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‘Anything to look hot’ by Jas Kohli – Book Review

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Title : Anything to look hot
Author : Jas Kohli
Pages : 196
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Plot/Story : 3/5
Characterization : 3/5
Writing Style & Narration : 3/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Sometimes you do come across the books that are written not just to entertain but to give you an insight of the mater which is totally unknown to you. ‘Anything to look hot’ by Jas Kohli is one of those categorical books. The main motive of writing this book was not just to give you a ‘Masaledar’ story but to let you to know the life of plastic surgeon, through his own words.

Jas Kohli, by profession is himself a plastic surgeon so he knows exactly what he’s writing. Anything to look hot is a story of a person who steps up as a surgeon in the industry that works to beautify the world by using medical miracles. He falls in love with his junior who herself is ambitious about her profession. Jas Kohli, through his protagonist explains the life of lime light and also touches the emotional strings of different relationships such as (that I liked the most) father-son relationship. The author, beautifully explains and narrates the story of that lovely relation.

The problem with the book is that it picks up the pace pretty slowly. After about 30 to 40 pages, you’ll understand that the book is something different. It may or may not suit your choice of reading. The book goes a lot more deep into the technicality sometimes that may irritate you and you can end up skipping pages.

The beauty of the book is that it will introduce you to the world that is totally new to us. We haven’t heart lot about the industry of ‘Hotness’. We don’t know anything about plastic surgeons (ignoring the basic knowledge). Their lifestyle is totally different from ours and that’s the key point of this book. Jas Kohli do have some surprises in his book as well, that you would not expect in the first 50 to 60 pages but it does enhances your overall experience of the book.

Do pick up the book only if you seriously want to read something totally unknown to you. If you are picking up this book for entertainment, you may end up getting disappointed.


the transition

The night could not be darker. It had rained recently and paved road was shining like metal in monochromatic yellow streetlight. The fragrance of newly blossomed flowers was stimulating her sensations. She, while, was sitting on a huge white bed covered with long white curtains hanging freely around the bed. She felt so fragile and beautiful and untouched. Craving for something and then everything. She blushed for an unknown yet pleasant reason.

A green, unmarked and smiling leaf of a tree started shivering in response as cool monsoon breeze touched her green smooth skin. Wind got surfaced on her, leaving her unable to take any long still wanting some more. As the wind blew harder on her she started to dance on the rhythm composed by the fresh monsoon breeze, her master. Agreeing. Yielding. Surrendering. Making her to be flown with the wind. Losing her and submitting to the wild wind. Allowing it to do everything. Every possible thing. And then a drop of rain fell on the leaf. Completing her. Making her gorgeous.

Both of them giggled as she slowly collected her breath and loosened her grip on the long white curtain.


let me be the sea


what I have inside?

Life full of love, or

Rocks full of pride

I am a mystery to you

That you cannot see

Until, you be a swimmer

And let me be the sea


Your silky figure

Rolling on me,

Tickling my waves

Like pressing the right key

The more you go deeper

The more I become free

You be my sailor

And let me be the sea


Dive in me

or sit by my side

but you cannot taste me

the sorrow that I usually hide

Am I the curse of devil,

or am I the boon of thee?

yet to be found out

So let me be the sea


Third Degree : Mondays with Abhishek #2

Electric chair, nails mining, eyes damage were the forms of third degree. Very effective. Though I have discovered a new method of torture yet I warn you not to read and execute. Dare to have a look.

third degree

Imagine this; you are in a dark empty room, sitting on a chair at the centre. Your hands are tied behind the chair and your eyelids are forcefully gummed to your forehead. Forced to watch. A guy enters in the room with a tv set and put it in front to you. He walks out, leaving you alone with the tv. You wonder what is about to happen. Suddenly tv is switched on and a female voice coming from it hits your eardrum. It sounds familiar. As you frighteningly turn your eyes to tv, you look at the screen flashing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ Oh fuck! You are dead.

You quiver your body but the knot is tight on your hand. You try to close your eyes but adhesive don’t allow. You are trapped, my son. Like a fish. You scream, scream for help but there would be nobody but Simar and her sister. Beautiful and distressing. They will cry. You will cry. They will laugh. You will cry.

And then at the end when you would be discharging bubbles from your mouth, and your eyes would be emitting blood and you would be dead like a small insect in the merciless desert. The same familiar voice would sing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’!! 

Again a Suicide. Why? – By Rahat Farooqi

hanging_death-750x400 copy

A Class 10th student (a girl) is committing a suicide after failing in a golden test. Was it a golden test of her life? What caused her to take such a rattle step? These questions must be answered, who’ll answer these questions? Her parents her teachers, her friends, her relatives or the society we are living in?

I’ve noticed one thing, whenever such news came in daily newspapers we read it just like ordinary news. Why don’t we pay any heed to such an irresponsible act by a human being? Why did we take it lightly? Being a human we can’t even think about committing a suicide and how can one go and just kill himself/herself? Well, everything is a reason behind and what’ll be the reason for committing a suicide? Have you ever think about that while reading or listening such a type of news and after finding the reason have you ever tried to act against that? Who will come forward to stop this grave sin from our society?  Isn’t our responsibility to stop people committing such sins? If yes, then act. If your answer is no, and your eyes are on your leaders then listen. Political leaders won’t do anything to stop such major sins because they are not finding it political they all are busy in making a fool of their own people. So, how could one expect that these leaders will act against this and remove this sin from the society? “Getting freedom is an easy task, but removing sins from society is really a big deal”. People are committing such grave sins and it’s our duty to educate our people our friends about such grave sin and if you ever find anyone feeling hopeless, lonely or frustrated, try to talk with that person try to know the reason of his/her hopelessness, maybe you could become a reason to save a life from Hell Fire.

Now, why students commit suicide?  Who is responsible? “Look at Mr. someone’s son/daughter; he/she has cracked IAS/CET or whatever. Has been selected for MBBS/ Engineering or whatever. How intelligent his children are, and look at you. What have you achieved so for”? How many of you have faced this kind of torture?  And if a child shows no interest in these fields, this is how parents react. “You will never do anything in your life, you just know how to play cricket, write songs, stories, wasting time in reading novels, watching movies”. Such a hard time to face.

Tell me dear parents; are MBBS and Engineering only modem to live a happy life?  Do you think Doctors and Engineers are the only creatures with IQ of about 100? Do you think only these creatures have a right to live? Do you think only these creatures are having manners, a good character etc? Do you think securing cent% marks in the examination is knowledge?

Aren’t we so unfortunate that we have to call you our parents? Believe me I sometimes think so. Do you think failure is a crime? Do you think if your child fails in any examination ruins his/her future, ruins your image as his/her parent? Anyone can secure cent%0 marks, but knowledge cannot be gained by securing cent% marks. Failure is not the end of life or future, it is a beginning of your bright life & future. But, unfortunately, no parent understands this fact. When a sucking child alone in a room, tries to take his first step for getting something, the child slips and fell down. You didn’t go to say him/her that the kid of your neighbor walks better than you, why can’t you? Compare that room with the world and that something with the goal of your child. You will get the answer, what I actually want to express.

Mental Torture, Mental disturbance in our youths is spreading like smoke in the air. After hearing the height of mental torture from “now” one of my friends,  I wonder how can a father feel good by not giving his son a note of 40 rupee for a haircut Or 10 for fares? He has money to buy a pack of Cigarette which costs not less than 40 or 100 but when it comes to a haircut of his child or fare he has an excuse ready “I have no money this time or I’ve no money arrange it by Yourself”. When his child has an age to develop himself into an educated person, he has to quit his studies. Not by his own will but by the behavior he is facing by his father at home and from the very young age he has to look for a job as a salesman and anything else like that. When he was in a need of love, care, courage, and help, unfortunately, what he gets is the hatred, rebuke at every step and sometimes a father quit talking to his son. Which forces him to think wrongly about his parents, forces him to take drugs, sit alone in the room. Some have a power of tolerance some don’t have and then sometimes the story ends on a tragic note of suicide. “Mental torture causes more damage than a physical torture” not only to the brain but health as well. Drug abuse in youths is the reason for mental torture. “A sweet talk by father removes all the pains and stress of a child”. Dear parents if your child is failing in examinations just talk to them, parents mostly a father must be friendly with their children’s, try to know what fields are they interested in, try to know what makes them happy your children’s life is not yours.  You don’t have to live his/her life. “Let them be themselves the masters and teachers of their lives” and you the helpers. Do believe in your child “like we believe in tomorrow” because when we believe, we sleep recklessly. And save your children from killing themselves.

NOTE TO REMEMBER: “Life is a struggle do achieve your goals by a struggle, when you achieve thing by struggle you get to know the real meaning of life”. – Rahat Farooqi

Keep hope alive in the heart “One day you’ll achieve the goal of  your Life”. What people are saying on your back. Never pay a heed to that.