Paper Notes v2.0 #54

Paper Note v2 - 54



LBN59_waEverywhere was the silence of the graveyard. The only sound was of the scolding of the men carrying guns to the people who were sitting on the ground. Women were carrying their as well as of others children on their laps. Women as well as men, all were crying. The only difference was that women can show their tears but men cannot.

Kaal was sitting on a chair in front of the hostages. A mild smile was on his face. He was studying every one on the ground. Then his eyes falls on a child who was crying and his mother was consistently saying him not to cry. Then Kaal told that lady:

“Don’t stop him. No, don’t.” there was a pause, and then he said “because I love tears.”

If Kaal was the fan of Rajesh Khanna, he just hated the famous dialogue of him that “I hate tears.” After this a revolutionary type of man stood up and said:

“Its enough, you cannot use us like this. At least leave the children for god sake.” In the middle of his speech a man of Kaal put gun on his head and told him to sit down but he doesn’t stopped. He carried on “I am not afraid of you.”

Kaal saw all this in silence. His man wanted the permission of Kaal to shoot the man but he didn’t give that. Kaal knew that this man is afraid but not showing his fear. Kaal told his man:

“No, no don’t shoot him.” His man was puzzled. He put his gun down. Kaal forwarded his way towards this special hostage. “I was waiting for someone to show this kind of courage.” Kaal rubbed the man’s back. “I will free you. Go, no one will stop you. Just go, our country needs some more men like you. Go.”

This man looked here and there for some time and then he rushed towards the main gate. As soon as he passed the gates, Kaal signaled his man carrying machine gun to fire and he fired him like a mad man.

All the police officers who were standing outside the store got dumbstruck to see the scene.


LBN59_waI went straight to my house. My wife was waiting for me eagerly at the doors. From her, I got to know that Sunny told her that I was in comma and now I am alright so coming back to home. I was deeply thinking about what to do next so I ignored my wife at the door and moved to my room and got closed in there. I kept myself inside the room for almost a day.

It was 29th of January; time was almost near 5 of morning when my wife beat my door to wake me up. I opened the door

“Someone from your office came to meet you.” My wife said. She was looking as if she had wept all the night. I had never seen my wife like that but I didn’t care of that, I was worried for many other reasons other than seeing my wife upset.

“Who?” I asked to my wife without even opening the door properly.

“I don’t know.” She said and leave to her work.

I first washed my face and then moved to the stranger who came to see me. He was none other than the fat man himself. I got stunned to see him. I was thinking that why he came to see me? Is this any trick of Sunny to know more about me? Or he came to blame me for what’s happening with his family in the store? I got stuck with all these questions in my mind. When I reached the room, he was sitting with his face down on the table supported by his hands. He saw me and got attentive. He stood up; I don’t know whether to give respect to me or to fight with me.

I forwarded towards him. I told him to sit using the action of my hand but he didn’t. We both stood there still for a long time, and then he broke the silence.

“I will help you.” His words went throw my ears without inspection.

“What?” I asked him to inspect weather my ears heard right or wrong.

“I believe you and I will help you. I don’t believe Sunny sir; he is doing nothing to save people of the store. Only you can do anything to save my fam……..” he stopped and then spoke “to save the people there.” He wanted to say about his family but then said about the people. He doesn’t want to show the love of him towards his family to me.

I again told him to sit but again he denied and he continued:

“Sir, last night I received a call of a man claiming to help us. I didn’t tell it to Sunny sir. He wanted to help us. He was saying that he is still not found by anyone in the store. He will call again. He stole my number from Kaal’s mobile.” He paused a bit because my wife came in the room carrying two cups of tea with her and some breakfast material. I don’t know what it was because I was focusing on that man who wants to help us.

“I am sure sir that you can save those people in store. I want to help you but if I do so I will lose my job sir but don’t worry I will help you whenever you want. I will give you all the information of the bureau. You just keep my mobile and wait for the man to call you again.” He said and drank the tea in just one sip and left. I didn’t say anything to him. I was still lying on sofa, thinking hard what to do. Whom to believe? I don’t know.