Haiku #103


A Journey of Sunshine

a journey of sunshine

The bright morning sunshine, originated from its proud owner, travelling through the moist atmosphere of pleasant morning, surfacing the ice on those high mountains like feeding them their morning breakfast, falling on the plain grass terrain and reflecting back like a mad dancer, illuminating the entire environment and killing even the slightest darkness like a promising messenger of life and hope, the sunshine then entered through the window and touched the eyes of her, sleeping in her room. She opened her eyes -slightly ajar- green and beautiful. Her lips stretched a bit and by that sunshine lasted its journey.

Morning Resolution


I stand atop a tall building

Morning breeze brushing my hair

Mild sunlight making me divine

I breathe in & breathe out

It feels so good

The world is beautiful

Vicious, but beautiful

And today I stand above it

A panoramic view

But I’m not proud

Not yet

I dreamed of a better world

And I intend to follow my dream

Not proud, not yet

So I move on

Leaving a part of me behind

So in case I stray

I can always come back

But I don’t intend to come back

This journey is long and tough

And I plan to move forward