the transition

The night could not be darker. It had rained recently and paved road was shining like metal in monochromatic yellow streetlight. The fragrance of newly blossomed flowers was stimulating her sensations. She, while, was sitting on a huge white bed covered with long white curtains hanging freely around the bed. She felt so fragile and beautiful and untouched. Craving for something and then everything. She blushed for an unknown yet pleasant reason.

A green, unmarked and smiling leaf of a tree started shivering in response as cool monsoon breeze touched her green smooth skin. Wind got surfaced on her, leaving her unable to take any long still wanting some more. As the wind blew harder on her she started to dance on the rhythm composed by the fresh monsoon breeze, her master. Agreeing. Yielding. Surrendering. Making her to be flown with the wind. Losing her and submitting to the wild wind. Allowing it to do everything. Every possible thing. And then a drop of rain fell on the leaf. Completing her. Making her gorgeous.

Both of them giggled as she slowly collected her breath and loosened her grip on the long white curtain.



“Crime is never big or small, crime is just a crime.” a flash of my father’s image was in front of me. I could now feel the pain on my hand. My father’s stick was the only thing i fear in this whole world.
Father’s image disappeared in a flash and another begin to appear. I could hear her cry. “You cheated on me rascal. I will never forgive you for that.” she was my girlfriend . This was the last thing she said to me. I could see her now hanging from the ceiling fan. I was feeling terrified. I started running towards my drawing room. There I saw her. She was my mother. But how could this happen. She’s dead. She’s looking at me blankly. “I have told you not to come back to this house ? Then what are you doing here?” She said and disappeared.
I started running away and reached terrace. There was no one there. I felt relaxed. Then I heard people shouting. Behind me i could see a huge crowd ready to grab my neck and beat me till death. I could remember some faces but mostly were unknown to me. I started running ………

FRAUD COMPANY’S CEO FOUND DEAD, SUICIDE. This was the heading of local newspaper next morning.



“Khurana takes out his pistol from his pocket and he fires Sharma” I was lost in my thought process when peon came in.

“Sharma ji, editor sir is calling you.” He was standing on the door with only his head inside the cabin and rest of body was behind the door.

“Tell him, he is busy in the story he gave.”

“Sharma ji, it’s urgent. He is calling everybody. Something is serious.” He said and left to other cabin.

I left the story in between but my mind still busy. “Khurana takes out his pistol from his pocket and he fires Sharma”


I left my cabin and rushed towards the name plate ‘Mr. R.P. SAXENA- CHIEF EDITOR’.

I gave away the traditional knocking on the door. He called me in. I sat down on the seat lying in front of him.

“As you know our magazine is not doing well, so our new manager has decided to change away the whole writing team.” Saxena said.

“And he fires Sharma”


“I am sorry but your job now belongs to someone else.” Saxena took relief after saying all that. He knew that manager’s decision is wrong but he can’t control it.

I came out of his cabin still confused what happened when my eyes fall on a poster on the wall.





“And he fires Sharma” I was confused. I rushed back again in editor’s cabin.

“Sir, may I know the name of our new manager?”

“It’s Amit Khurana.”

I came back and looked at the poster again. There was an image of a cartoon who was standing with his hands in his pocket. I smiled….

“Khurana takes out his pistol from his pocket and he fires Sharma”