‘Confused Bastards’ by Manav Vigg – Book Review


Title : Confused Bastards
Author : Manav Vigg
Pages : 224
Publisher : Srishti
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Presentation :
Story: 4/5
Overall :


What happens when three entrepreneurs initiate a start-up which shocks the nation?
Aakash, Jai and Vivek are mostly usual in their ways, except for some. Struggling with their own inner conflicts as well as the cruel world outside, they decide to show the world their true potential. To make it big. But how? They become the voice of the nation by starting up an online platform where people can upload unabashed, unapologetic videos, venting out their angst against people, politics, bosses, lovers, taboos, or just about anything. Even the founders themselves.
The platform spreads like wild fire. But when has fire doused without burning a few!
Confused Bastards is not just a witty, gritty, fast-paced journey of three friends, it’s also an intolerant story for a tolerant country!


After a long time I have read something with completely new concept. The book is about three friends and their start up that went viral all over the nation. The book starts as a very intelligent read as the start-up was actually intriguing and meant to grab everyone’s attention and when I say, everyone, it means everyone. Soon things started to go off and that’s the time when entrepreneurs are exposed to reality check.

Book blurb is interesting, cover at first glance may feel strange but it goes good with the overall theme of the book. Title is fantastic and the plot is unique.

As the book is on start-up and at present times, start-up is every youth’s dream because of many reasons, I would say that the author’s thought was hitting bull’s eye. Confusion of the youth has been portrayed brilliantly and there are some valuable life lessons hidden within those pages.

The story is good and is having great potential to hold the reader but I think that the slow pace of the book is a downfall. Language is good, narration is good, and some of the dialogue sequences are excellent. Overall, this book is really a good read and deserves to be on everyone’s shelf who loves to read something different than the usual.





I rushed towards the other room so that Sunny couldn’t hear my conversation with Kaal. As soon as I reached the room, I closed the door and picked out mobile from my pocket which was the source for Kaal to hear what was happening here. Kaal was having the information of the bureau because of my mobile because I was the man behind all what was happening in the bureau.

“Kaal I haven’t told you to ask for money, I only told you to call media. Then……………” I was interrupted by him. I was in real anger.

“Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t like when people talk to me like this. It causes pain in my head. It causes headache.” He was sounding funny as well as dangerous. He continued with his same tone “Raghav, my boy, I am not your puppet and also don’t have any patriotic feelings like you. You wanted me to call media and show the footage you gave me. I will definitely do that but first I want to smell those bundles and bundles of money. I thought that I will blackmail you but then thought that how will you give me what I want. So I thought why not blackmail our government. That’s why I asked for money but you don’t worry, if you also want a share of that then ask me, I will definitely give you your share after all because of you all this is happening.”

“I will not let you do this Kaal, I will definitely not. I will stop you.” I said to him but I don’t know how I will do that but I will stop him anyhow.

“You think that you alone can stop me. Alright if you think so but don’t forget Raghav that from now I will not follow the instructions you gave me, like instruction of not killing any innocent person. So beware that I still have 200 hostages with me.” Said Kaal.

“I will show you the power of one.” I said and switched off my mobile.

I rushed towards Sunny to tell everything so that he could help me but when I told him, he denied helping me.

“Raghav, you, you were behind all this. You wanted to kill all the ministers and those innocent 200 people in the store.” Said Sunny. He was stunned to hear about me.

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I just wanted to show that footage to everyone through media. Ministers could force to stop the telecast of the footage on news channels that’s why I had to give the footage to media like this and….” I wanted to say one more thing but was stopped by Sunny.

“And what about that blasts in the videos you send to us?” Sunny asked

“That all was the work of animation. They were not the real blasts.” I stopped to take a breath because our conversation was going really fast. Then I continued again “Sunny you have to help me. The life of 200 hundred people depends on us.”

“Also the life of my family, sir.” Spoke the fat man who was keenly hearing our conversation.

“I couldn’t believe you. I am sorry but now you have to leave.” Sunny said and shown me the way to leave.

I was failed to convince him and with this my hopes to save all people in the store got shattered. I kept on saying to myself that I will save them, I will save them, but had no idea how to save.