Paper Notes v2.0 #55

Paper Note v2 - 55


Paper Notes v2.0 #35

Paper Note v2 - 35

The day the God spoiled Humans

The day the God spoiled Humans

‘Fash. .Fash. .Fash. .Fash’. . . Mudra was chasing him wildly amidst the wild. His eyes were only looking for a clear hit but the wild shrubs desecrated his every chance. Finally, out of the dark, he shoved his mighty spear against the bush.

‘Thug. .ghhdd’ and he was down. After a long & nasty chase Mudra finally managed to hunt him down. With pride and attitude he walked past the dense grass. The victory was short lived as he discovered another spear right through his head. Moments later Jaka from another tribe emerged out from a nearby tree & stood near the dead boar. He gazed at the dead soul for a few moments & broke the silence,

“It’s mine!” Jaka spoke in a commanding voice.

“I was chasing him right from the lake & it’s my…. . .”

“Come on Mudra! You know the drill. One who misses the hit gets nothing but shit”, Jaka laughed as he completed his dialogue.
Mudra clenched his fists in anger.
“Your blow would have just injured him. Mine smashed right through his busty brain” added Jaka.

“I chased him all the way down here” Mudra argued.

“Maybe it’s the god’s will Mudra. God has a reason for everything you know. Just believe in god”, Jaka smiled.

“I believe in god!” Mudra countered him in a rather harsh voice.

“Then you wouldn’t go against him, would you?”

Mudra pulled out his spear from the boar’s body,
“Enjoy the god’s gift Jaka. I am sure it’s gonna last atleast two days” Mudra spoke looking straight at the dead boar.

“I will send you the leftovers Mudra. HA HA HA HA…. . .”

Mudra turned around & started walking. The futile comment from Jaka boiled his blood. After walking a while he decide to camp near a dense grass-hub. Jaka’s words were revolving around his mind.
‘God, will, reason, everything…’ was all he could imagine. After waiting for a while he finally heard something moving around. Usurped by desperation Mudra threw his spear through the grass & jumped around to confirm the kill.

Mudra was shocked at the sight of it. His spear had pierced right through Jaka’s heart who probably was still hunting despite of that boar win. He had that boar & a fox tied in a rope which circled right through his waist. Mudra walked near him to check if there was still any chance but he was dead on the spot. Mudra looked at his face & before guilt and shame could step out of the box, Jaka’s words circled around him once again.

“Maybe it’s the god’s will” Mudra whispered in a feeble voice.

“Maybe it’s the god’s way of punishing him for he tried to usurp what was mine”.

“Yes! God has a reason for everything. . . EVERYTHING!”

He looked at the sky with dry and requital eyes,
I believe in God