LBN59_waPlan B was simple but effective. Raghav gave the fat man a spy pen and put that in his shirt’s pocket. The spy pen has a camera and a microphone which will send every happening of the store directly to Raghav and with the help of that, Raghav can make a solid plan to get inside the store and rescue all the hostages.

Raghav was sitting in his room and was watching every happening of the store on his laptop.


The fat man got on the terrace and reached that door which was told by the stranger on the phone. He was about to get inside the door when someone fired on his leg from front. The fat man screamed hard and fell over the ground. He tried hard to regain his balance and rushed towards the man who fired but his effort resulted in vain as the man again fired on his leg but this time on the other leg. Now the fat man was lying over the ground, helplessly and was screaming like a little child.

After that two men came forward, towards the fat man and took him to their boss, the Kaal. The fat man was hardly able to see what was happening around him but he knew that Raghav is watching everything and he will help him out.

When the fat man was brought in front of Kaal, the fat man’s wife rushed towards his husband. But Kaal pulled his gun up, faced it towards the fat man and said:

“No, no, no, no don’t come forward otherwise, I will make you widow. Understood, now go back and be the nice audience of your husband.”

The woman got herself back to her original place and holds her children tight. In the meanwhile the fat man was about to fell unconscious because the pain of bullet was getting unbearable for him. Kaal didn’t like it.

“I want this man’s scream to reach to all the police officer standing outside.” Kaal ordered one of his man, “Bring some salt and put on his wound.”

That was the frustration of Kaal which was coming out like this. Frustration of Raghav’s absence. He himself called this fat man and told him to give the phone to Raghav; it was all Kaal’s conspiracy to call Raghav inside the store because he knew that Raghav can be a dangerous man for him. So Kaal wanted to bring him inside the store and kill him.

When salt touched the wound the fat man screamed even louder, so louder that the whole city can listen that. After sometime when Kaal started to feel bored he fired the fat man on the chest and fat man got rid of his pain.

Here Raghav was listening the pain of his fellow man and was cursing himself because he was the one because of whom this all was happening. He can only hear the voice of the store but on the video was only the ceiling of the store because the fat man was lying on the floor with support of his back. His plan gone in vain. Nothing was useful for him to save the hostages. He was cursing and cursing himself then suddenly, their appeared a man on the screen. He kneeled down and pulled the pen out of the shirt of fat man. Then this man pulled his cell phone from the pocket and telephoned Raghav.

“You think yourself smart? You thought that Kaal will never find out that there is a spy pen on this fatty’s shirt? You think………………” He was interrupted by Raghav.

“Wait a minute you are not Kaal.”

“So who am I?”

“But…………..” now Raghav was interrupted by the man.

“But I am not the one sent by you. Right?




LBN59_waRaghav was firm on his decision. He was about to leave to the store when his wife stopped him. She was looking intensely tense.

“What happened to you, darling? Why are you so tense?” these should be Raghav’s words but they were of his wife.

“Nothing…… nothing happened to me. I am going for something important. Please don’t stop me.” Raghav said to his wife a bit rudely not even noticing the tears of his wife. His wife now started to weep louder and said:

“Go. Go where ever you want. You think only of yourself and others should go to hell. You don’t even care about your son. You not even met him from 5 days………………” and she carried on. All women have this quality to change even the rock strong determination of other by just dropping some drops of tears. The same thing happened to Raghav.

Raghav took her wife in his arms and made her sit of the sofa and after that told her the whole story.

“And now, what will you do?”

“I will go to the store.”

“Why you? You can send some other officer. Why you want to behave like hero every time?” Raghav determination got destroyed. He decided to go to Sunny and tell him the story of call he received and then Sunny himself will decide what to do.

Sunny was standing outside the store preparing new plans to get inside the store but all were resulting in vein. The only option was to throw a bomb inside the store but it will also kill hostages. Kaal was really an expert in his work.

When Sunny saw Raghav he got excited. Raghav straight away started to speak:

“Sunny I got a call………………………………….”

He told the entire story to him. Sunny waited for a moment them said:

“So what do you want from me.” Raghav thought that this was not the reaction he expected from him.

“I want you to send your man inside.”

“And who do you think will risk his life like this by believing you because of whom this all has happened?”

There was a long silence. Then came a voice:

“I will go, sir.”

That was the fat man whose family was inside the store.

“You cannot go. How can you go?” Sunny said.

“Why can’t I sir. My family is inside…….. They are in danger. They need me sir.”  He paused then said “I am going sir. Sorry to disobey you but I believe Raghav sir, more than you.” And he left. Raghav was feeling relaxed as well as guilty. It was his job to go inside and save the hostages.

Raghav got a plan B also in his mind and will work in the worst situations. Situation, which will occur. So for its implementation he took fat man to a corner and told him the plan B. Now after watching Sunny here, Raghav himself know that Sunny could not handle this situation so he even not told the plan B to Sunny and leave the place and rushed to his home.


LBN59_waI went straight to my house. My wife was waiting for me eagerly at the doors. From her, I got to know that Sunny told her that I was in comma and now I am alright so coming back to home. I was deeply thinking about what to do next so I ignored my wife at the door and moved to my room and got closed in there. I kept myself inside the room for almost a day.

It was 29th of January; time was almost near 5 of morning when my wife beat my door to wake me up. I opened the door

“Someone from your office came to meet you.” My wife said. She was looking as if she had wept all the night. I had never seen my wife like that but I didn’t care of that, I was worried for many other reasons other than seeing my wife upset.

“Who?” I asked to my wife without even opening the door properly.

“I don’t know.” She said and leave to her work.

I first washed my face and then moved to the stranger who came to see me. He was none other than the fat man himself. I got stunned to see him. I was thinking that why he came to see me? Is this any trick of Sunny to know more about me? Or he came to blame me for what’s happening with his family in the store? I got stuck with all these questions in my mind. When I reached the room, he was sitting with his face down on the table supported by his hands. He saw me and got attentive. He stood up; I don’t know whether to give respect to me or to fight with me.

I forwarded towards him. I told him to sit using the action of my hand but he didn’t. We both stood there still for a long time, and then he broke the silence.

“I will help you.” His words went throw my ears without inspection.

“What?” I asked him to inspect weather my ears heard right or wrong.

“I believe you and I will help you. I don’t believe Sunny sir; he is doing nothing to save people of the store. Only you can do anything to save my fam……..” he stopped and then spoke “to save the people there.” He wanted to say about his family but then said about the people. He doesn’t want to show the love of him towards his family to me.

I again told him to sit but again he denied and he continued:

“Sir, last night I received a call of a man claiming to help us. I didn’t tell it to Sunny sir. He wanted to help us. He was saying that he is still not found by anyone in the store. He will call again. He stole my number from Kaal’s mobile.” He paused a bit because my wife came in the room carrying two cups of tea with her and some breakfast material. I don’t know what it was because I was focusing on that man who wants to help us.

“I am sure sir that you can save those people in store. I want to help you but if I do so I will lose my job sir but don’t worry I will help you whenever you want. I will give you all the information of the bureau. You just keep my mobile and wait for the man to call you again.” He said and drank the tea in just one sip and left. I didn’t say anything to him. I was still lying on sofa, thinking hard what to do. Whom to believe? I don’t know.





I rushed towards the other room so that Sunny couldn’t hear my conversation with Kaal. As soon as I reached the room, I closed the door and picked out mobile from my pocket which was the source for Kaal to hear what was happening here. Kaal was having the information of the bureau because of my mobile because I was the man behind all what was happening in the bureau.

“Kaal I haven’t told you to ask for money, I only told you to call media. Then……………” I was interrupted by him. I was in real anger.

“Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t like when people talk to me like this. It causes pain in my head. It causes headache.” He was sounding funny as well as dangerous. He continued with his same tone “Raghav, my boy, I am not your puppet and also don’t have any patriotic feelings like you. You wanted me to call media and show the footage you gave me. I will definitely do that but first I want to smell those bundles and bundles of money. I thought that I will blackmail you but then thought that how will you give me what I want. So I thought why not blackmail our government. That’s why I asked for money but you don’t worry, if you also want a share of that then ask me, I will definitely give you your share after all because of you all this is happening.”

“I will not let you do this Kaal, I will definitely not. I will stop you.” I said to him but I don’t know how I will do that but I will stop him anyhow.

“You think that you alone can stop me. Alright if you think so but don’t forget Raghav that from now I will not follow the instructions you gave me, like instruction of not killing any innocent person. So beware that I still have 200 hostages with me.” Said Kaal.

“I will show you the power of one.” I said and switched off my mobile.

I rushed towards Sunny to tell everything so that he could help me but when I told him, he denied helping me.

“Raghav, you, you were behind all this. You wanted to kill all the ministers and those innocent 200 people in the store.” Said Sunny. He was stunned to hear about me.

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I just wanted to show that footage to everyone through media. Ministers could force to stop the telecast of the footage on news channels that’s why I had to give the footage to media like this and….” I wanted to say one more thing but was stopped by Sunny.

“And what about that blasts in the videos you send to us?” Sunny asked

“That all was the work of animation. They were not the real blasts.” I stopped to take a breath because our conversation was going really fast. Then I continued again “Sunny you have to help me. The life of 200 hundred people depends on us.”

“Also the life of my family, sir.” Spoke the fat man who was keenly hearing our conversation.

“I couldn’t believe you. I am sorry but now you have to leave.” Sunny said and shown me the way to leave.

I was failed to convince him and with this my hopes to save all people in the store got shattered. I kept on saying to myself that I will save them, I will save them, but had no idea how to save.


LBN59_waRaghav and Sunny both turned towards the fat officer. Raghav was about to ask him something but the fat officer instantly said:

“He is in 9 to 9 store. My wife and children are there. They often go there for shopping.” He paused and murmured to himself, “Radha (his wife) was saying that she will go there today.” Now he turned towards Raghav and Sunny “Yes sir he……. he is with my family. He wants to kill my family, I will, I will…………..”

Then again his mobile rung. The mobile was in the hand of Sunny but as soon as the mobile rung fat officer snatched it from Sunny’s hand and started to abuse without listening who was on opposite side. But officer imagined right, it was that familiar feminine voice of Kaal.

“Ssshhhhhhh don’t forget that your wife and your son are with me. By the way fatty, you are very intelligent. You solved my puzzle in less than 2 minutes. Well done. Now return back the mobile to Sunny and yes, switch the mobile to speaker mode because Raghav also want to hear me, right Raghav.”

Sunny and Raghav both looked puzzled. They were feeling just like anyone feel if he came to know that someone is having a watch on his activities in bathroom. Both of them wanted to ask something but Kaal continued:

“Now as you know that I am in this store and Mr. Fatty’s family is with me, you have to fulfill my two wishes if you want to save them from me.”

Raghav was more worried to hear about the wishes. He leaned forward to hear them clearly. At the same time fat officer also came forward to hear him and stood in between Raghav and Sunny by disturbing their position. Kaal again continued:

“First thing, I want media here just after 2 hours. There should be no other person except five media person, no police, no army, nothing. And for your information I want to tell you that I have sufficient armed person with me here, so don’t try to run your mind and………………….”

“And what’s your other wish?” Raghav interrupted him which showed his eagerness.

“When I am talking don’t you dare to interrupt me.” He shouted, “Do you understand? Where we were? Yes my other wish. My other wish is that you have to transfer 500 crore rupees to my account.”

“Are you mad? Do you know how big this amount is?” Sunny said.

“And do you know how big my risk is? And yes don’t think that I am just joking. I can even blow up this store and with me these 200 people in this store will be dying too and not necessary to mention that you have very less time to act, so rush and get my wishes fulfilled.” He turned off phone immediately after last word.

At the same time Raghav ran toward another room and Sunny was still there thinking hard what to do. Either give this money to him or to risk with 200 people life. Difficult to choose….


LBN59_waAfter a moment lights went off and on the screen there was a man wearing the mask of home minister. He said:

“I have a bad news for you, our home minister that means I, going to die on 30th January as told by my astrologer ‘kaal’. What! Don’t you know who ‘kaal’ is? ‘Kaal’ is the name of death.”

After he finishes, bomb located in his jacket blasts. The man wearing mask of home minister dies.

The room lightens up once again.

“So Raghav this is the problem for which you have been called here. This man who calls himself as ‘kaal’ is claiming to kill many ministers in the meeting going to be held on 30th.”

“Many ministers but this man is claiming for only home minister’s death in the footage.”

“This footage was the first one, after that many videos came to us.”

Then all the videos were shown to Raghav claiming for the death of Finance Minister, Governor and many of them, even the President was on the list. All the videos were the same only the mask changes and else remained the same. Raghav saw every footage with great concentration; his gestures were changing every time. Sometimes he rubbed his chin, sometimes he etched his head, sometimes he stands, and sometimes he sits. He was trying to see something that could be helpful for the case but nothing, the sender of the video has made these videos so intelligently that nothing could be found.

“So, what’s the problem can’t your officer catch this man, why I have been called here?” Raghav said this to hide that he himself couldn’t find anything useful in the video.

“You have been called here because you are the best cop we ever had, and this man in the video is also the best in his work, he is leaving no clue behind him.” Said the man standing in front of Raghav.

“The best cop? Huh, that is why I was given the warning to leave the police department.” Raghav still feels bad to remember that he was treated so badly by that department for which he worked so hard.

“We are sorry for what has happened with you. You will be pleased that our minister, who gave you warning, themselves called you for this work. So will you help us or………..”

“Alright I will try my level best,” He knew that the ministers had called him because now there own life is in danger, “but firstly tell me who you are?”

“O sorry sir, I am Officer Sunny, did you remember me I worked under you and…………..”


“For a normal man, the sound of bullet is equivalent to a blast but for me it is like my life.” I said this to every newly appointed cadet by our department and I was the trainer of all of them. “So, I want you to think just like me. Never fire on an innocent and never leave the guilty.” This was my favorite line so I say this every time in front of trainees. “My name is Raghav and I am your trainer here.” I introduced myself. “So for now you can go back to Officer Sinha he will teach you your work.” I was about to leave the place when one trainee came out from them.

“Sir I just want to be like you.” He was looking like he wanted to flatter me as I was very well known here for my strictness. Looking wise he was not at all an officer type of material, he must be about 19 years old and had a very thin body and I hate that type of body. In short now he was on my shot list.

“O really, thanks for making me feel so good.” The guy felt really good after listening my words but he didn’t knew that from tomorrow he will be going to experience the worst of his life. “Well, what’s your name son?” I asked him very politely. I was behaving with him just like a Boucher behaves with a lamb.

“Sir my name is Surendra Pal Singh, but my friends call me Sunny.” He was trying to be friendly and was making me angrier.

“So Sunny I want to give you one advice, don’t talk anyone here like you have spoken with me.” After the last word I gave a little smile and left the place and made him think what I meant and I am sure that the whole night he’ll be thinking about that.

Right from the next day I showed that why I had been called that I am the ‘Father of Hitler’ in cruelty. I treated every trainee so badly that they thought that death will be sweeter than this training. My work here was to throw out all those trainees who think that being a police officer means that you have the license to work as a dacoit with the common man.

My training always started at 10 am. Everyone wonders that why it is so, normally training starts from 5 in the morning. This was because of Mr. Sun who comes overhead at 12 of noon and I love to see my trainees crying for water and I being the follower of water saving campaign, saves water. This was my style.

“What happen Mr. Sunny, why you have stopped here?” I said as he has stopped running which I ordered to everyone. He was bathing in sweat and was stinking.

“Water, wa……ter”

“OK I will definitely give you water but first answer my one simple question,” I knew that in this type of situation no one can answer even what is 2+2 because your brain starts to betray you. “What is 20 multiplied by 30 plus 400 minus 1000?” I spoke that so fast that even a normal person can’t answer that.

“It ……… it is………. Ahhhhhhh………… I don’t……. I don’t know sir.” He was panting so wildly that after every word he had to take a break. “Please give me water.” He begged me.

“Its zero, nothing, nil and you will have no water.” I felt so good that no one can imagine that. “If you want water you have to take another round of ground.”

As soon as my last sentence went inside the ears of Sunny, he fainted.

I called all boys together, they wake Sunny up. When Sunny caught his nerves back then I started talking with them all.

“Now do you know why I am being so cruel with you?” I didn’t wait for their answer as I don’t want to waste time. “This is because my work is to train you for those conditions where the things are hardest, where your mind starts to stop work, where the death is more closer to you then your gun’s bullet, where……..” suddenly I heard someone whispering something, I tried to heard that.

“He thinks that we’ll be going on front to fight, as if he is training army soldiers.” That was Sunny who whispered. I was so angry at that instance that I could even kill him for that but because of some protocols I couldn’t do that.

“Sunny, so you think that only those people who are on front faces problem.” I took my gun out and carried my way towards sunny “Let me explain all of you that what type of problems I am talking about.” I held my gun on his head and loaded my gun. “Now Sunny how are you feeling now?” I said in so serious note that everyone there felt that I will kill him. “Have you experienced the problems I was talking about?” I shouted so loudly that his hair blown because of my voice impact.

“Yes Sir.”

“Say it loudly.” I again shouted.

“Yes Sir.” He said just like I wanted.

“Now go back and take five more rounds of the ground and then you will get water.” My training camp was of 15 days and I always started with 75 trainees but in the end only 20 or 25 trainees left. Some of them willingly leave the department, some of them go to hospital, but this was the first time my one trainee died and no prize for guessing who he was. He was Sunny. Someone murdered him, his dead body was found in the lake near our camp. His body was made difficult to be recognized and because of my scene, created by myself in front of everyone, I was claimed to murder him.



“I am standing just outside the store where a massive operation is being carried out to find that man who calls himself ‘Kaal’ and claiming to kill the 200 hostages if his demands are not fulfilled. You can clearly hear rounds and rounds of fires in the building………….” A news reporter said and suddenly,

BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the building blasts. All the police officers, all media members, all died within the range of 10 to 15 meters. Just the remains of the building and bodies, burning with fire left. Everything was flying in the air and was challenging the earth’s gravity.

In the hospital after the blast:

“Doctor, what happened?” the chief investigator Raghav asked with a bit relieved manner.

“Well, because the whole body got burned out, I cannot say that who the man was but one thing I can say about him.”


“That he was died because of gun shot not because of the blast. I have called my seniors for little more investigation.”

After all the conversation Raghav left the hospital to inform the Chief Minister, who was taking curious interest over all this matter, that now situation is under control. But that was not, Raghav was waiting for CM’s answer from another side when he heard enormous sound and enormous push on his back. The sound was of gun. He was hit. Bullet pierced his back and came out from front. Raghav turned back and….

48 HOURS AGO……………………

Raghav, the retired police officer, but his retirement was not because of his will it was forced because some panel of ministers who were selling the country to enemies thought that he can be a threat for them. So those so called ‘country lovers’ gave Raghav two choices either to take retirement or he will be thrown out of police department. Raghav chose the first option and now he is sitting on an easy chair in his home and reading newspaper like most of the retired person do.

28th of January was the date of that day. Raghav as usual was sitting on a chair in his lawn. One hand was busy in handling the newspaper and other in taking the hot cup of tea to his mouth. His reading of newspaper was interrupted when he heard bullet fire outside his house. Suddenly some people came inside the house of Raghav; there faces were hidden under the mask,Raghav was unaware of what was happening. They took him forcefully to a special bureau of investigation.

This bureau was established for the most urgent cases but confidential. This bureau was formed to fight terrorism and was established after the Mumbai attacks. There are only few people who know about it.

“Why I have been taken here like this? What have I done?” asked Raghav. He was terrified but being an officer he could not show that so he said these words in a very high volume. This shouting was enough to turn back the man standing in front of Raghav.

“Raghav we are sorry for what we have done, we require your help. It’s an emergency.” The man was tall and bald may be because of that scar which was at the back of his head. He was not looking like officer but still he must be an important person which can be easily recognized by the gesture of all the people standing around him.

“And why you need my help, don’t you know that I am have been retired, then what’s the meaning of all this.” Now he was little relaxed but still feeling a bit awkward.

“Do you know that a meeting is going to be held on 30th in Delhi where many of the ministers are coming?”

“Yes, but……………………”

“OK, I have some videos and I want you to see this.” The man was not interested to hear Raghav at all. “Lights off.” He commanded.