Paper Notes v2.0 #8

Paper Note v2 - 8



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Dark red lipstick, heavy makeup, open hair and erotic cloths; I was ready to get my customer. Our business was very simple and had pure profit. No initial investment and from day one you’ll start to earn good money. Well if thought morally, there is some investment in our business too and that was moral values itself. Yes, I am a sex worker and my business is to sell my body.

There was nothing unusual about that day; it started off just like another normal day. I checked myself for the last time in the mirror before leaving. Then I turned and looked her. I gave her smile and she returned back pretty sweetly and showed me her thumb in the gesture that I was looking perfect. I kissed her and then came out of the room, locked it and rushed to my office.

My office was near Rajpath, Delhi and my working hour starts after midnight till 4 or 5 of morning. Our customer knew about our office, we never needed any visiting card and they were fixed too. I already knew that who will come on Monday and who will come on Wednesday. We just had to stand for them near the roads and wait for their cars to arrive.

That day, Sanju had to come. 22 year old, richest party I knew and always drunken. He told me earlier to wear red, so I was ready with my attire and was waiting for him but as always he was late. We were not their girlfriends, so had no right to scold them for being late or something. We were just toys or more precisely sex toys. They will play with us, ejaculate their frustration in us and then throw us back on the streets. It is not so that I am against of what they do or I am complaining about it; I get my money for all this, so I am happy. I have no issue.

Clock was indicating that today I have to go back without earning anything as the time was now 2 am. This too happen sometimes because as I say, we are not their girlfriends, they are not bound to come to us.

Now my eyes were shifting their gaze over three things. First the clock, second the cars on the road and third was fading redness of my lipstick. When I was about to think about going back, I saw a car, which was not of Sanju, but was of someone rich enough to afford us. It stopped in front of me.

I adjusted my cloths and leaned over the window of the car. He was not looking like a customer because I could see the uneasiness in his eyes. He was not used to it but as I was desperate for the customer, I didn’t back off. He tried to resist himself but then he started looking inside me. I leaned further to give him a perfect look to my curves. Within few minutes, he felt spell bounded. I knew this will work. Every man has a weakness and it lies in his eyes.

He said nothing and kept on staring my breasts. I felt that I had to initiate, he’s a loser.

“Full night, 2000, should we go?” I said in my mesmerizing voice. He said nothing, I could see the redness in his eyes, may be he’s drunk.

I again said, “Should we go somewhere? I’ll be yours for the full night.” I tried to take him to that level of seduction that he can’t say no to my offer.

“Would you be with me for the whole night?” He said, finally looking to my face for the first time. His eyes were red but he was not drunk for sure. Was he crying?

“Yes.” I said and told him the price again but he didn’t hear that and opened the side gate of the car for me. I thanked god that I am not going back without earning, and then quietly sat down inside the car.

“So where should we go, hotel, motel or your place?” I asked him in professional tone. He looked pretty aged than me. He must be around 40. I was happy that he will not ask for advanced version of sex. Youngsters always ask for new adventures during the work but above 40 are standard ones.

“Huh?” He said. There was something unusual about him. He was not willing to do anything and I was afraid that he doesn’t change his mind.

“Hotel…… Motel or your place?” I put my hand on his thighs to assure that he doesn’t run away.