The Ocean Between Us

How can the apathetic ocean separate us

When I can hear your heartbeat

In its pregnant silence

And you, my love, can hear my song

Carried by the gentle wind

And the lovely winter birds

How can our love be bound to you or me

When we aren’t

I can still smell you in the evening air

While the sun drowns

Just like I do

In an ocean of you

Lonely nights bring memories of you

Of our time together – good and bad

And I embrace every moment of it

The water of my tears, my witness

I hope you long for me

With your every breath

The ghost of my warm embrace

Lingering in your dreams

Oh, my love, how I miss you

And that intoxicating smile

More potent than the finest of wines

How I long to hold your hand

To never let go of it again

And walk with you down the solitary road

In the pouring rain

You are my anchor

Something to hold on to

I love you my darling

I really do



let me be the sea


what I have inside?

Life full of love, or

Rocks full of pride

I am a mystery to you

That you cannot see

Until, you be a swimmer

And let me be the sea


Your silky figure

Rolling on me,

Tickling my waves

Like pressing the right key

The more you go deeper

The more I become free

You be my sailor

And let me be the sea


Dive in me

or sit by my side

but you cannot taste me

the sorrow that I usually hide

Am I the curse of devil,

or am I the boon of thee?

yet to be found out

So let me be the sea