AN 11th HOUR FRIEND – by Jivya Arora (Guest Post)

best-friends copy

When there is gloom all over,
An 11th hour friend comes to bloom,
An 11th hour friend vanishes all the trance and trepidation.
During the 1st hour,
An 11th hour friend make you forget all the anxiety.
During the 2nd hour,
An 11th hour friend is loyal asks you to share problem.
During the 3rd hour,
He uses his dexter and intelligence and provides you panacea(here it means soln.).
During the 4th hour,
He helps you in handling subtle and delicate issues.
During the 5th hour,
He candidly tells you flaws and faults.
During the 6th hour,
He listens you diligently.
During th 7th hour,
He vows and swears to support you at anytime.
During the 8th hour,
He shows his bounty and pampers you.
During the 9th hour,
He preserves and retains the trust by not revealing the issue to anyone.
During the 10th hour,
He swears to be with your side despite the time is good or bad.
During the 11th hour,
He welcomes, greets, endures, bear and accepts you with your vitues and vices.


This beautiful poetry is written by Jivya Arora. Do tell us how you like it and if you too want to get published through our portal, just mail your creative work to