They are crying because I have left the world. Forever. I know the truthfulness of every person’s tears but unfortunately I obtained this ability after my death. I don’t know how they gathered, who called them but I think in all probability my son has learnt to take responsibilities. My 70 year old mother who has lost her all senses to react in any situation ‘is crying’. My father who always needs a helper for his necessities is ‘consoling my mother’. I was angry with my wife because she was going to her father’s house for 3 months and now she is crying to know that I am going forever without forgiving her. They all are making me teary but I can’t weep because my body has left me alone. Helpless and merciless. All I need is a chance to say them,‘I am all right, don’t bother about me. Everything will be fine.’ But this is death. It comes certainly and suddenly.

I am being lifted on four shoulders. Suddenly crying is turning into forceful howling. My wife is uncontrollable now. She wants to come with me. She struggles. She faints. I leave.

People are queuing up to give their shoulders to my coffin. I am overjoyed by being center of attraction and contradictorily some persons are trying to avoid me because I may become ill-starred to them. I may cause a bad day in their office, I may ruin someone’s first date, I may make someone late for their last bus. Funny. I have become more powerful after my death. I am disappointed by being center of repulsion.

The journey is about to end so of mine. And soon I reach to my last destination.The graveyard. I am being placed in my grave for my last sleep.

Everyone is sad. Everyone is crying. I am smiling because my story does not end here. I have things to do, roles to play. Who says I am going. May be for them, may be as they have known me. I will reborn in different identity, in different personality. I will become again a son of 70 year old lady, a husband of immaculate woman, a father of unripe child. This is the end of someone I used to be and this is the start of what I will become.


10 easy ways to – SUCCESS!


  • Create a new folder & move your academic records in it. Rename it to ‘success’.
  • Use the C language to create a program with following output-
    “Press any key to achieve success”
    “Success achieved”
  • Visit a pet shop. Name your favorite pet ‘success’. Buy it.
  • Write ‘success’ with bold marker on your dad’s hand. Irritate him to the extent that he slaps you.
  • Write ‘success’ in bold letters on a blank piece of paper. Mail it to your own address.
  • Type ‘success’ in WordPad. Click print.
  • Change your best friend’s name to ‘success’ in your phone. Text him to call you.
  • Buy a plane white T-shirt. Use custom printing to print ‘success’ on its front & back portion.
  •  Change your user login account name to ‘success’. Use the same account to login every time.  
  • Hack your friend’s facebook account. Change his first name to success. Poke yourself through his account.

At the end of the day you are a “SUCCESS-FULL” man 😉