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‘And… They fell in love!’ … by Vikas Singal – Book Review

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Title : And… they fell in love!
Author : Vikas Singal
Genre : Love/Romance (Short Stories)
Pages: 15

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Title : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 3.5/5


These are three short stories or rather scenes where two people meet, know each other a bit and then start a journey together. These short stories do not end; they are the beginning of their love life.

Several times, you wonder, why two people meet for the first time and they feel that their soul search has ended. These stories are written for the people who believe in “someone somewhere is made for you”.


  • Great concept for an e-book.
  • Sweet and lovable narration.
  • Characters are defined perfectly within short word limit.


  • Short length of the stories.


Market for e-books in India is still in doubt. Amazon is trying to force the reader to pick up the Kindle reading habit and slowly the world is drifting towards the ‘soft’ version of books. So considering the possibilities of future, I would say that Vikas Singal has come up with a revolutionary idea to present a short story collection for kindle lovers at budget price.

Vikas Singal, with his book, ‘And… They fell in love’ delivers three short stories of around 5k words which is about the first meet of two strangers falling in love with each other.

The first story, ‘Mr. Right’ seems to be the most predictable one, according to the subject. Its about first meet of a boy and a girl, regarding marriage. In this story itself, author shows his brilliance over the subject. The awkwardness, nervousness and sweetness of the moment is described to the fullest. It’s a kind of story which you’ll never want to end. But eventually it ends with an assurance of a new beginning.

The second story is Tanya. It is about a girl which gets stuck in a situation from where the boy helps her to come out. It’s a mediocre kind of a story but not that disappointing but among the three, I would say that this story feels a bit weak.

The third one is The Capri Girl. This is about a train journey and the best part of this story is that here the author seems to be very matured while writing the characters of the boy and the girl. Characters are well defined and their reactions over the situation holds the reader to read further. This story assures that the author is pretty good with his writing style.

Overall the book only fails on the parameters of its length otherwise I would say that if you love short stories, then this is your destination.



“Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin? Well that’s what love is like. Everything around you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. “

From Shikha’s View……

I did not know when I fell asleep that night…..

“Believe me Raj, you’ll be fine.” I was holding his hand and was dragging him in rain.

“You know me Shikha, I don’t bath in rain. I fell ill.” He was resisting himself from coming in rain.

We were standing on a bus stop when it started raining. I loved rain as it gives me more time to spend with Raj before going to home from college. I always think that rain is a shower of life, life starts to blossom in rain. Rain is a blessing of god but for Raj it’s just a part of water cycle which makes him ill often.

“Do you believe me Raj?” I can notice his belief in his eyes. He was ready to give away everything to me. His fear was fading and love was blossoming in his eyes.

I was lost in his eyes, in his deep blackish eyes. I was feeling as if entering into a dark cave without fear; without knowing where it will end, but only believing that in the end everything will be good. It was the first time I experienced the feeling to be spell bounded. When I regained my senses I found myself under the shower of rain. This was the best feeling I had in many years. When fast moving drops of water strikes on your eye lids, you feel something, something very strange. I sensed the same feeling in Raj, he was happy with me. He was lost in the shower. He was trying to look at the cloud and thank them and apologize from them for being so rude with him. Now he was looking at me. But I was not there.

Raj’s eyes were searching for me but I was there, on the empty road. I was dancing. My head was enjoying every drop falling on his face, hands open and I was turning round and round and round.

‘She is beautiful’, his heart said to me. I smile to admire his thought. He smiled in return. We looked to each other without any talks because if we talk our hearts will feel disturbed in their conversation.

He was wearing white pants-shirt and was standing under a yellow street light. Well in that yellow light his muscular body was looking just like a mountain covered with snow, with a hint of sunlight. Oh, I can’t describe it, it makes me feel shy.

My mother always narrated me a story that on the first rain of season, princes come on earth. I never believed her but now I can say, she was right. My prince was right in front of me.

“Will you dance with me?” I forwarded my hand towards him.

He forwarded his one hand towards my hand and he put another hand on my shoulder. I smiled and corrected his hand position. I took his hand from my shoulder to my waist. He was feeling conscious to touch me there. I felt shy and lowered my eyes.

He came closer a bit. I can now smell his breath. At that moment I felt true happiness, the true joy, the true life. I sensed that ‘Yes I am alive.’ My eyes and his eyes were lost in each other’s depth and the rain was playing the background music for us.

Then started our legs moment and with that we started to dance. We don’t know when rain stopped and moon came out from the clouds to see us dancing on an empty road under the street light.

“I love you, Shikha.” His eyes said to me.

“I love you too, Raj.” My eyes replied. It is true enough that when two people are in true love, words stop to talk and eyes takes over the task.

Then he forwarded his lips and he kissed me. That was my first kiss so it has to be a long one. Our kiss got interrupted with his sneezing. He was caught by cold.

I started to laugh and then he joined me too. He put his hand on my wrist and grabbed me tightly and with laughing and smiling, we forwarded on the roads.


I was smiling that night when I woke up. My father was in front of me with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He was fully dressed for the occasion.

Smiles faded just like the smoke in the air and a drop trickled down my eye when I realized that I was sitting for my marriage there. Pandit was chanting his mantras and the man sitting next to me is quietly listening to him. Everyone was happy, except me.

I miss you Raj………………… Why did you go so far??????????







Nobody told me what happened but somehow I knew that something was wrong. I saw my mother’s face; her expressions were enough for me to sense the trouble. I walked out of my home and in the lawn saw the sign ‘FOR SALE’. I was terrified.

I saw my mom coming out of the home; she had tears in her eyes. She was expecting numerous questions from my side but I didn’t ask a single one. ‘We are now homeless’, her eyes said that all. I continued walking behind her.

Like other homeless, we also started living on streets. First few days were very painful. But I somehow consoled myself because now I had to be calm. I am big now and have to support my mother.

There was one Dhaba on the other side of the street. I used to go at the back side of that and whenever the owner and workers gets busy, I jumped in and stole food to eat. So this was how we stayed alive. But I was not so lucky everyday. Some days we had to sleep with our empty stomachs.

Truly speaking, I never imagined my life so miserable. I never imagined that for food I have to steal. Life changes so fast and on that day my life changed again.

I and my mother were roaming in a garden when it started to rain. It rained very heavily. My mother and I started to look for shelter but didn’t find any empty shelter. Then we saw someone’s personal garden in front of their house. We decided to go there.

In their garage we found our shelter. My mother knew that if someone saw us their, they will not be happy. But we were helpless because of the rain. We had to remain there, if we have to remain alive.

One whole day passed but the rain didn’t stop. The garage was filled with the dirty water.

We were hungry, we were thirsty and we were almost half sink in water. Our body was saying to us that ‘we were about to die’. ‘God please help us’ was the only wish I had.

The rain stopped but we were so weak that we cannot move at all. We wanted water; we wanted food as we wanted to live. Suddenly a new problem arrived. I heard someone coming. Our heartbeat rose. There was a little girl there. She saw us and screamed:

“Mom………. Come here fast.”

Her mother came running she saw us and said:

“Oh, my god. They are not looking good, they are all wet. Honey, run inside and get a towel.”

Little girl ran inside and came back with a towel in her hand.

“So, cute. Can we keep them with us in our home.” That little girl said to her mother while giving towel to her.

“Yes my girl. We can take them with us. You take that kitten with u and I will take that big mother cat with me. They will now live with us.”

So finally we found a new home…………