‘Song of A Flying Sparrow’ by Rajeev Pundir – Book Review


Title : Song of a flying Sparrow 
Author : Rajeev Pundir
Pages : 135
Publisher : Author’s Ink
Genre : Ficition

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Story: 2.5/5
Overall :


Chiya is born and brought up in a wealthy business-class family. When her mom Rini, a highly ambitious woman, tries to fix her marriage with a millionaire divorcee, quite senior to her in age, she refuses categorically. As a result an ugly argument ensues between them. Chiya’s life turns upside down when Rini reveals an unpleasant secret pertaining to her life during the heat of the conflict. Then she embarks on a mission-the sole aim of her life. What was that secret and the mission thereupon? To find, explore the novel-Song of A Flying Sparrow-a tale of emotions, love, betrayal, ambitions, greed, cynicism and twisted relations.


Our identity is the only thing which defines us and we should be loyal with it. Song of a Flying Sparrow is a well thought title and that explains in one of the very beautiful scene of the book where the protagonist (Chiya) is talking to some kid. Cover is beautifully designed as well. Blurb is short and basically does give you the main theme of the book.

Coming to the story, it starts as predicted from the blurb. Chiya is the girl who is not behind the wealth as her mother but wants to follow her dreams. But as the blurb of the book promises, there are some twists and that keeps you hooked to the book.

Writing style of the author is good. Pace of the book is also satisfying (except the climax). The best thing about the writer’s style is that he deliberately puts some scenes in the book that are not long but portrays very different scenarios from the main story. For example the police station scene. It had nothing to do with the story but a sharp satire on VIP culture prevailing in India.

If we talk about the story, it was average for me before the very end of the book. There was a good surprise waiting for the reader at the climax. Story isn’t bad and nor extraordinary, it is average and demands for one time read.

Song of a flying sparrow is a good read and is having a story that will keep you interested. Surely recommended for a one time read.


The Happiest man on Earth?


Antony Fartey was ten when he first felt as he was feeling now. His face was pale and he was sweating as though his body was nothing but a shower. His light blue shirt had sweat marks at armpit, at shoulder and at collarbone. The air conditioned atmosphere of his cosy cabin had no effect on him. He looked restless and troubled. He loosened the tie and closed the lid of his laptop. He went back on his chair and tried to relax. He closed his eyes and wished this would get over, very soon.

No, he was in no state to bear it. He stood up and walked two rounds in his office. He opened the gate of his cabin and went towards the washroom, two cabins away. He was about to enter there when a guard stopped him. ‘Sir, there’s some plumbing work going on, No one can use the washroom today.’

Antony cursed the man whose face he saw when he woke up in morning. That was a threatening situation for him. He called his secretary and asked her to cancel all his today’s appointments. He started to run in the corridor, slipped twice and dashed two persons in his way and did not even care to apologise. Entire office looked at him in disbelief. He had realised that he had a very little time left. He took the elevator, entered in and pressed minus-one button. Elevator accelerated down quickly, became steady then decelerated till it stopped at parking. Antony could feel every single movement happening to and in his body. He reached to his car and entered in there, took some deep breathes and pushed the accelerator hard enough that tyres made two skid marks on pavement. On his way he jumped four red lights and almost killed a man and his wife who were crossing the road.

After some fifteen minutes of reckless driving when he reached his apartment, his legs were trembling. They were weak and strained.  He opened the gate. His dog jumped on him and licked his hand. His wife looked worried when she saw him in that condition. Antony pushed both of them and went straight to the washroom.

Ten minutes later when he came out, his wife had swathed her face with a thick cloth and was spraying room freshener at everywhere. His dog was barking like an animal that just had gone crazy. The entire apartment was filled with obnoxious smell of human excreta. And amid all of this, Antony Fartey was standing at the washroom gate, his hand on his stomach, a heartfelt smile on his lips. Antony Fartey was perhaps the happiest man on the earth.

Call of Faith

Call of Faith

Amidst this perpetual misery

The future I cannot foresee

Now nothing is clear

Nothing I can see

For the umpteenth time

I call thy name

But your silent answer

Is always the same

With utter disappointment

My weapons I lay

For your proud figure

Has nothing to say

Is it the end of time?

This life

Not yours, but mine

And I will rise and shine

Not because of new clarity

Or my brave soul

But, by virtue of your silent speech

That is making me whole

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing – Fridays with DX #6

Fridays with DX

It’s Friday…again!

I know it sounds crazy but don’t you think Fridays comes earlier than the rest of the days? Don’t ponder over it.

Today I’m going to lend you some secrets to effectively improve your writing. Make sure your glasses are on.

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Writing

7 Effective ways to improve your writing :

  1. Write
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Read
  5. Write
  6. Read
  7. Keep writing

I know you want to kill me right now. Try cursing me instead, it’s much more fun! 🙂

EXTRA MILE – Edition 2

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First of all sorry to keep you waiting for this long. The time of waiting is over as the second edition of EXTRA MILE is finally here! Get ready to be entertained with this crispier and tastier version of EXTRA MILE. Read it, and if you like it, Share it!



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Anniversary Special – TAB Birthday

Anniversary Post

Hello Everyone!

So it’s been a one full year since we started blogging. And believe us it’s has been full of fun and entertainment. We hope you people feel the same way(we seriously do).

So yeah! It’s anniversary time! And you all are a part of it because we are nothing without you people. So three cheers for you guys(Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!)

And today we’re celebrating TAB’s first birthday. It’s has been a year full of writing, reading, blogging and much more. With this birthday, we have decide to work even harder and create much more scope for you people. So don’t think that this is it! No! We want to fly even higher, with you people ofcourse.


So enjoy the day and live life with all its essence. Stay connected with us.
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