Ghazal #6

बे-रंग ज़िन्दगी पे होता रहा मलाल
इक रोज़ हमने उसपे ढ़ंग से रंगा गुलाल
Be-rang zindagi pe hota raha malaal
Ik roz hmne uspe dhaNg se raNga gulaal

आँसू का रंग देखा बादल ने एक रोज़
बादल से तब से अब तक बरसा किया गुलाल
aaNsu ka raNg dekha baadal ne ek roz
baadal se tab se ab tak barsa kia gulaal

हर रंग है बरसता आँखों से मेरे हरदम
आँखों में मेरे अब तक कम ना हुआ गुलाल
har raNg hai barsta aaNkhoN se mere hardam
aaNkhoN se mere ab tak kam na hua gulaal

सूरज की लालिमा भी कुछ बे-सबब नहीं
शब भर जो हमने चांद पे ऐसा मला गुलाल
sooraj ki lalima bhi kuch besabab nhiN
shab bhr jo hmne chaNd pe esa mala gulaal

होली रही महकती सिमइयों की ख़ुशबुओं से
मोहर्रम पे भी तो अब के जम के उड़ा गुलाल
holi rhi mehkti siwaayiyoN ki khushbuoN se
mohrram pe bhi to ab k jam k uda gulaal

This Ghazal was submitted to ‘Inter IIT Cultural Meet, Kanpur (28th-30th December, 2017) in Hindi Poetry Slam. ‘Gulaal’ was the theme given to every IIT. I represented IIT Guwahati and submitted this and one more Ghazal on the open theme. This poem was the only entry in the Ghazal form among 17 IITs and 34 entries which surprised me a bit. However that’s different thing that we could not win the competition.

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Holi Hooligans ~ {SS #2}

There were colours all around; in the air, on the ground, and every living being was covered covered in them. The surroundings were soaked in captivating essence of various flowers. People were dancing and cheering all around. The environment was filled with so much energy that the usually morbid beings looked as if they had been injected with a new variety of drug, something ecstatic.  The sounds of laughter and joy together cultivated a state of bliss. The smiling faces burst into laughter every time a relatively clean person was soaked in colourful water or bombarded with water balloons.

Soon the thrilling yet peaceful environment was disturbed by the high pitched roaring of extremists, who came in groups, laden with balloons filled with dirty water and pockets filled with tacky colours bottles – the holi hooligans. The smiles faded away giving in to fear, and joy turned into hysteria as the hooligans infiltrated the gathering, celebrating in their own way, exploiting the virtue of a festival they were vaguely familiar with.

The music was still on, colours still soared the sky as the festivities continued, people still celebrating – some willingly and others unwillingly. No one objected and no one cried; the festival of colours, dull and bright.


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Holi Greetings from TAB

Hello Everyone!

Holi, the festival of colors is here! Happy Holi to everyone…

On this auspicious occasion, TAB would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous Holi. Here a little TAB greeting :

Holi Greetings – TAB