Paper Notes v2.0 #53

Paper Note v2 - 53




As he moved ahead in his path he saw a long road ahead, a never-ending pavement going up and down at successive summits and valleys. At some places, the road was taking turns and getting straight again. At the both sides of the road, he saw long grassland. The knee-height grass was waving in the direction of the wind and coming back to its position again. He looked at the sky, a few birds were flying in circles, neither going up, nor coming down, but a certain bird on the earth was taking its first flight to the sky.

He started to walk with long steps and in no time he realized where did he want to go? What was his destination? Where was he heading? And in this utter confusion, he saw a hut almost at horizon, illuminated by torch from inside. ‘That is my destination.’ He decided. He progressed in his path quickly. He kept on walking and walking and when his legs started to ache and back got stiff he reached the hut. His hand and face had wrinkles and nerves were protuberant on the skin. He was old now and the road was not taking any turn after that house. It was such a dead-end.

A little about Analogies: Does it happen to you that when you see an object or anything around you, it gives you a thought that defines the life quite perfectly and leaves you contemplative for a moment? Well, that’s what Analogies is all about. By simple things around us, what can we perceive about life. Can we really see life through what is already visible?