The Busted Thread

At times we come across things that make us laugh and at the same time, set things right. This small incident traces its steps back to a time when things could have gone wrong if not for the frivolous attitude of one of my friends.

Ram was an impulsive fellow. All his decisions were based on his mood and state of mind, then and there. So after having a nasty break-up with his girlfriend around 3rd semester results time, in which he failed, he decided to end his life. But instead, he was seen beating the door of Aryan’s room, cursing and abusing him. As soon as we heard the news we gathered around Aryan’s room and calmed him down. While other were busy talking to Ram as to why he was so angry, I took his phone to get any clue. Soon I found the sms-thread, the root cause of that dramatic scene. Here’s what it looked like –

Ram : I quit!

Aryan : Quit wat? college? grlfrnd? the band? library membershp? or being an asshole? 😛

Ram : I just dropped my bottle of poison… Fuck your timing!!!

Aryan : I have some rat poison… it can help.

Ram : Go to hell!

Aryan : I hav 2 go 2 d gym frst. You go. I will be rite behind u…

Ram : *@#$*@*@*$*&%*#@**&^@

Aryan : Fuk! I knew u wer one of those extra-terrestrial thngs… can u fly?

Ram : RUN

I showed it to the rest of group and we all burst into laughter. Everyone hugged and patted Ram’s back and warned him not do anything like this in future. All the anger on Ram’s face soon drained off. We called out Aryan outside and congratulated him for being an ass; which he actually was. His mischievous attitude served as savior of Ram’s life. Ram beat the shit out him in a play-fight later.

So this was one incident which made us laugh and set things right. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!


7 things you should remember for next valentine

These are the things you should remember for next valentine. My some stupid friends who are called committed shared their experience about this valentine and I concluded that we all have been taught enough romance by Sharukh Khan to woo a girl, we also have been educated enough ‘how to kiss’ by the virtue of Google and Imran Hashmi and rest has been demonstrated by Rocoo Siffered. What we need to be taught is these seven points which will help you to avoid any possible social embarrassment and would also help you to come home in one single piece.

  • Never kiss in front of Bajrang Dal Headquarter.
  • Stay away from any shop which anything has called Rakhi
  • Bath irrespective of how cold is out there.
  • Don’t roam around with same gender for considerable time.
  • Shave
  • I know it’s hard to manage but try to be with only one girlfriend.
  • Don’t forget to buy rose and condom.

Still I Write

As a writer I often encounter many knotty questions from within. And to be frank I am never fully satisfied with the answers. These are the questions which form the very base of writing with answers lying very much deep within ones’ self. The answers are all there, waiting patiently to be unveiled and brought to light. I never really found my depth or the answers(Strange!). But still I write.

Still I Write

Why do I write? Well that’s the question that bugs me the most. ‘Why do I write?’ Seriously! Because I love writing, that’s why. I enjoy it, savor its essence(A little bit of boasting is allowed… right?). It’s like a creative activity session for me. I write because I can!(Seems legit) Yeah, that’s why! The validity of these answers is still in doubt. But still I write.

Whom do I write for? That’s the second biggie in my list. Whom does a writer write for? Of course for his/her audience(Stupid question). But I don’t have an awaiting audience. Blah! I write for my fans(Another self-flattering attempt) . I write because I want to contribute in the field of literature(OMG! This is huge). I write because I want to share my thoughts with the world(Better…). With all this volatile stuff hanging around my neck I am unable to accept a satisfactory, all-encompassing answer. But still I write.

Should I write? Now I wonder what sort of question is that. And then I wonder why I came up with this shit in the first place. But this doesn’t alleviate the mental stress(Lousy attempt). It’s like an endless running game(I like temple run), there is no board with “The End” sign. I have a right to write(Damn these homophones!) and I have the right to express. Then why shouldn’t I? These legal facts lighten the situation yet the perpetual quandary remains intact. But still I write.

Still I Write 2

I never received any critical appraisal(Maybe I did). Positive, negative, neutral… no feedback(OK this is somewhat over the top). But still I write.

The world is full of writers; good, bad and the best. Reading there work and looking at their fame, sometimes I lose my confidence( I cry a little in the bathroom). But still I write.

Maybe commercial writing is not my cup of tea(I don’t like tea anyways). But still I write.

Maybe my writing is not strong enough to bring about a change in the world(Should try writing on rocks). But still I write.

Sometimes I sit around with a pen and paper with some many ideas but nothing to express(Hate those moments). But still I write.

I may not be the best writer in the world(Unfortunately… this one is true). But still I write.

THE MOTHER OF ALL BOOKS….by Rajni Arun Kumar

Author: Rajni Arun Kumar
Publisher: Globen Vision Press
Genre: Fiction, Satire, Humor

Story: 2/5
Cover: 2/5
Writing style: 4.5/5
Dialogues: 4/5
Theme: 2/5
Overall: 3.5/5

About the book:  The mother of all books is all about pregnancy. Yes you heard it right. Pregnancy.  A not-ready-yet lady (mentally) gets pregnant and it starts. In author’s own words from “Are you throwing up yet?” and “Where is your belly” to “Do you have milk?” and “No leaking” this book covers all the stages of pregnancy with the flavour of humour.


  • Humour
  • Dialogues
  • Way of writing
  • Cartoon presentation at the end of each chapter
  • Sarcastic answers


  • Humor sometimes becomes complicated to understand. If you have newly added humor in your genre this is not the book to read.
  • Long under bract sentence are sometimes tedious and slashes the continuity of paragraph.
  • English in south Indian accent is horrible. 

Abhishek’s view :

I wish I was a girl so that I could read this book in its true spirit. But still I enjoyed it throughout (no, nothing get from here). That has been a wonderful experience, especially the humor potion of book. After a long time I had gone through such a class of humor and sarcasm. The book gain its core with word go. Yes, the very first page of preface will project the writing style and core of humor and you will start liking this book.
Sarcastic answers of the common questions, long humorous dialogues, satire, characters these all are the positives of book. Written on the background of pregnancy this book may fail in covering all age groups and gender, but humorous writing style makes it interesting. Do give it a read if you are a woman, but if you are a guy, still you can read it for the sake of humor.