the transition

The night could not be darker. It had rained recently and paved road was shining like metal in monochromatic yellow streetlight. The fragrance of newly blossomed flowers was stimulating her sensations. She, while, was sitting on a huge white bed covered with long white curtains hanging freely around the bed. She felt so fragile and beautiful and untouched. Craving for something and then everything. She blushed for an unknown yet pleasant reason.

A green, unmarked and smiling leaf of a tree started shivering in response as cool monsoon breeze touched her green smooth skin. Wind got surfaced on her, leaving her unable to take any long still wanting some more. As the wind blew harder on her she started to dance on the rhythm composed by the fresh monsoon breeze, her master. Agreeing. Yielding. Surrendering. Making her to be flown with the wind. Losing her and submitting to the wild wind. Allowing it to do everything. Every possible thing. And then a drop of rain fell on the leaf. Completing her. Making her gorgeous.

Both of them giggled as she slowly collected her breath and loosened her grip on the long white curtain.



let me be the sea


what I have inside?

Life full of love, or

Rocks full of pride

I am a mystery to you

That you cannot see

Until, you be a swimmer

And let me be the sea


Your silky figure

Rolling on me,

Tickling my waves

Like pressing the right key

The more you go deeper

The more I become free

You be my sailor

And let me be the sea


Dive in me

or sit by my side

but you cannot taste me

the sorrow that I usually hide

Am I the curse of devil,

or am I the boon of thee?

yet to be found out

So let me be the sea