‘Confused Bastards’ by Manav Vigg – Book Review


Title : Confused Bastards
Author : Manav Vigg
Pages : 224
Publisher : Srishti
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Presentation :
Story: 4/5
Overall :


What happens when three entrepreneurs initiate a start-up which shocks the nation?
Aakash, Jai and Vivek are mostly usual in their ways, except for some. Struggling with their own inner conflicts as well as the cruel world outside, they decide to show the world their true potential. To make it big. But how? They become the voice of the nation by starting up an online platform where people can upload unabashed, unapologetic videos, venting out their angst against people, politics, bosses, lovers, taboos, or just about anything. Even the founders themselves.
The platform spreads like wild fire. But when has fire doused without burning a few!
Confused Bastards is not just a witty, gritty, fast-paced journey of three friends, it’s also an intolerant story for a tolerant country!


After a long time I have read something with completely new concept. The book is about three friends and their start up that went viral all over the nation. The book starts as a very intelligent read as the start-up was actually intriguing and meant to grab everyone’s attention and when I say, everyone, it means everyone. Soon things started to go off and that’s the time when entrepreneurs are exposed to reality check.

Book blurb is interesting, cover at first glance may feel strange but it goes good with the overall theme of the book. Title is fantastic and the plot is unique.

As the book is on start-up and at present times, start-up is every youth’s dream because of many reasons, I would say that the author’s thought was hitting bull’s eye. Confusion of the youth has been portrayed brilliantly and there are some valuable life lessons hidden within those pages.

The story is good and is having great potential to hold the reader but I think that the slow pace of the book is a downfall. Language is good, narration is good, and some of the dialogue sequences are excellent. Overall, this book is really a good read and deserves to be on everyone’s shelf who loves to read something different than the usual.





If you look through the window you will see some kids playing in the ground, green grass and a fountain. A football is in the air and all of them are looking at it. Their faces are happy and full of life.

There is a kid standing in a room full of darkness. His hands are holding the bars of window. He is also looking at the football and the sky behind it while a washcloth is lying next to him in the bucket full of dirty water.


Through STILLS writer would portray various phases and faces of life in the form of stills. Like a photographer. There would be no movement but each element would say its story. There would be no dialogues but emotions would be communicated.

So the concept is very simple. a photographer can capture a moment, but can a writer do the same?


the transition

The night could not be darker. It had rained recently and paved road was shining like metal in monochromatic yellow streetlight. The fragrance of newly blossomed flowers was stimulating her sensations. She, while, was sitting on a huge white bed covered with long white curtains hanging freely around the bed. She felt so fragile and beautiful and untouched. Craving for something and then everything. She blushed for an unknown yet pleasant reason.

A green, unmarked and smiling leaf of a tree started shivering in response as cool monsoon breeze touched her green smooth skin. Wind got surfaced on her, leaving her unable to take any long still wanting some more. As the wind blew harder on her she started to dance on the rhythm composed by the fresh monsoon breeze, her master. Agreeing. Yielding. Surrendering. Making her to be flown with the wind. Losing her and submitting to the wild wind. Allowing it to do everything. Every possible thing. And then a drop of rain fell on the leaf. Completing her. Making her gorgeous.

Both of them giggled as she slowly collected her breath and loosened her grip on the long white curtain.

As I Go…. By Rahat Farooqi

Some people will remember me after my death
they will try to find me, and end up crying.

Every night they would weep uttering my name
they would be insomnious and keep turning in the bed.

They would came to meet me again
they would come to have a glimpse of me again.

They would wish I could pester them once more
their wish would be fulfilled no more.

Tears would always be on their eye lashes
the sadness would be packed in their words.

A sigh would always be on their lips
their faces would be covered by ambiguous smiles.

They would try to search for me
but alas! “Rahat” would be found no where.


:- Written and submitted by RAHAT FAROOQI

Blog of the Year 2013 Award

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The April Fools’ Post

1st April, known world-wide as the ‘April Fool’s Day’!

Now there’s a tradition of executing practical jokes and hoaxes on our friends and family members. It’s a day when we can say anything we want and cover it up with “April Fool”.

It’s quite an interesting way to start a month with fun and pranks. A happy and funny month ahead! But sadly we won’t be able to entertain you or make you happy from now on. You can call it an irony of 1st April or anything else, but The Author’s Blog is near its closing time.

Yes, you heard it right, we won’t be posting short stories, poetry, book reviews or interviews anymore. We tried handling our blog over to someone else but we couldn’t find a suitable person. So, at last, we have decided to shut it down.

Now you can take it as a April Fool joke if it makes you happy. Because that has always been our purpose, to make you happy. But not anymore. We are here to bid our goodbyes.

Adiós Amigos!


Note:It’s just a tradition. Don’t Panic!

Anniversary Special – TAB Birthday

Anniversary Post

Hello Everyone!

So it’s been a one full year since we started blogging. And believe us it’s has been full of fun and entertainment. We hope you people feel the same way(we seriously do).

So yeah! It’s anniversary time! And you all are a part of it because we are nothing without you people. So three cheers for you guys(Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!)

And today we’re celebrating TAB’s first birthday. It’s has been a year full of writing, reading, blogging and much more. With this birthday, we have decide to work even harder and create much more scope for you people. So don’t think that this is it! No! We want to fly even higher, with you people ofcourse.


So enjoy the day and live life with all its essence. Stay connected with us.
Keep writing… Keep Reading… Keep TABing!

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