Paper Notes v2.0 #31

Paper Note v2 - 31


Paper Notes v2.0 #24

Paper Note v2 - 24

Ghazal #2

मेरे दिल का जो क़रार था
शायद तुम्हारा ख़ुमाार था

फेहरिश्त-ए-कातिल-ए-जिगर मिली
मेरा नाम उसमें शुमार था

दामन से उलझता रहता था
तन्हा बहुत वो ख़ार था

फूंक डालूंगा मैं दिल की दुनिया
क्या जुनून मुझको सवार था

जिससे मैं झूमता रहता था
मेरे दिल का कोई आज़ार था

बेसाख़्ता अश्कों का सबब
इज़हार नहीं इनकार था

मिली ना राख भी जलने के बाद
मैं इतना नहीं बेकार था

हुई है चूक मेरे कातिल से
वगरना तीर आर पार था

~अभिषेक ‘अमन’

ख़ार= thorn
बेसाख़्ता= spontaneous


She Cried! (Wednesday’s With Sandeep)

white-wood copy

She cried. He had no clue what was inside her. He always thought that slowly he understands her; he can see inside her, her heart was visible to him but he was wrong. He knew nothing about her but that day when she cried, she let him peak inside her heart for the very first time. Unknowingly she let him in. He wandered for a while, he had no clue, what to do, how to respond; she cried, he listened.

Her ‘shield’ was broken, that fakeness on her face and talks were lost. She let him see the real ‘her’. Yes, he knew from the first day that she was broken but he was wrong, she was not broken but was shattered. There was no hope, no ray of light, the real ‘her’ was hiding somewhere inside her own ‘happy go lucky’ heart.

Normally, it was difficult for him to hear someone crying, he always felt strange and awkward to hear someone crying their hearts out but this time it was different; he wanted to hear her crying. The more he heard, the more he felt good. It was very strange but yes, he was happy to hear her cry. Although he never wanted her to cry, he always wanted and still wants to hear her laughter but for the very first time he felt her cry soul wrenching. He felt stronger. He was virtually there when she cried, no one else was there to hold her but he was there and was listening to her heart and for that moment he said ‘Thank You’ to her.


443396-young-teenage-female-fans copy

I am a teenager
Many feelings evolving in my heart.
Learning many aspects of life 4m U.
I as a girl like sharing my thoughts.
I watched, noticed u.
U d superstar me d beginner.
My dreams got direction.
I started u’stndng the intensity of emotions.
The banter and reunion we had..
U were d Potter,
Me your pottery.
U made me stronger.
N now d time is….
U in my soul.
Me in your heart..


This beautiful poetry is written by Jivya Arora. Do tell us how you like it and if you too want to get published through our portal, just mail your creative work to