For students, it is a euphoric experience but for teachers, a cruel practice. Whatever they call it but we all know that it is an integral part of our college life.

Mass bunk is a noble practice of skipping lectures, usually practiced by college students because of a noble reason behind it and that noble reason is FUN. Mass bunk is a phenomenon practiced by student’s all over the world to fulfill their lust of skipping the boring lectures of the college.

There are some steps related to this act which we have to follow to organize a successful Mass Bunk and these steps make us learn some very important lessons of life.

STEP 1: The idea of Mass Bunk should be presented in front of class with a solid reason behind it (Although everyone wants to skip lectures but still pretend to be very sincere in class). This step teaches HOW TO INFLUENCE OTHER WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.

STEP 2: Make sure that the whole class has agreed with your idea and ensure them that nothing wrong will happen to them and that you are responsible for whatever the consequences of this act be. This teaches THE LEADERSHIP QUALITY.

STEP 3: The most important step comes after the period of mass bunk has expired & when you came to know that some ‘Plan Destroyers’ who agreed to do mass bunk have attended the class and has ruined the idea. This teaches NEVER TRUST ANYONE.

So the moral of the story is that organizing a mass bunk is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires dedication, hard work and prefect planning to stop those three or four Einstein type of students to attend the classes who thinks that skipping the classes will ruin their semester and then their degree and finally their career.

Finally what we conclude is that we all are now adults and should decide what we want. We are in college to become Engineers and engineering is not a child’s play. Do not get distract from your goal because of someone’s talk. Do not ruin your life because of someone’s plan. The motto of the planners of mass bunk can be summarized in just one old dialogue of bollywood and that is “Hum to doobenge sanam, tumko bhi le doobenge….