Hello Readers!
So here we are again with a guest post. These guest posts encourages us to deliver even better stuff. Enjoy this beautiful piece of poetry.

Submitted By Rahat Farooqi

Those lofty mountains and forests green,
those radiant scenes kiss our hearts

the first ray falls thus,
the cuckoo’s songs caressingly awaken us

the soul is tranquilized by songs of the jhelum,
the breeze moves in a rhythmic manner

the fanatics turn more enthusiastic than they are,
they keep singing to themselves far and far

every object here has a unique quality about it,
every speck here is flawless

the influence of dusk is quite alien,
I wish I would dwell among those lofty mountains

they call it a fragment of heaven,
but I think the heaven is all here


Calling Mother Nature

Calling Mother Nature

As writers and creators, at certain point of time, we all feel a little off. There is a feeling of something missing; some part of us is missing. And that’s when we decide to reclaim the lost. That’s when we decide to take a break. That’s when we decide to call Mother Nature.

Actually ‘Taking a Break” is just an excuse to unite with Mother Nature. Whenever a child is lost, he starts searching for his mother. Similarly whenever we are lost in the manifolds of life, we search for a mother, the one and the universal, Mother Nature. Sitting in her lap we feel alive, our senses revive, the search for ideas comes to a halt, our vision clarifies and we can reconnect with ourselves.

It serves both purposes; provides a chance to understand nature in a better way and bestows a sense of solitude so we can connect with ourselves and with Mother Nature. This is an experience which everyone deserves and everyone should have a chance to encounter once in his/her life. It is a divine experience with various forms for everyone.

Now if you have had this experience, you know how it feels. There is a soothing calmness all around you. The chirping of early birds, the constant buzzing of insects, the sound of tranquil wind flowing through the rusty leaves of trees; it’s all there and you can feel it. You can connect with it like never before. You can feel her presence all around you, from a tiny dust particle to the gigantic mountains.

If you never had a chance to encounter such an opportunity, leave whatever you are doing and get ready for an adventure right now. This is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss. Call it a “Break” or whatever you want but never miss such an opportunity. Just remember, it’s your call in the end.