TAB presents yet another series, ANALOGIES


Does it happen to you when you see an object or anything around you, it gives you a thought that defines the life quite perfectly and leaves you contemplative for a moment? Well, that’s what the Analogies is all about. By simple things around us, what can we perceive about life? Can we really see life through what is already visible? Well, answers are not very far as TAB has announced ‘Analogies’ for you.


Character Development in a Story – Friday’s with DX #7

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

I have missed this spot! But don’t worry I will make-up for that. So today I present to you an interesting session between a writer and one of the character from his story. This is a quick glance at the character development stage of a story in progress (Not kidding. This is how it is done).

*Warning* – Please don’t try this at home…. or anywhere else.

Character Development in a Story

Writer: Hi. Your name is Samuel Goodwill. You are American. 5’10”…uh…5’11”. Fair color. Blond hair. 28, Male.

Character: Sounds good.

Writer: You work in a large MNC as an IT engineer with generous salary. The MNC is involved in many criminal activities under the hood.

Character: So I am the bad guy!?

Writer: Not exactly. You don’t know anything about that. But you still secure most of their transactions. Part of your job.

Character: What’s my role in this story? It better be good.

Writer: You play an important role in this story. You will be introduced in chapter 3…

Character: I am important!

Writer: …and murdered in chapter 21.

Character: Wh…What?

Writer: This is a crime thriller. People must die.

Character: But why me? Kill someone else!

Writer: Others will die too.

Character: Do I get to do something interesting before I die. *winks*

Writer: Well… I haven’t thought about that. Story is still in progress.

Character: Give me something. Do I have a girlfriend?

Writer: No. You’re married. And a pervert.

Character: Wow! How is she? How does she look? Do I get a lovemaking scene?

Writer: She’s not that important. She dies in the following chapter after her brief introduction.

Character: Why would you do that? What about that love-making scene?

Writer: Well…I’ll think about that.

Character: Come on man! Give me a mistress.

Writer: You can’t afford one.

Character: You mentioned ‘Generous Salary’, remember?

Writer: Your wife spent a lot of money.

Character: Thank god you killed her! But give me an intimate scene. You know they are important in crime thrillers.

Writer: There are already some intimate scenes. We don’t need any more….

Character: Come on man! Don’t be a party spoiler!

Writer: *Grunts* How about we make you homosexual? Maybe I’ll put in a small intimate scene for you.

Character: Hey! You can’t do that! You’re crossing your limit!

Writer: Yes I can. And I am writer… I have no limits.

Character: But why? And with whom?

Writer: Fernando. The guy who delivers pizza in your office.

Character: The pizza delivery guy? You kidding me?

Writer: You’re a desperate man Mr. Goodwill.

Character: You goddam sexy writer!

Writer: Come again?

Character: Oh look at those eyes! And that beautiful nose. Your lips…

Writer: Ok. Stop it!

Character: Oh I just want to kiss you…

Writer: Bisexual. You’re bisexual.

Character: Better. So how about that love-making scene?

Writer: I just gave you. With the pizza delivery guy.

Character: But now I am bisexual. How will the readers figure it out?

Writer: Hmmm… you’re right. You’ve earned yourself another intimate scene.

Character: Yes! With whom? How does she look?

Writer: Your Boss’s secretary. Her name is Mary. She’s 41, married, with two kids.

Character: You don’t like me very much Mr. Writer.

Writer: As I said earlier, you’re a desperate man. We need to keep things on track.

Character: What else?

Writer: You complain a lot. But in the end you agree to whatever is provided to you.

Character: I figured out that much.

Writer: You somehow figure out the inconsistency in sales figures. You try to tell it to your boss and then you are stabbed to death.

Character: Gruesome! Why not just a bullet in the head?

Writer: Stabbing is painful. Causes a slow death. Adds to the drama.

Character: Ok. You hate me. I get it.

Writer: I am still not sure about the middle part of the story. Your character plays a critical role here. Do you mind if I adjust your character a little?

Character: Go ahead. You’re the boss. But no more changes in sexual preference.

Writer: Ok. So your name is Ralph Jackson. You’re are….

Character: Not againnnnnnnnn….!


I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below.

Stay alive and keep writing 🙂

Setting and Conflict for short story: #7 Monday with Abhishek

Mondays With Abhishek

As I mentioned in my previous post of Mondays with Abhishek, a short story has three parts; The Characters, the setting and the conflict. The characters I have described in last post of Mondays with Abhishek. Let me introduce you to the second and also most potential idea generator for your story i.e. The setting.

The setting is a place or time where or when your story has been set up. This provides you surroundings to set your storyline. This may be a real word time or place like world war two or 1947: India’s Partition or anything that has been enfolded in the history pages or as author you have the boon to create your own setting for your story like J. K. Rowling did in Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien in Lord of the Rings.

The conflict is the third major part of your story. Conflict, if I put in simple words, is what is going to happen in your story? What is the problem that your character is facing in given setting? The conflict may be a lack of confidence in your character to propose his girlfriend or lack of ammo for your sniper to take his final shot to kill your villain? What is your character going to do in that situation, find out that and your story would be ready with all ingredients. Give it a try.

Happy writing.

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing – Fridays with DX #6

Fridays with DX

It’s Friday…again!

I know it sounds crazy but don’t you think Fridays comes earlier than the rest of the days? Don’t ponder over it.

Today I’m going to lend you some secrets to effectively improve your writing. Make sure your glasses are on.

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Writing

7 Effective ways to improve your writing :

  1. Write
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Read
  5. Write
  6. Read
  7. Keep writing

I know you want to kill me right now. Try cursing me instead, it’s much more fun! 🙂

Why Some People Are Better Than Others – Fridays with DX #4

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

It’s Friday again! Today I am gonna lay some points as to why some people are better than others. So here we go…

  • Manufacturing defect.
  • They attend ‘How to be better than others’ classes.
  • Their favorite TV serial is ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma’.
  • They are good at ‘Role Playing’.
  • They watch ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • They give money to beggars for unknown reasons.
  • They have MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder).
  • They offer free alcohol and cigarettes.
  • They offer money at zero rate of interest.
  • They speak.

In addition to above mentioned points there may be some other useless reasons which don’t actually matter. Some of them are…

  • They are kind and good at heart.
  • They understand the essence of humanity.
  • They are forgiving and easy going.
  • They want to make this world a better place.
  • They are gifted.


Stay alive and keep smiling! 🙂

5 Story Prompts giving you the whole story: #5 Mondays with Abhishek

Mondays With Abhishek

In my last post of Mondays with Abhishek I suggested some story starters potent enough to give you the whole story idea. In this post I would suggest some story prompts including characters or a character and a prop or a character and a place. Give it second to think before you move to the next one and imagine a story using these combinations.

  • Insomniac and a alarm clock
  • Porn star and kindergarten
  • Fashion photographer and a acid attack victim
  • A Deaf man and a unloved musician
  • A chemo-therapist , hair stylist and a struggling actor

Night of the Vampire – The Vengeance

Night of the Vampire - The Vengeance

The wind brazed against her delicate body as she hustled through the narrow streets, her mind fighting hard to keep pace with the body. Her fear-stricken eyes scanned every possible corner to find a way out; an escape route. She glanced back in between just to encounter the infernal shadow making its way closer with every passing moment.

She took a sharp turn and jumped over the brawny broken-wall just to land over the debris on the other side. She stumbled and landed to one side injuring her elbow in the process. She collected herself and with all her remaining strength paced towards the dim lit lamp-post, almost 50 yards away. Half-way through, a shadow dissected her way tackling her with all its force. She slumped into a panic attack as she saw a claw-like hand tightening around her neck.

A high-pitched scream flooded the eerie silence of the shady streets; a scream competent enough to give you goose-bumps during a comedy movie. Her body shuddered in a moment of frisson as she saw a smile emerging on the noxious face.


Suddenly the shadowy streets were flooded with pale fluorescent lights emanating from different vantage points all around. Spot boys & instructors started gathering around the scene as the director rose from his chair. Soon the harsh scream was subdued by the great applause and cheering of the entire cast present. Her panic-stricken face was suddenly overpowered by an elegant smile as her lover finally kissed her, a long-awaited kiss, with the camera still rolling.