‘No one can live it alone; life is all about laughing and not mourn.’ We all need a group of people to admire us, criticize us, to be with us in every upstream or downstream of our life, to laugh with us, and to cry as well. Almighty gave us a family for the same, to support us in every odds and evens, but then he thought a little bit more and made friends. There are things and times in which family cannot take you to the safer shore; sometimes you need something more. Someone different; someone like a friend. Friends are those who may get you into troubles sometimes (yah! like really big troubles), and may bring you out of one. We cry with them, laugh, howl, and sometimes kill with them. Friendship is a different relation, more than love (for some), similar to a family (for others). For some friendship is life, and for some it is life. ‘Life never gives you what you want; it embraces you with what you deserve.’ It’s like an ice-cream really, you know, you lick it slowly and slowly, to take the full essence of it, and then you realise that it had started melting. Now you eat it fast, you realize you are left with much to do, and much to get, but time may not let. All our life, we run behind success, to achieve things but in the race of achievements, we win to lose. We lose those little moments of love, memories, those little laughs and giggles with ours closest, to just fill our closet. With every page beyond, you may find yourself in one of the characters of the story, you may think that, ‘hey, he’s\she’s similar to me’, or ‘hey that happened to me’. And that’s exactly when this fictional tale will begin affecting your life. Just wait till you get your point of collimation, and then live with the story. Maybe in end, some of you will find a realisation to change track of life, or maybe an assurance to continue driving. There is a possibility that you may like the story, or you may not, but that’s the real fun after all, to take everything as it comes. You are most welcomed to suggest your way of turning the story with your twists and turns, or to give your own climax in the end…..   So, let’s begin with— LOVING FRIENDSHIP.