The Idea of Being Left Alone

We all tend to be in company of people we love and care about – our friends and family. For in their company we feel safe and happy, and a happy human being is a much better human being. And that is probably the idea of life – to harbour love and kindness and to spread comfort and joy.

Having stated the plausible purpose of life and the desire to be in the company of people we love and care about in a harmonious manner, it is the need of the hour to ruminate on the idea of being left alone. I say ‘being left alone’ because it is fundamentally different from ‘being alone’. While the former demands, the latter just accepts. The very foundation of ‘being left alone’ is based on the voluntary need of personal space rather than an unhealthy state of being, which our loved ones usually suspect. And while the idea of being judged by our loved ones is acceptable to a certain degree, the idea of subtle understanding by the same people in matters relating to personal space is still missing.

When the affairs of life transforms into a state of pandemonium, the intention to sit alone and grasp the current state of things in order to prepare for the battle ahead is justified and self-advocated. We can empathize to a certain extent, but we can’t truly understand a person’s current state of being. So the next time one of your loved ones desires to spend some time alone, respect his/her feelings. A matter resolved in solitude of one’s being gives way to acceptance, and a further chance at happiness. And a happy human being is a much better human being.

Evaluate. Empathize. Evolve.


A Walk Among Laterals

You must be familiar with one-of-those-days when you finally decide to start something that you have been planning to do for so long even its providence is lost in the sands of time. It was one such morning and I was highly motivated to put an end to the looming question ‘would I ever?’. My phone started buzzing at an odd time of the day but I knew better than to put it off. It took me nearly five minutes to adjust my bearings and another five to put on my shoes. Instead of feeling fresh and vigorous I felt tired and sleepy.

I walked out on the street and inhaled deeply. The air was supposed to be refreshing at this time of the day but I couldn’t feel the difference. So I tried it again but no good. May be it was because of my not-so-active nose or that being my first foray into a new world. I started walking along the lanes and by-lanes of the nearby area and was taken by surprise seeing so many people already on the streets – running, jogging, walking. Even though these were the people whose faces I might have seen at one point or the other, I felt like a floater. And it was not because I didn’t know most of them in person, but because of the fact that I had missed a small detail – my phone. It was nearly five in the morning but everybody was busy with their smartphone, even while walking. The joggers and runners were lost in music with their fancy headphones. The by-walkers were typing furiously on their phones. I wondered who they would be talking to at this time. Or were they just texting to each other? Some of them were playing games, while others were watching videos as they passed by.

I couldn’t help but wonder about our dependency on technology as I walked among the laterals. They were there but they were somewhere else. The concept fascinated me but it irritated me even more. I walked on my path – observing, analysing and contemplating. Everyone seemed to be on autopilot, and maybe I was too as I didn’t try to disrupt the aberrant harmony among the laterals.

A few moments later a dog started following me. Normally I would have shooed it away because of my childhood fear of dogs. I was bitten three times by three different dogs at three different point of time in my childhood. But this dog didn’t seem so scary. It started wagging its tail after I halted and caressed its forehead. I had seen pet dogs doing it. It either meant that it was happy to see me or that it wanted something. Like all living things it just wanted love but I knew better than to be philosophical all the time. I went to the nearby dairy to buy a packet of milk. It followed me. I didn’t know why they(dairy owners) had to open their shops so early in the morning. But it served my purpose so I didn’t give it a second thought. The person seemed nice as he offered me a bowl to serve the milk to the dog. Maybe it was the dog’s usual practice to bring a person by showing affection to passers. Or maybe the person was actually nice. I watched as the dog licked the milk. It was a relief to watch someone, a dog in this case, in its natural state of being in a factitious environment. The dog again started wagging its tail as soon as it finished the milk. I caressed its forehead one last time as I continued my walk among the laterals.

When I returned home from the morning walk, I lay on my bed again trying to digest this new experience. I wondered if tomorrow would be the same experience. I wondered if I would meet the dog again. I wondered if it would recognise me. I wondered if I would even wake up this early the next morning. I wondered if ‘Wonder Woman’ wondered so much. And amid all these thoughts my body decided to relax a bit, result of an unusually exhausting experience- both mentally and physically. The ‘wondering’ part could be completed later.

Setting and Conflict for short story: #7 Monday with Abhishek

Mondays With Abhishek

As I mentioned in my previous post of Mondays with Abhishek, a short story has three parts; The Characters, the setting and the conflict. The characters I have described in last post of Mondays with Abhishek. Let me introduce you to the second and also most potential idea generator for your story i.e. The setting.

The setting is a place or time where or when your story has been set up. This provides you surroundings to set your storyline. This may be a real word time or place like world war two or 1947: India’s Partition or anything that has been enfolded in the history pages or as author you have the boon to create your own setting for your story like J. K. Rowling did in Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien in Lord of the Rings.

The conflict is the third major part of your story. Conflict, if I put in simple words, is what is going to happen in your story? What is the problem that your character is facing in given setting? The conflict may be a lack of confidence in your character to propose his girlfriend or lack of ammo for your sniper to take his final shot to kill your villain? What is your character going to do in that situation, find out that and your story would be ready with all ingredients. Give it a try.

Happy writing.

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing – Fridays with DX #6

Fridays with DX

It’s Friday…again!

I know it sounds crazy but don’t you think Fridays comes earlier than the rest of the days? Don’t ponder over it.

Today I’m going to lend you some secrets to effectively improve your writing. Make sure your glasses are on.

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Writing

7 Effective ways to improve your writing :

  1. Write
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Read
  5. Write
  6. Read
  7. Keep writing

I know you want to kill me right now. Try cursing me instead, it’s much more fun! 🙂

Why Some People Are Better Than Others – Fridays with DX #4

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

It’s Friday again! Today I am gonna lay some points as to why some people are better than others. So here we go…

  • Manufacturing defect.
  • They attend ‘How to be better than others’ classes.
  • Their favorite TV serial is ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma’.
  • They are good at ‘Role Playing’.
  • They watch ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • They give money to beggars for unknown reasons.
  • They have MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder).
  • They offer free alcohol and cigarettes.
  • They offer money at zero rate of interest.
  • They speak.

In addition to above mentioned points there may be some other useless reasons which don’t actually matter. Some of them are…

  • They are kind and good at heart.
  • They understand the essence of humanity.
  • They are forgiving and easy going.
  • They want to make this world a better place.
  • They are gifted.


Stay alive and keep smiling! 🙂

5 Story Prompts giving you the whole story: #5 Mondays with Abhishek

Mondays With Abhishek

In my last post of Mondays with Abhishek I suggested some story starters potent enough to give you the whole story idea. In this post I would suggest some story prompts including characters or a character and a prop or a character and a place. Give it second to think before you move to the next one and imagine a story using these combinations.

  • Insomniac and a alarm clock
  • Porn star and kindergarten
  • Fashion photographer and a acid attack victim
  • A Deaf man and a unloved musician
  • A chemo-therapist , hair stylist and a struggling actor

6 story starters which will give you the whole story: Mondays with Abhishek #4

Happy Mondays

Wondering, how to start a story, or what would be the new story idea? Probably this can help.

  • They pretended to be customers…
  • He looked at his own grave…
  • People behind him started fainting as…
  • It was not an ordinary mirror…
  • Magician should never have played that trick…
  • If he had gone into that cave…