‘Ashu, are you done with your gymming’, Riama shouted out for her brother from the dining area. So, this was her daily routine. Waiting for her brother, Ashutosh, every morning on the dining table playing angry birds on her tab. Ashu was a health freak, punctual in his routine, he would get up at 5 in morning, would go for a jog, and return to burn some more calories in his gymming area. He had it all, a luxurious house, all glittering garlands of life which we sometimes die for. Both of his parents were top notch designers in the industry, ran a successful chain of boutiques in India, and were worked for few production houses so money was never an issue for him. There were other bigger issues.  His gymming area was sybaritic, plasma in front of his treadmill where he was dripping all his sweat, a wall sized window on the back, overlooking the lush green garden in the front. To his right was an exercise bike, an ab blaster near it, a pull up bar facing the window, a rower nearby, a couch also made it to the room, his old early dumbles lay rejected in a corner among the high-tech ones, but they were regularly used by him. Maybe dumbles were his favourite, those old dumbles he never changed, and they were from the bunch of few earlier of his life having a special connection, but those old dumbles may used to think what are we doing in the sea of developed ones, maybe they felt unfit in the sea of fitness, but they were special to him, he would never get rid of them.

He slowly got down of treadmill, reached for a towel and moved towards the window. Soaking all his sweat in the piece of cloth, slowly moving his hands over the six packs he had, on the die for chest of his, looking out , towards the greenness of nature, calmness of environment. It was in stark contrast with his inner self, which was raging to come out, thundering to something new, wanting to be ‘me’, ‘more of myself.’

‘Bro, it’s the limit now. Come down right now’ his thoughts were broken by another call from Riama.

‘Will come in a minute, after a quick bath’ Ashu answered back and moved to his room, adjacent to his gymming are.

After ten minutes he made it to the dining area, all dressed, in his favourite brown t-shirt, and black jeans, his well toned body brimming out of his attire.

‘So what’s to eat today’ he said in his heavy voice.

‘As you said, mixed sprouted pulses, boiled potatoes slightly salted, orange juice or milk, whatever you like. For me sandwiches and coffee, my favourite.’

Meri sehat ka itana dhyan (such concern for my health)’ he said in a flattering manner.

‘Mad or what? Ye sab jaldi ban jata hai that’s why (this all takes too less time in preparation that’s why).’ She said and winked at him.

‘I knew it, my sis and work, two never meeting ends.’ he smiled and began having his breakfast.

‘But then too I at least tried a hand today.’

‘Yup and that’s what I love in you that you love me so much.’

We all love our brothers and sisters. It’s a different kind of bond, a bond with ultimate strength. One which may twist at times but not break .We fight with them, we share our secrets, and we hold their hand at times they dwindle. They are our friend, family and everything. Riama and Ashu shared a special type of bond. Their parents were always engrossed in the page-3 life of theirs, seldom having time for their own pages of life. So they were their own parents, and somehow travelled; holding each other to this phase of life, where things were more clear and they more responsible.

‘Take your car bhai (bro), what is the need of travelling in a bus’ she said concerned.

‘Hmm, ok let’s see, I’ll take a brand a new car out our garage, drive it stylishly over the roads .I’ll look at the outside people staring at me and I’ll stare back at them. All alone I drive to college, and all alone I will drive back. But, tell me one thing, what’s more important, to be stylish and popular or to be happy. I am most happy in that crowded bus crowded with my friends, with those teasing and laughs, and not the loneliness of that car.’

Riama looked at the watch, smiled a bit and said, ‘it’s time for your bus I guess.’

Ashu stood kissed her sis good bye and moved towards the door, but halted. He turned to look at Riama and before he could say anything Riama said ‘I knew you would stop. My brother can never ever forget…..’

‘My cell’ he said cutting her midway and rushed to get his cell.

‘Oh yaah, yes your cell…’ she said in a low voice. ‘Megha, clear the table please’ she called for help.

‘Bye sis, have a great day’ Ashu said coming back.

‘Yup, definitely, I’ll try to have one’ she said and made her way to the room.

Ashu rushed to climb the bus, ‘Hey Sameer, tweeting again.’

‘Hey, look Amelia is following me’

‘Oh wow an unknown foreign girl is following you, great.hey by the way, are you sure that she is a girl at least, like there are many fakes out there.’ He said and laughed.

‘Shut up Ashu’ Sameer said and bus drove further to the next destination.