YOUR ‘DIARY’! – by Kavita Sharma (Guest Post)

diary copy

Don’t cry like this every night.

It hurts.

Your tears falling on me makes me cry too.

I love your smile.

My pages smiles whenever they see your 3 inch smile.

Your shining eyes add more colors on me.

Your touch, your kiss, your hug, gives me Goosebumps.

Am I really special to you?

Might be a ‘Yes’.

That’s why you spend your sleepless nights with me.

I was blank.

But you gave me colors, poured all your emotions.

I know, I am the one with whom you share everything.

You share your deepest secrets with me.

Am I your best friend or a soul mate or just a diary for you?

The ink of your pen soothes my pages.

My pages were mortal.

But you made them immortal with each passing night.

You made me fall for you.

I am not just a diary; I am a part of your life.

The part which is hidden from this outer world.

We spent every night with each other.

And we will continue this every night.

I’ll always be there as a best friend.

As a lover.

As a sister.

As a brother.

And as a diary for you.

Your ‘diary’ promise.


AN 11th HOUR FRIEND – by Jivya Arora (Guest Post)

best-friends copy

When there is gloom all over,
An 11th hour friend comes to bloom,
An 11th hour friend vanishes all the trance and trepidation.
During the 1st hour,
An 11th hour friend make you forget all the anxiety.
During the 2nd hour,
An 11th hour friend is loyal asks you to share problem.
During the 3rd hour,
He uses his dexter and intelligence and provides you panacea(here it means soln.).
During the 4th hour,
He helps you in handling subtle and delicate issues.
During the 5th hour,
He candidly tells you flaws and faults.
During the 6th hour,
He listens you diligently.
During th 7th hour,
He vows and swears to support you at anytime.
During the 8th hour,
He shows his bounty and pampers you.
During the 9th hour,
He preserves and retains the trust by not revealing the issue to anyone.
During the 10th hour,
He swears to be with your side despite the time is good or bad.
During the 11th hour,
He welcomes, greets, endures, bear and accepts you with your vitues and vices.


This beautiful poetry is written by Jivya Arora. Do tell us how you like it and if you too want to get published through our portal, just mail your creative work to


Mug Full of Memories

Here it is yet again, a beautiful and sound poem submitted by one of our guest. Enjoy and share the love…

Submitted by : Lalit Gaur

While slurping my coffee
I am scouring my memories
For those moments
Which I am missing these days
Those endless talks
Those low paced walks
 A naughty whisper in my ear
A chuckle which is oblivious of tear
Every shred of me
Wants this coffee to last longer
Every shred of me
Want some memories,new and stronger

Bear and Grin

So after a long time we received a guest post. We can’t tell you how happy we are on each reception of such lovely creative pieces. Keep sending us your lovely works and enjoy this intriguing poem.

Submitted by : Lalit Gaur
Reach him here.

I saw a reflection in the mirror
I saw someone who is happy and strong
But when I took a closer look
There was something seriously wrong

I saw him pretending
I saw a war going on within
I saw him pretending
I saw him bear and grin

It was written in a lucid way
That his life is becoming grey
I thought due to his innate veracity
Darkness became his eternal necessity
I saw him trying to be brave 
I saw him trying to be knave 

I saw him pretending
I saw a war going on within
I saw him pretending
I saw him bear and grin


Hello Readers!
So here we are again with a guest post. These guest posts encourages us to deliver even better stuff. Enjoy this beautiful piece of poetry.

Submitted By Rahat Farooqi

Those lofty mountains and forests green,
those radiant scenes kiss our hearts

the first ray falls thus,
the cuckoo’s songs caressingly awaken us

the soul is tranquilized by songs of the jhelum,
the breeze moves in a rhythmic manner

the fanatics turn more enthusiastic than they are,
they keep singing to themselves far and far

every object here has a unique quality about it,
every speck here is flawless

the influence of dusk is quite alien,
I wish I would dwell among those lofty mountains

they call it a fragment of heaven,
but I think the heaven is all here

A poem by Wani Ishtiaq

Hello friends,

And today we received a wonderful poem from one of our readers, Wani Ishtiaq. Enjoy this beautiful piece and share the love.

In that eerie ecstasy
Reality blurs out fast
Changing momentarily flare of time
Virtually blocking all senses.
Smouldering the real dreams
Leaving behind hapless ashes
Existing, hoping for a nourisher
They had seen long time ago.
Where the time snails along
In connecting two souls for life
Still, deep down the insiders
All senses stop to fire, waiting.
Let this barely perceptible breeze
Nurture and carry my feeling
To that distant part of mine
Till you change into that wind.
The desperate insider in my core
Waiting for those moments
When you will feel the same
Sweet tinge of that feeling.
The glowing golden curls
Falling from eternity
Shading the beauties beneath
Of the soul so queer.
Beauty spilling along
The innocent curves of visage
Walls of my heart, vibrating
Within beats echo, reverberating.
Sweet voice so luring
Wishing its clatter again and again
Adding to the strangeness
Simmering in core of my heart.
Fallen to the innocence
Flowering from sweet mannerism
Summoning my heart out
Sprouting that feeling


Written By – Shivam SinghShivam

Our first post in the guest category. Enjoy!

My land is beautiful
and so are the people
a spring that’s hueful
with a colony of maple
steamy summer evenings
and the tours to the park
the dawn of gusty winds
and the rides in the dark
morning blurs of winter
and the incinerating tea to heart
that knitting yarn of the old
and ice-creams in the cold
I miss my home, I miss my time
nostalgia at its crown
those busy detours of market
and lousy lane of bargain
dickering at the street shops
and road blockades of pain
desserts of the corner shop
cacophony of the train
that river side at the end
with sunset at the frame
chirping birds and peddling swans
and the temple at the shore
flapping waves and thumping breeze
heaven’s at the top
I miss my home, I miss my town
nostalgia at its crown
the cobwebs of colonies
holds my little swanky home
my altercating mom and little feisty dad
the aroma of the kitchen
and the dining table chats
friends who formed my world
sister who termed them brats
the festive feast of my birthday
and pocket money in cash
such is my heavenly land
which misses me lot I know
I miss my home, I miss my town
nostalgia at its crown