Thanksgiving from Team TAB

Hello friends!

We here at TAB are motivated and full of energy and the credit goes to… of course, all you people out there. We are coming up with more and more sections and continuously trying to improve the blog.

The month of January was a blast. It was the most successful month for our blog so far. We came up with the “BOOK REVIEW” and the “INTERVIEW” sections. They are receiving wonderful feedback so far. Again, thanks to you people.

We have interviewed 7 people so far(both authors and bloggers). It’s amazing to know people for who they are and what they represent through their blog or book.

The Book reviewing section is blast. We have received more than 10 books this month, both from publishers and authors directly. And yes we are busy reading ’em. But don’t worry, team TAB will work night and day to come up with honest and rational reviews. A great thanks to all the publishers and authors for believing in us. We won’t disappoint anyone.

In the end, a great thanks to all our readers as this blog is nothing without you people. Stay connected with us. We will be working even harder from now on.


Keep Reading… Keep Writing… Keep TABing 🙂