Soar[ed] ~ {SS #1}

The sole of his right shoe made a squeaky sound as he walked along the road, loud music thumping his inner lobes. His eyes, glazed as a winter’s morning, were lost in a distant summer; a pool of memories soothing the aching soul. His body seemed to be on autopilot while his mind scavenged parts of a different world, of a different time – neverland of memories.

His hands lay vigil on the steering as his dreamy eyes sought some relief, a reward for their incessant efforts. The loud music on the music player failed to evoke even a sliver of interest in him. The musical notes passed through his habitual mind, as they had thousands of time before, leaving no impact whatsoever. It seemed as if his mind, preoccupied with cramped and limited thoughts, had resolved to maintain its state of being.

His shoe squeaked along the path, his body still on autopilot, his mind still trying to make sense of the complex past. Amid the cerebral rubble, the sun seemed to be a bit over-enthusiastic as it appeared out of nowhere, its brilliance increasing every moment. The pale yellow light broke the interim trance as it met the glazing eyes, and suddenly he saw a truck moving towards him at an incomprehensible speed. The truck driver’s dreamy eyes widened in a state of hysteria as his vigil hand and stern legs seemed victims of a relentless fate. Their frozen eyes met for a brief moment, their minds aligning in a bizarre chemistry as their distant thoughts collided in single pool of horror – Oh fuck!


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Book stores are getting crowded with so many books on love stories but still the readers are searching for that one book which could give new dimensions to love stories just like love; it’s everywhere but the true love is hard to find.

The Best Serendipity of my Life is a debut novel of Swetank Telang and is based on his own life, his love. It is a very sweet attempt to pour his love story which changed him forever as a person.


Firstly, the cover is fantastic. It suits the overall theme very well. Now commenting over the story, the book starts with Swetank who is a kind of rockstar of his college because of his music. Zeel gets attracted towards him after watching his first performance on the stage and soon Swetank and Zeel fell in love. Their love story is pretty sweet and that sweetness will get reflected on your lips with a constant smile.

As the cover says, it’s a musical love story; it does reflect the musical side with some songs constantly appearing in the story. Swetank has also released a full album dedicated to his book which are available on youtube and are fantastic.

The best thing about the book is its way of writing. It was pretty difficult to justify the ending of the book but Swetank maintained his flow of sweetness till the very end and never made the reader to think about the abruptness. While writing the end of the book Swetank has mixed honey with his tears.

Now the setbacks. If we forget the end of the book, the whole story feels monotonous sometimes. Same kind of events happens again and again in the book which creates the sleepy moments for the reader.

Sandeep Sharma Overall the book is quite interesting and comes under the category of ‘One Time Experience’ for a normal reader and for Love Story lovers, it is a must read.

I’ll rate it 3.5/5.





Cough Syrup Surrealism… By Tharun James Jimani

Cough Syrup Surrealism

Name : Cough Syrup Surrealism
Author : Tharun James Jimani
Pages : 273
Publisher : Fingerprint Publishing
Genre : Fiction
Source : Author

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 3/5
Story : 4/5
Theme : 4.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Overview :

So this book is about a guy name Charlie, a mallu, who is a victim of our sophisticated family class. Brought up in a tight environment, charlie never got a chance to have his own opinion towards life. So after completing school he finally gets a chance to move to a metropolitan city and spend his newly achieved freedom. That’s where the story starts and that’s where the story ends.

Charlie has an imaginary friend, Mao. Charlie often tries to commit suicide and in the course of action meets a girl, Paloma. So the story is basically surrounded around Charlie, Paloma, Sania, Viraz , Rohit etc etc and depicts the relationship between drug addicted youngsters. It’s not just another of your fiction books, this book stands alone in the crowd!

Beauty :
  • The writing style, the presentation, is a thing to watch out for.
  • The easiness with which the story propagates and the overall smoothness of the book.
  • The chat sessions of Charlie and Mao(Charlie’s imaginary friend).
  • The remarkable relationship between Charlie, Paloma and Sania.
  • The last chapter and the epilogue.
  • The viewpoint, the perception of author that any metropolitan youngster can connect with.
  • The amazing use of references ; Music bands, TV shows, Authors and various things related to the nineties.
Beast :
  • Not much scope for a regular fiction lover.
  • In between, things get complex, which irks the reader to move forward.
Review :

“A new invention in the writing field. A surreal trip through the other side of the metro cities. An  unusual combination of sex, drugs and music. Creatively written with a fresh perspective that is real, surreal!”

After finishing this book I was left in an ‘Awe’. This is not just another of your fiction books with twists, suspense and thrill. This is more of like a surreal trip, a trip that enunciates the most exciting phase of a young-metropolitan-life. I definitely need a young-metropolitan-life.

The book starts with an unusual plot which is another +1 for this books. The writer blends the various fantasies of a youngster with his ingenious and spicy writing style. Most of us can connect with the characters and the writer as well; as we all might have met or  know someone like that.
I bet the metro people surely have!

I am truly impressed by this innovative writing style of the author.
Yeah! It is reflecting in my writing now. I hope the author doesn’t mind?
The book has this creative appeal of its  own. The aura, the tone of this book is something the author deserves the credit for. I was deeply impressed by the references Tharun used throughout the book.
Can I call him Tharun? He wouldn’t mind… or would he?
There were music bands which I could connect to, easily. The reference of  TV series and writers made it much more interesting. This connection established between the reader and the book is one thing that makes it much more interesting.

I bet the eighties-born-people would love it. Yes! They lived the nineties childhood. And for all the others, this books is one thing you would love to read, irrespective of your age or sex.
I am personally in love with this guy(No offence… None taken) and his  ingenious writing style. I am looking forward to experience another trip from his side, much more surreal… much more real!

Good luck Tharun! I don’t know if the book has already hit the ‘Best-Sellers’ chart, but i would like to see it on the list. You are certainly a source of inspiration(for me and various other like me). It was a pleasure reading your book.

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Musical Martyrdom

As far as vision went, rough and drought affected land was reflecting sepia to the eyes. But, yeah, a giant stage was breaking the continuity of famine affected terra firma. The stage was as big as a huge size pond which would be enough to serve water to the whole town. People had started to gather in front of stage. Their white turbans which had not been washed for last four years had now become pale because of their sweat. Their eyes were half in hope and half in terror. They hadn’t seen this before but if it worked that would be a whole life changing happening. A lot of cacophony was breaking the death silence of wasteland.

The stage was decorated in all white. Three long white curtains were hanging freely and flowing towards backstage due to burning desert breeze. Four men were standing on stage with white guitar in their hands. Eyes closed, calm nerve, numb face…nothing was moving in them. A knee long white jacket was enveloping their emotionless body. A few drummers were also there in same attire and same impassive gesture.


‘Sir, Stage is ready.’ Man in big mustache said looking through the ajar door.

A well built man in his late twenties sitting naked on a couch in a green room, looked up after inhaling weed from the ticklish naval of a girl lying naked on her lap. Giggling uncontrollably. His eyes were red as he saw that man on door. He realized ‘it’s the time’. He threw that girl off of his lap and her golden waistband detached from her belly. He slipped in knee long red jacket and obscured his head with long black hood which was attached to jacket. He then picked his red guitar and moved with that man towards the stage.

As he immersed to the stage, cacophony of crowd again vanished in the deaths of inhospitable surroundings. Every single eye was at the man standing on the stage. He removed hood from his face and his eyes dazzled even in evening light. It took two minutes to recover from glare and he took the hands off from his face. He then removed his jacket and threw it in the crowd. As soon as he exposed naked, a strong thunder lightening almost scared the people around. A sudden wave of squeal pierced the silence of desert. He comprehended the signal of acceptance. He realized that was time. He held his guitar. Drug was already running in his veins and now he was feeling it. He felt very light on his feet as he touched the guitar string. He yanked on the mike and held it tight near his mouth. A turnaround of his faith and simultaneously of town was about to commence.

People were becoming restless.

In no time he started singing. The other men were just following his composition. As the song progressed the light breeze started turning into strong, powerful wind. Crowd was finding difficult to stay at their place. They were hiding their eyes and turning their head in the direction of wind. But on contrary the five men on the stage were calm and unaffected, erect and levitating at their position.  As levitation started, as their feet untouched the stage, as they ended their song, the sand near the stage began to sink towards the bottom ridge of stage. Crowd standing near the stage backed up in utter disbelief. A formation of chasm had started below the stage. The whole stage was now sinking with the sand to nowhere. But unlike the stage, the five men were still levitated, hanging in air, hooked to nothing. The stage had now entirely submerged in sand and there was no sign of it as if it never had been there. Five men levitated in the air opened their eyes as once again the eerie silence was spreading in the desert. They smiled looking at the desirous faces and dry lips in crowd. They spread their hands upward looking at the sky and in a fraction of a second they were dragged powerfully in the sand which had now turned in water with their jump. The thrust was so powerful that the splashed water sprinkled at each and every person in the crowd. The town was now, after the several years, blessed with a pond. They proclaimed with joy “musical martyrdom has been accepted”.