Paper Notes v2.0 #60

Paper Note v2 - 60


Fading to Darkness

Fading to Darkness

Ego pressed against the mighty wind

Delusional like a rusty iron’s ding

Fear & respect drowning slowly

Commanding aura losing its glory

As my power is fading to darkness


Sweetness overruled by strange bitterness

Relationship twisted, life’s the new hell

Mutual understanding gone by far

Tangled excuses stressing the bar

For my love is fading to darkness


The only hope is farthest to reach

Learning lessons but no one to teach

Walking among paths, which one to follow?

Life’s very own foundation; weak and hollow!

And so my faith is fading to darkness. . .



“Push, push, push………….” Was the second thing I heard and the first one was my mother’s shout, cry and pain.

Darkness was slowly disappearing and the bright light was ready to hurt my small eyes. White was the only color visible to me. Finally I was out in this new world and my mother took the breath of relief. I felt so bad when I realized that I was the reason of her pain. I started to cry.

I don’t know why but nurses looked really excited after hearing me cry. They took me in their hands, showed my blood drained body to my mother and I saw that her tears transformed in a sweet smile within a second.

Then the nurses gave me my first bath. I felt shy, so I cried louder. After the whole procedure required for me to keep on living on this planet, nurses first time gave my possession to my mother. That was a strange feeling. I felt warmth of love, I felt safe, and I felt alive for the first time. Then she fed me her milk and after that I was slept on my personal bed.

I was feeling like a show piece when everyone came to have a look at me. They made different faces, for them they were acting funny but for me they were acting like fools. I kept on crying and they kept on smiling. There was no one who can understand my feeling. I tried to have a look at my mother but she was also enjoying her time. I kept on staring my mother and cried as loud as I can. Then started the advices:

“I think he is hungry.” One fat lady sitting next to my mother said.

“I just fed him milk.” My mother answered.

“He must have done toilet in the bed.” One old aunty sitting somewhere in the room said.

One man came and took me in his hand and examined me, there was nothing. I continued crying then this man took the right decision to hand over me to my mother.

Now I was lying on the shoulder of my mother and my head tilted on the opposite side of my mother.

I was amazed to see that I was not alone who took birth today. The room was filled with many mothers and their children. My eyes got pinned on a child whose bed was just next to mine. That child was crying very loud. I don’t know what attracted me to look to him/her.

Now that child looked me and stopped crying. I smiled to him/her and the child smiled back. Now we continued looking at each other for a very long time. It attracted our parent’s attraction.

“See, your son is staring our daughter for so long.” Her (Yes, she was a girl) mother tried to be friendly to my mother.

“Your daughter is looking like an angel.” My mother said and now the talks started but our staring continued.

There was no doubt that we were made for each other and this is how we met for the first time and this journey never stopped.


SEVEN AGES is the story of love and I invite you to this eternal love story of RAJ (that’s me) and SHIKHA (my love). Fall in love with love. SEVEN AGES- the series will take you to the roller coaster of love from where you cannot escape easily…………….