Paper Notes v2.0 #53

Paper Note v2 - 53


It’s Result Day

That was just a normal day for me till 5:30. I was enjoying the evening with one of the typical classic novel “The winner stands alone” by Poelho choelo. That was a valentine season so as they say love was in the air. But not alone love;there was lot of tittle-tattle of result being out accompanying the love filled air. And we all knew that at the end of the love-result season post result effect will overrule. So valentine season was on the verge of being ruined. Exception is ‘The toppers’.  Gender-magnetism is activated for them in post result era.

I got a call from the most active person of the class. I guess he will be prized for winning the secrete contest-“WHO WILL SEE THE RESULT FIRST”. And in so hurry he conveyed the message to me. So mathematically I was the runner-up of the contest neglecting a few probabilities of seeing the result before me. No sooner did the message fell in my ear my legs rushed to the computer. Opened the site, entered my roll number and a formality to check I am not a robot. I could sense my heartbeat. Loud and clear. It was all there in front of me, i circulated my eyes over the entire page to find the “three digit number”. It was at corner of the page and it displayed “only”say x. I guess the word ‘only’ sufficiently explain the following numeral. As soon as I saw the result, few biological changes began to occur in my body; adrenaline began to flow at faster rate, my inners got all wet by sweat, heartbeat speed was low but intensity was increased and now I could have felt them better. I checked the name twice willing to see a different name but I got only disappointment.

I came out from the room. Sun had completely dropped, Birds had gone to their nests and there was complete darkness.

I was already terrified by the thought of facing the class next day. The horror increased when I got to know the following percentages of my classmates 75, 78, 83, 74, 72, 77. And adding to that, the average % of class had hit the 73. One thing was clear by that I had to prepare my face expression for next day.

“This semester I really worked hard, made some self-notes, attended the classes properly. Still I got this, do I really deserve this?”

“No, you were not regular, your internals were not good, and you hardly attended few quizzes”

I was stupidly arguing with myself. Knowing that this won’t change what had happened.

Whatever has happened has gone. I have two options from here: a) let it go and become dejected or b) show them what you are and what you can be. It’s time to prove yourself. Because as the say: transformation always occurs during the moment of crises.



Beginning of a new thought, a new idea, a new dream,

Let the floodgates be opened for the giant stream.


Wants just a little fame and bring it to supreme, 

Passed through an unknown world, we were like unseen.


Waited for the right time, for right mates, for right scene,

Now it’s time to free the birds from their bolted seam.


Life is getting easy as we started deem,

It’s not owing to single effort, it’s all due to a team.


Happiness we have, we gained, we deserve this beam.

Demolished all the failures with monstrous scream.