YOUR ‘DIARY’! – by Kavita Sharma (Guest Post)

diary copy

Don’t cry like this every night.

It hurts.

Your tears falling on me makes me cry too.

I love your smile.

My pages smiles whenever they see your 3 inch smile.

Your shining eyes add more colors on me.

Your touch, your kiss, your hug, gives me Goosebumps.

Am I really special to you?

Might be a ‘Yes’.

That’s why you spend your sleepless nights with me.

I was blank.

But you gave me colors, poured all your emotions.

I know, I am the one with whom you share everything.

You share your deepest secrets with me.

Am I your best friend or a soul mate or just a diary for you?

The ink of your pen soothes my pages.

My pages were mortal.

But you made them immortal with each passing night.

You made me fall for you.

I am not just a diary; I am a part of your life.

The part which is hidden from this outer world.

We spent every night with each other.

And we will continue this every night.

I’ll always be there as a best friend.

As a lover.

As a sister.

As a brother.

And as a diary for you.

Your ‘diary’ promise.


IF IT’S NOT FOREVER….. By Durjoy Dutta & Nikita Singh





STORY: 3/5
COVER: 4.5/5
THEME: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5


Chandni Chowk, Delhi; a place which is known for it’s crowd and ancient shops. Numerous dreams and numerous stories daily roams at this place within the heart of each individual of the crowd.

That afternoon was just like another afternoon in Deb’s life, when a powerful blast rips apart the heart of Delhi. Deb was there and somehow survived but the fear of dying there constantly haunt him for many days; fear of losing Avantika was giving him the worst time he ever thought off.

One day while wandering near the blast site, he finds a half burnt diary, the diary of a person who died there on that fateful day. That diary was a kind of dream of a person which died with him. It contained the last word of a dying men. It was of a person who was madly in love with Ragini but never accumulated the courage of expressing his feelings.

Deb, takes up the responsibility of delivering the diary to the one the dead one loved, Ragini and there starts the road trip of Shrey (Deb’s Childhood friend) and Deb which later got joined by Avantika (Deb’s girlfriend) and Tiya (Shrey’s Girlfirend).

This road trip explores the true meaning of love to these two couples and also reveals the intriguing story of the dead men in pieces to them. This road trip touches there life and also brings up many changes which they loved. Road trip of a life time which will leave you with a question that,  ”If you Die Tomorrow, what would your last words be?”


  • Character sketching is pretty clear and easy to connect with the characters.
  • Title.
  • Concept.
  • Cover.
  • Character contrast between Tiya, Avantika and Ragini.
  • The diary part. It feels great to read it after each chapter and knowing something more about the dead man, slowly.
  • Character of Nivedita. It really brings smile.


  • Excessive use of sex or sex related thoughts. It feels annoying. We are not reading mills & boons.
  • Flow of the story. It was not streamlined, it was turbulent.
  • Ending.
  • Avantika’s description sometimes feel annoying. It looked like half of the novel was about the Avantika, not about the dead guy.
  • During the climax everything ended in a sudden collapse. Events happened so quickly that reader got confused.


Durjoy Datta, his name is enough to encourage the reader to pick up the book from the shelf of bookstores. It’s my second book of him, my first was ‘hold my hand’ which made me pull towards this one. When I read the first few chapters of it, I got to my feet, they reveals the concept of the book and it was awesome. But then when Deb started his sex talks, I felt annoyed. Sex, sex and sex nothing else. What the f**k? The whole concept started to drift away and some other thing picked up. In the middle of it I thought of giving up with it but then came a chapter named ‘Nivedita’ and from there it suddenly started to pull me back. From there till end the story is quite nice and the twist was also good. The end could have been better.

It’s good but not extraordinary.