and I was turning round and round and round.

‘She is beautiful’, his heart said to me. I smile to admire his thought. He smiled in return. We looked to each other without any talks because if we talk our hearts will feel disturbed in their conversation.

He was wearing white pants-shirt and was standing under a yellow street light. Well in that yellow light his muscular body was looking just like a mountain covered with snow, with a hint of sunlight. Oh, I can’t describe it, it makes me feel shy.

My mother always narrated me a story that on the first rain of season, princes come on earth. I never believed her but now I can say, she was right. My prince was right in front of me.

“Will you dance with me?” I forwarded my hand towards him.

He forwarded his one hand towards my hand and he put another hand on my shoulder. I smiled and corrected his hand position. I took his hand from my shoulder to my waist. He was feeling conscious to touch me there. I felt shy and lowered my eyes.

He came closer a bit. I can now smell his breath. At that moment I felt true happiness, the true joy, the true life. I sensed that ‘Yes I am alive.’ My eyes and his eyes were lost in each other’s depth and the rain was playing the background music for us.

Then started our legs moment and with that we started to dance. We don’t know when rain stopped and moon came out from the clouds to see us dancing on an empty road under the street light.

“I love you, Shikha.” His eyes said to me.

“I love you too, Raj.” My eyes replied. It is true enough that when two people are in true love, words stop to talk and eyes takes over the task.

Then he forwarded his lips and he kissed me. That was my first kiss so it has to be a long one. Our kiss got interrupted with his sneezing. He was caught by cold.

I started to laugh and then he joined me too. He put his hand on my wrist and grabbed me tightly and with laughing and smiling, we forwarded on the roads.


I was smiling that night when I woke up. My father was in front of me with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He was fully dressed for the occasion.

Smiles faded just like the smoke in the air and a drop trickled down my eye when I realized that I was sitting for my marriage there. Pandit was chanting his mantras and the man sitting next to me is quietly listening to him. Everyone was happy, except me.

I miss you Raj………………… Why did you go so far??????????