Paper Notes v2.0 #59

Paper Note v2 - 59


Third Degree : Mondays with Abhishek #2

Electric chair, nails mining, eyes damage were the forms of third degree. Very effective. Though I have discovered a new method of torture yet I warn you not to read and execute. Dare to have a look.

third degree

Imagine this; you are in a dark empty room, sitting on a chair at the centre. Your hands are tied behind the chair and your eyelids are forcefully gummed to your forehead. Forced to watch. A guy enters in the room with a tv set and put it in front to you. He walks out, leaving you alone with the tv. You wonder what is about to happen. Suddenly tv is switched on and a female voice coming from it hits your eardrum. It sounds familiar. As you frighteningly turn your eyes to tv, you look at the screen flashing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ Oh fuck! You are dead.

You quiver your body but the knot is tight on your hand. You try to close your eyes but adhesive don’t allow. You are trapped, my son. Like a fish. You scream, scream for help but there would be nobody but Simar and her sister. Beautiful and distressing. They will cry. You will cry. They will laugh. You will cry.

And then at the end when you would be discharging bubbles from your mouth, and your eyes would be emitting blood and you would be dead like a small insect in the merciless desert. The same familiar voice would sing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’!! 

Happy Mondays: Mondays with Abhishek #1

Happy Mondays

Hello Readers,

This is Abhishek Dixit from The Author’s Blog and today is, perhaps, the most disheartening day of the week, Monday. Boring. Unexciting. But you know what the worse is- it comes again. But I have taken the pledge. ‘From this Monday I will be here with a post on every Monday ensuring to put a smile on your face by one way or other.’

So today I am here with a post ‘Happy Mondays: if you know the right way’. I have brought down few interesting facts and stats about Mondays from the internet and interpreted in my way and provided a solution of it. Have a look. 🙂

Most People don’t crack a smile on Monday till 11:16AM.

Ask someone to tickle your side belly. Forget smile, you will laugh. You will laugh your heart out. Trust me, I have tested it. It felt good.

Fifty percent people find it difficult to get off bed in morning.

Buy an alarm clock saying ‘Karan Johar is lying next to you, naked.’
It works for both genders. They both jolt. In case if it doesn’t work try it with Tushar kapoor, Justin Bieber and Kamal R Khan.

Sixty percent people don’t make love at Monday night.

Get Mila Kunis or Magan Fox. You will do it 24×7. If not possible, find the available cheap alternatives like Rakhi Sawant or anything which have five fingers (preferable).

17% of suicides happen on Monday.

Now I don’t believe in this stat because watching Suryvansham yet again on Set Max on Monday afternoon doesn’t count as suicide. It would have been hiked to 71% otherwise.


10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n-copy copy

Title : When We Clicked- A twisted love story?
Author : Yash Pawaskar
Pages : 225
Genre : Fiction

Ratings :

Title : 4/5
Cover : 4.5/5
Story-line : 4/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Dialogues & Philosophy : 4.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Overall : 4.5/5

Overview :

“You are the protagonist of your life’s story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur. When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love. That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.”

Two strangers, one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey. Akhil gave everything to an advertising company and got kicked out of it. He, then decides to replan everything and live on his own will and that’s when his path merges with his ‘Love at first sight’, Tamanna, who came to Mumbai for clicking some pictures and contest a competition of photography.

This tale picks up a humorous momentum around a beautiful love story but ends up pretty differently and that’s where it claims to be ‘different’.

Beauty :

  • Humour on almost every page.
  • Writing Style.
  • Cover and Blurb.
  • Finale.
  • Dreams of the protagonist.
  • Conversation with non-living things.
  • Characters.

Beast :

  • Quick end.

Review :

It happens pretty rarely with me, that I feel thoroughly glued with the story. I want to congratulate Yash Pawaskar for this wonderful book and wonderful storyline.

Talking about the first look, I would say that the book cover and the blurb are itself very catchy and relevant with the storyline. Title seems to be strange because of the question mark (?) but believe me, that’s the whole essence of the book.

Now the writing style. Author is pretty humorous with his writing and with humour, he also knows that he is not allowed to get distracted from the main story and that’s what he did. I loved the Disclaimer which says that ‘read the book if you have good sense of humour and do not expect that you will get enlightened in the literary way after reading this book.’

Yes, it is a love story and do talk about the ‘love’ but what makes this book different from other boring ‘love stories’ is it’s way of writing, humour and the epic finale ( which changes the whole story for a moment).

Now talking about some distinguished parts which I loved a lot. Firstly the protagonist’s dreams. They were horribly funny and entertaining. Another thing is the conversation of Akhil with non-living things like his mobile, hanger, shirt, mirror etc.

The only thing which I felt a bit awkward was the quick end. This book is having an exceptional finale in it which is totally unexpected throughout the read. So according to me, when we give such immense turn while story-telling, we have to give the reader a proper time to absorb it and that’s where I felt the book was lagging. Otherwise it’s a perfect read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Conclusion :

Go for it for sure. I can bet that after finishing this book you will surely shout, “Holly crap! That was amazing”, and the hangover will stay on your mind forever.



INFIBEAM                               AMAZON                                       FLIPKART




The Exam Chronicle 3

I’ve dealt with some of the stress busters and pre-exam stresses in my 1st and 2nd articles. So now let’s have a look at a very critical phase, the phase which decides our post-exam fate, the day before exam. Especially, the phase when you are done with the studies and are prepared for the exam, i.e., the POST-STUDY TRAUMA. This is a very interesting period as it has its own pros and cons.

Let’s have a look at some of the situations you may encounter during this period –

  • Unusual irritation (Don’t confuse this with the irritation caused by improper and irregular bathing…that’s a different case!)
  • Free time (Actually time is always free, it’s us who are caged)
  • More study (Studying it again and again won’t change the syllabus… so don’t bother)
  • Urge to call your friends (It’s the primary nature of a dominator to demoralize other…  because to stay on top, one must make sure that other don’t)
  • Fear of failure ( A normal mind retains 60% of what it has learnt… so there is no chance of failure… unless you are CONGRESS)
  • A look at previous year’s paper (Now this is when reality dawns upon you…time to study… to books and beyond!)
  • Take a stroll (Exposure to new environment and conditions may lead to loss of data already stored… if you know what I mean)
  • More food (There’s always a chance of food poisoning… I would prefer fast until exam)
  • Watch TV (Well if you’re MODI fan then go for it!)
  • Close your eyes and relax (DAMN! The secret of success!!)

So these were some of the situations you might encounter during this phase. Make sure you choose the right ones. There is always a slight chance to convert this POST-STUDY TRAUMA into POST-STUDY RELIEF. Stay cool, stay blessed!