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Racy, unpredictable, romantic, and inspiring, this is a novel that is bound to get you addicted and stay with you forever.
When gamer and entrepreneur Rishi Rai sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry, something somewhere goes terribly wrong and, like dominoes, the blocks of his life fall down one after the other.
An unexpected meeting with Alex, an unpredictable, crazy American hippie, changes his life forever, as he decides to quit everything and join him on an unplanned, uncharted journey across India.
From getting irrepressibly high in the mysterious Malana Valley in the Himalayas to starting a shack on the bewitching Om Beach on the West Coast, they do it all. But their adrenaline-charged adventure takes a turn when Rishi meets Kyra, a beautiful and enigmatic gamer. As passions surge and sparks fly, Rishi gets drawn to Kyra . . . unaware of who she is and where she comes from.
What follows next is something nobody could have ever dreamed of . . .
Who is Kyra and why are the paparazzi after her? Can Rishi connect the dots in his life to protect the love of his life? While the world becomes a spectator, can he mastermind the fall of a ruthless giant to become a global icon or will he become the biggest loser?



Three Little Angels

Three Little Angels

Three little angels

Standing by the pool

Three little angels

Making me a fool

They look exquisite

Explicit and cool

Love is their shield

Charm their tool

Three little angels

Dancing by my side

Three little angels

Exciting like a ride

Their smile is vivid

Beautiful and wide

Three little angels

Will change my life

Uncanny their presence

Yet innocence bona fide

Which one to choose

Which one to like

Three little angels

Equally alike

The Secret Muse

The Secret Muse
I see her dance
I watch her fly
With wings of fire
Nothing but shy
I hold my breath
And steady my gaze
While her swift movements
Sets the floor ablaze
The heat keeps rising
But nothing I care
For this thing of beauty
Is seen but rare
I follow her trail
With nothing to lose
And she humbly continues
To be my muse
She knows my presence
She knows me too
Albeit continues to dance
Like a taboo

Wayward Passion

It starts with one
And ends with two
This love is wicked
And so are you

You play me like a child
A child with a gun
I am the one to suffer
You just aim and have fun

Like showers of the winter
You are fairly cold inside
And being the summer breeze
I just follow and abide

I like this feeling
And I like you too
But you keep playing me
Whatever I do

I have accepted your love
Its wickedness and perilous
Maybe you should accept mine
For it’s pure not scurrilous

Mug Full of Memories

Here it is yet again, a beautiful and sound poem submitted by one of our guest. Enjoy and share the love…

Submitted by : Lalit Gaur

While slurping my coffee
I am scouring my memories
For those moments
Which I am missing these days
Those endless talks
Those low paced walks
 A naughty whisper in my ear
A chuckle which is oblivious of tear
Every shred of me
Wants this coffee to last longer
Every shred of me
Want some memories,new and stronger

Bear and Grin

So after a long time we received a guest post. We can’t tell you how happy we are on each reception of such lovely creative pieces. Keep sending us your lovely works and enjoy this intriguing poem.

Submitted by : Lalit Gaur
Reach him here.

I saw a reflection in the mirror
I saw someone who is happy and strong
But when I took a closer look
There was something seriously wrong

I saw him pretending
I saw a war going on within
I saw him pretending
I saw him bear and grin

It was written in a lucid way
That his life is becoming grey
I thought due to his innate veracity
Darkness became his eternal necessity
I saw him trying to be brave 
I saw him trying to be knave 

I saw him pretending
I saw a war going on within
I saw him pretending
I saw him bear and grin