Bhendi Bazaar By Vish Dhamija – Book Review


Title : Bhendi Bazaar
Author : Vish Dhamija
Pages : 363
Publisher : Rumour Book India
Genre : Crime Thriller Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Blurb : 4.5/5
Plot : 4/5
Story-line : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Writing Style : 5/5
Presentation : 5/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

1982. Three teenage girls planning a flight from the Soviet Union to the West end up being sold in Mumbai’s red-light area instead. The murders start a quarter of a century later. The victims are all men. All of them tricks, waiting for trysts with high-class escorts. DCP Rita Ferreira is quick to recognize the serial-killer strain; the media isn’t far behind. The news sends shock-waves through the city. The first serial killer in living memory of Mumbai is out on the streets. As Rita grapples to establish the killer’s pattern through Bhendi Bazaar, the killer gives her 24 hours to stop the next murder. Can she do that before she becomes the next victim?

Beauty :

  • Writing Style.
  • Thrilling plot.
  • Stunning Climax.
  • Characterization of Protagonist.

Beast :

  • None.

Review :

What do you expect from a perfect crime thriller novel? It should be stunning regarding twist and turns, it should be nail biting regarding the suspense involved and it should be gripping throughout. Well, if you are searching an Indian Author who can deliver all what you demand in this particular genre, try Vish Dhamija’s Bhendi Bazaar.

The cover and the blurb of the book will make you pick up the book from the bookstore for sure and you’ll surely never regret your decision. The story of the novel is divided in two sections. The first one is about three teenage girls planning a flight from the Soviet Union to the West end up being sold in Mumbai’s red-light area instead. This part of the story is set in the year 1982. The other part starts with the second chapter itself, it is set in the year 2007 and is about some strange murders that are being investigated by the protagonist Rita Ferreira. Both the stories are entangled throughout the novel very beautifully, it never confuses or breaks the flow of the reader. Author, very cleverly merges both the stories in the end with a stunning climax. The life of the protagonist is written in detail and it creates a bond of the reader with Rita.

Vish Dhamija’s writing style and detailed research over the topic gives the novel a perfect edge over other authors in the same genre. I loved the tag line written over the cover which says, ‘Vish Dhamija- The crime writer other crime writers are talking about.’ Once you finish the book, you’ll surely understand why this line was written.

Either you love this genre or not, I’ll surely recommend this book to all. I am eagerly waiting for his next novel which is scheduled to get released in the end of this year or in early next year.



10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n-copy copy

Title : When We Clicked- A twisted love story?
Author : Yash Pawaskar
Pages : 225
Genre : Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover : 4.5/5
Story-line : 4/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

“You are the protagonist of your life’s story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur. When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love. That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.”

Two strangers, one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey. Akhil gave everything to an advertising company and got kicked out of it. He, then decides to replan everything and live on his own will and that’s when his path merges with his ‘Love at first sight’, Tamanna, who came to Mumbai for clicking some pictures and contest a competition of photography.

This tale picks up a humorous momentum around a beautiful love story but ends up pretty differently and that’s where it claims to be ‘different’.

Beauty :

  • Humour on almost every page.
  • Writing Style.
  • Cover and Blurb.
  • Finale.
  • Dreams of the protagonist.
  • Conversation with non-living things.
  • Characters.

Beast :

  • Quick end.

Review :

It happens pretty rarely with me, that I feel thoroughly glued with the story. I want to congratulate Yash Pawaskar for this wonderful book and wonderful storyline.

Talking about the first look, I would say that the book cover and the blurb are itself very catchy and relevant with the storyline. Title seems to be strange because of the question mark (?) but believe me, that’s the whole essence of the book.

Now the writing style. Author is pretty humorous with his writing and with humour, he also knows that he is not allowed to get distracted from the main story and that’s what he did. I loved the Disclaimer which says that ‘read the book if you have good sense of humour and do not expect that you will get enlightened in the literary way after reading this book.’

Yes, it is a love story and do talk about the ‘love’ but what makes this book different from other boring ‘love stories’ is it’s way of writing, humour and the epic finale ( which changes the whole story for a moment).

Now talking about some distinguished parts which I loved a lot. Firstly the protagonist’s dreams. They were horribly funny and entertaining. Another thing is the conversation of Akhil with non-living things like his mobile, hanger, shirt, mirror etc.

The only thing which I felt a bit awkward was the quick end. This book is having an exceptional finale in it which is totally unexpected throughout the read. So according to me, when we give such immense turn while story-telling, we have to give the reader a proper time to absorb it and that’s where I felt the book was lagging. Otherwise it’s a perfect read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Conclusion :

Go for it for sure. I can bet that after finishing this book you will surely shout, “Holly crap! That was amazing”, and the hangover will stay on your mind forever.



INFIBEAM                               AMAZON                                       FLIPKART








STORY: 3.5/5
COVER: 3/5
THEME: 4/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5


Life is unpredictable. When everything seems to be turning right, one incident happens and life gets shattered. Sindhuja, a finance professional and a chef by hobby can never forget the night when a stranger fired on her and changed her life forever. All the happiness of her life got transformed into a question and that question was Why me?

Y? Me shows the life of two individuals. First amongst them is Sindhuja who is a 26/11 survivor and want to run away from the nightmares caused by the incident of 26/11 which haunts her and resists her to live life normally and happily. The other one is the doctor Ranjit who is also trying to run away from the past and trying to escape somewhere where he can live with her love alone.

Both the characters have the different mind sets and that is also influenced by the things they are running from, ie, their past.

Why me? is surely different from any other book as it deals with the subject which was never realized or framed so importantly and beautifully before. It contains many flavor as sometimes it looks like a motivational book, sometimes romance, then thriller, suspense, it’s having everything in it.


  • The character of Ranjit. His regular switching of moods does play as the positives for the storyline.
  • Dialogues.
  • The introduction of Aditi, gave new heights to the story.
  • Classifying the story according to the seasons. It was like ‘seasons of life’. Loved the concept.
  • The conclusion of the concept of Why me?


  • Cover. (It misleads.)
  • The third person perspective over the story (It confuses). It would be more interesting if the story was narrated through Sindhuja’s view.
  • Story losses it’s pace in between and then picks up at very high speed in the end.
  • Middle portion is very weak.


When I look at the cover, I thought that the story is about 26/11 only and the life of the victims after the event because cover doesn’t allow us to think anything else.

First few chapters deals with Sindhuja and his survival. That was OK. But when she leaves Mumbai and leaves to her uncle’s city and Ranjit got introduced, story picks up the pace and with that the attention of reader too.

Ranjit is such a powerful character for the story that he picks up the dullness created by Sindhuja and fills the joy flavor for the readers.

It keep on going nicely as the love develops between the characters but then after sometimes it again starts to go down. It seemed as if story is getting stretched as there’s nothing to conclude but when Ranjit’s past, Aditi got introduced, readers eyes again got widened.

Shribala managed to gave a healthy treat to her readers in the end of the novel. It seemed really different.

The theme is new, the storyline is interesting and Ranjit is adorable. Combining all of them proves to be a ‘Must Read’.

Interview #2 (Amreen B.Shaikh)

Hello Readers!

We hope you enjoyed our last treat. Don’t worry, we have some more in stock for you. And today we have a young and talented poetess who’s a fellow wordpress blogger. Let’s read the little Chit-Chat of Amreen with TAB’s team and get to know her better.

A little about Amreen.

Name : Amreen Bashir Shaikh
Age : 22 F
Location : Mumbai, India
Blog :

And here goes the Chit-Chat Session, Enjoy!

  • So Amreen, tell us something about yourself.
    When it comes to work, I am a Web Designer and a WordPress Network Admin at an Online Media Company in Mumbai. I am simple, hardworking and always believe in achieving goals I set for myself. Be it at work or poetry. I am an ardent lover of my Creator and I believe in making a difference for the society by my work.
  • What do you write? What’s your genre?
    I feel Poetry is your window of imagination. It conveys a message to the world. It is indeed a beautiful art. For me, Poetry is writing things which could emote my thoughts. I am not much of Love Poems’ writer. I mostly refrain that genre, though I have tried experimenting in that particular form. I mostly write poems which give out wisdom, a meaning of life and ones which showcase social evils.
  • Do you remember your first creation? What was it about?
    Yes, I do remember. I wrote my first poem in Hindi Language. I have always been fond of reading Hindi and English. I wrote my first poem titled “Maa(Mother)” when I was 11. Apparently, it was a rhyming poem as we were accustomed to reading rhyming ones during those years of school. My Mum was pleased to read it and all thanks to her, I still remember my first poetry.
  • No worries. So what was your source of inspiration? What inspires you now?
    Ummm, I was always into extra-curricular activities and reading was my hobby. During school, I was always happy to participate in “thoughts for the day”, assembly plans and writing speeches for the my class assembly. So, maybe, this art perpetuated from there. Whenever it started, whatever inspired it, I am glad to have found Poetry in my life. It holds great importance to me and it is the reason I started blogging and I can’t express what difference it made to my life now. It has connected my thoughts with many great writers, poets and bloggers across the globe and I am happy to share my ideas and views with them. Through words, I was able to pen my thoughts and put forward my views and perceptions, and they were appreciated. So, the notion of continuing this, continuing to inspire others, inspire me.
  • Tell us something about your blog.
    I started Paint the world when I started to work on WordPress. It was fun. But, I stopped using the blog and posting things due to my work commitments. In a way, I forgot about it, until an online poetry course I took, which needed a project to submit and then did I start to reuse my blog, which began in September 2013, almost a year after I created the blog. Earlier, I thought, I would only share my poems through it, but when I started reading other blogs, I thought, I really could change my notion about the concept of my blog and engage people in it, to showcase their creativity, share inspirational quotes with them to motivate their ideas- Inspire them! I got loved for the work I shared through my blog, made friends, contributed in ezines and here I am, getting interviewed! 🙂
  • Have you written any books yet? If not, do you plan to write one?
    I may plan to write stories in the future. Well, yes, I am working on a Poetry ebook from quite some time. It will be getting published in this month. 
  • Who’s your favorite author? Which is your favorite book?
    I don’t read books much and so I may not be able to determine who is my favorite. But, yes, I do read poems of some really great poets and they act as my inspiration in poetry. I like poems by Edgar Allan Poe and his prose poetry “The Raven”.
  • What are your plans for future?
    Well, I wish to establish myself as a well renowned poetess and as I said, continue to inspire others with my work.
  • What according to you is the hardest thing about writing?
    Well, according to me, the hardest thing about writing would be the words we use to describe our thoughts. Because, Poetry is a way to share your ideas and however complex your thoughts, your words are the only way through which they could be communicated.
  • What is your advice for budding writers?
    I advice new writers to write what pleases them, to believe in what they aspire to share with others, participate in various writing challenges to enhance their writing and always keep reading! I wish them all, loads of luck in their endeavor. 
  • In the end, your views on “The Author’s Blog”.
    Author’s Blog is an emerging writers’ community and a great platform to budding and established writers to showcase their work and share their talent. I am pleased to have been interviewed by them. Thank you!

Thank you Amreen for providing this wonderful opportunity. We enjoyed the session as much you did. Your interview is itself inspiring and pushes one to do something inspiring in his life. TAB wishes you a golden year ahead with lots of opportunities and achievements.
Keep reading, Keep writing!

With regards,
Team TAB 




I rushed towards the other room so that Sunny couldn’t hear my conversation with Kaal. As soon as I reached the room, I closed the door and picked out mobile from my pocket which was the source for Kaal to hear what was happening here. Kaal was having the information of the bureau because of my mobile because I was the man behind all what was happening in the bureau.

“Kaal I haven’t told you to ask for money, I only told you to call media. Then……………” I was interrupted by him. I was in real anger.

“Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t like when people talk to me like this. It causes pain in my head. It causes headache.” He was sounding funny as well as dangerous. He continued with his same tone “Raghav, my boy, I am not your puppet and also don’t have any patriotic feelings like you. You wanted me to call media and show the footage you gave me. I will definitely do that but first I want to smell those bundles and bundles of money. I thought that I will blackmail you but then thought that how will you give me what I want. So I thought why not blackmail our government. That’s why I asked for money but you don’t worry, if you also want a share of that then ask me, I will definitely give you your share after all because of you all this is happening.”

“I will not let you do this Kaal, I will definitely not. I will stop you.” I said to him but I don’t know how I will do that but I will stop him anyhow.

“You think that you alone can stop me. Alright if you think so but don’t forget Raghav that from now I will not follow the instructions you gave me, like instruction of not killing any innocent person. So beware that I still have 200 hostages with me.” Said Kaal.

“I will show you the power of one.” I said and switched off my mobile.

I rushed towards Sunny to tell everything so that he could help me but when I told him, he denied helping me.

“Raghav, you, you were behind all this. You wanted to kill all the ministers and those innocent 200 people in the store.” Said Sunny. He was stunned to hear about me.

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I just wanted to show that footage to everyone through media. Ministers could force to stop the telecast of the footage on news channels that’s why I had to give the footage to media like this and….” I wanted to say one more thing but was stopped by Sunny.

“And what about that blasts in the videos you send to us?” Sunny asked

“That all was the work of animation. They were not the real blasts.” I stopped to take a breath because our conversation was going really fast. Then I continued again “Sunny you have to help me. The life of 200 hundred people depends on us.”

“Also the life of my family, sir.” Spoke the fat man who was keenly hearing our conversation.

“I couldn’t believe you. I am sorry but now you have to leave.” Sunny said and shown me the way to leave.

I was failed to convince him and with this my hopes to save all people in the store got shattered. I kept on saying to myself that I will save them, I will save them, but had no idea how to save.


LBN59_waRaghav and Sunny both turned towards the fat officer. Raghav was about to ask him something but the fat officer instantly said:

“He is in 9 to 9 store. My wife and children are there. They often go there for shopping.” He paused and murmured to himself, “Radha (his wife) was saying that she will go there today.” Now he turned towards Raghav and Sunny “Yes sir he……. he is with my family. He wants to kill my family, I will, I will…………..”

Then again his mobile rung. The mobile was in the hand of Sunny but as soon as the mobile rung fat officer snatched it from Sunny’s hand and started to abuse without listening who was on opposite side. But officer imagined right, it was that familiar feminine voice of Kaal.

“Ssshhhhhhh don’t forget that your wife and your son are with me. By the way fatty, you are very intelligent. You solved my puzzle in less than 2 minutes. Well done. Now return back the mobile to Sunny and yes, switch the mobile to speaker mode because Raghav also want to hear me, right Raghav.”

Sunny and Raghav both looked puzzled. They were feeling just like anyone feel if he came to know that someone is having a watch on his activities in bathroom. Both of them wanted to ask something but Kaal continued:

“Now as you know that I am in this store and Mr. Fatty’s family is with me, you have to fulfill my two wishes if you want to save them from me.”

Raghav was more worried to hear about the wishes. He leaned forward to hear them clearly. At the same time fat officer also came forward to hear him and stood in between Raghav and Sunny by disturbing their position. Kaal again continued:

“First thing, I want media here just after 2 hours. There should be no other person except five media person, no police, no army, nothing. And for your information I want to tell you that I have sufficient armed person with me here, so don’t try to run your mind and………………….”

“And what’s your other wish?” Raghav interrupted him which showed his eagerness.

“When I am talking don’t you dare to interrupt me.” He shouted, “Do you understand? Where we were? Yes my other wish. My other wish is that you have to transfer 500 crore rupees to my account.”

“Are you mad? Do you know how big this amount is?” Sunny said.

“And do you know how big my risk is? And yes don’t think that I am just joking. I can even blow up this store and with me these 200 people in this store will be dying too and not necessary to mention that you have very less time to act, so rush and get my wishes fulfilled.” He turned off phone immediately after last word.

At the same time Raghav ran toward another room and Sunny was still there thinking hard what to do. Either give this money to him or to risk with 200 people life. Difficult to choose….



“I am standing just outside the store where a massive operation is being carried out to find that man who calls himself ‘Kaal’ and claiming to kill the 200 hostages if his demands are not fulfilled. You can clearly hear rounds and rounds of fires in the building………….” A news reporter said and suddenly,

BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the building blasts. All the police officers, all media members, all died within the range of 10 to 15 meters. Just the remains of the building and bodies, burning with fire left. Everything was flying in the air and was challenging the earth’s gravity.

In the hospital after the blast:

“Doctor, what happened?” the chief investigator Raghav asked with a bit relieved manner.

“Well, because the whole body got burned out, I cannot say that who the man was but one thing I can say about him.”


“That he was died because of gun shot not because of the blast. I have called my seniors for little more investigation.”

After all the conversation Raghav left the hospital to inform the Chief Minister, who was taking curious interest over all this matter, that now situation is under control. But that was not, Raghav was waiting for CM’s answer from another side when he heard enormous sound and enormous push on his back. The sound was of gun. He was hit. Bullet pierced his back and came out from front. Raghav turned back and….

48 HOURS AGO……………………

Raghav, the retired police officer, but his retirement was not because of his will it was forced because some panel of ministers who were selling the country to enemies thought that he can be a threat for them. So those so called ‘country lovers’ gave Raghav two choices either to take retirement or he will be thrown out of police department. Raghav chose the first option and now he is sitting on an easy chair in his home and reading newspaper like most of the retired person do.

28th of January was the date of that day. Raghav as usual was sitting on a chair in his lawn. One hand was busy in handling the newspaper and other in taking the hot cup of tea to his mouth. His reading of newspaper was interrupted when he heard bullet fire outside his house. Suddenly some people came inside the house of Raghav; there faces were hidden under the mask,Raghav was unaware of what was happening. They took him forcefully to a special bureau of investigation.

This bureau was established for the most urgent cases but confidential. This bureau was formed to fight terrorism and was established after the Mumbai attacks. There are only few people who know about it.

“Why I have been taken here like this? What have I done?” asked Raghav. He was terrified but being an officer he could not show that so he said these words in a very high volume. This shouting was enough to turn back the man standing in front of Raghav.

“Raghav we are sorry for what we have done, we require your help. It’s an emergency.” The man was tall and bald may be because of that scar which was at the back of his head. He was not looking like officer but still he must be an important person which can be easily recognized by the gesture of all the people standing around him.

“And why you need my help, don’t you know that I am have been retired, then what’s the meaning of all this.” Now he was little relaxed but still feeling a bit awkward.

“Do you know that a meeting is going to be held on 30th in Delhi where many of the ministers are coming?”

“Yes, but……………………”

“OK, I have some videos and I want you to see this.” The man was not interested to hear Raghav at all. “Lights off.” He commanded.