Again a Suicide. Why? – By Rahat Farooqi

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A Class 10th student (a girl) is committing a suicide after failing in a golden test. Was it a golden test of her life? What caused her to take such a rattle step? These questions must be answered, who’ll answer these questions? Her parents her teachers, her friends, her relatives or the society we are living in?

I’ve noticed one thing, whenever such news came in daily newspapers we read it just like ordinary news. Why don’t we pay any heed to such an irresponsible act by a human being? Why did we take it lightly? Being a human we can’t even think about committing a suicide and how can one go and just kill himself/herself? Well, everything is a reason behind and what’ll be the reason for committing a suicide? Have you ever think about that while reading or listening such a type of news and after finding the reason have you ever tried to act against that? Who will come forward to stop this grave sin from our society?  Isn’t our responsibility to stop people committing such sins? If yes, then act. If your answer is no, and your eyes are on your leaders then listen. Political leaders won’t do anything to stop such major sins because they are not finding it political they all are busy in making a fool of their own people. So, how could one expect that these leaders will act against this and remove this sin from the society? “Getting freedom is an easy task, but removing sins from society is really a big deal”. People are committing such grave sins and it’s our duty to educate our people our friends about such grave sin and if you ever find anyone feeling hopeless, lonely or frustrated, try to talk with that person try to know the reason of his/her hopelessness, maybe you could become a reason to save a life from Hell Fire.

Now, why students commit suicide?  Who is responsible? “Look at Mr. someone’s son/daughter; he/she has cracked IAS/CET or whatever. Has been selected for MBBS/ Engineering or whatever. How intelligent his children are, and look at you. What have you achieved so for”? How many of you have faced this kind of torture?  And if a child shows no interest in these fields, this is how parents react. “You will never do anything in your life, you just know how to play cricket, write songs, stories, wasting time in reading novels, watching movies”. Such a hard time to face.

Tell me dear parents; are MBBS and Engineering only modem to live a happy life?  Do you think Doctors and Engineers are the only creatures with IQ of about 100? Do you think only these creatures have a right to live? Do you think only these creatures are having manners, a good character etc? Do you think securing cent% marks in the examination is knowledge?

Aren’t we so unfortunate that we have to call you our parents? Believe me I sometimes think so. Do you think failure is a crime? Do you think if your child fails in any examination ruins his/her future, ruins your image as his/her parent? Anyone can secure cent%0 marks, but knowledge cannot be gained by securing cent% marks. Failure is not the end of life or future, it is a beginning of your bright life & future. But, unfortunately, no parent understands this fact. When a sucking child alone in a room, tries to take his first step for getting something, the child slips and fell down. You didn’t go to say him/her that the kid of your neighbor walks better than you, why can’t you? Compare that room with the world and that something with the goal of your child. You will get the answer, what I actually want to express.

Mental Torture, Mental disturbance in our youths is spreading like smoke in the air. After hearing the height of mental torture from “now” one of my friends,  I wonder how can a father feel good by not giving his son a note of 40 rupee for a haircut Or 10 for fares? He has money to buy a pack of Cigarette which costs not less than 40 or 100 but when it comes to a haircut of his child or fare he has an excuse ready “I have no money this time or I’ve no money arrange it by Yourself”. When his child has an age to develop himself into an educated person, he has to quit his studies. Not by his own will but by the behavior he is facing by his father at home and from the very young age he has to look for a job as a salesman and anything else like that. When he was in a need of love, care, courage, and help, unfortunately, what he gets is the hatred, rebuke at every step and sometimes a father quit talking to his son. Which forces him to think wrongly about his parents, forces him to take drugs, sit alone in the room. Some have a power of tolerance some don’t have and then sometimes the story ends on a tragic note of suicide. “Mental torture causes more damage than a physical torture” not only to the brain but health as well. Drug abuse in youths is the reason for mental torture. “A sweet talk by father removes all the pains and stress of a child”. Dear parents if your child is failing in examinations just talk to them, parents mostly a father must be friendly with their children’s, try to know what fields are they interested in, try to know what makes them happy your children’s life is not yours.  You don’t have to live his/her life. “Let them be themselves the masters and teachers of their lives” and you the helpers. Do believe in your child “like we believe in tomorrow” because when we believe, we sleep recklessly. And save your children from killing themselves.

NOTE TO REMEMBER: “Life is a struggle do achieve your goals by a struggle, when you achieve thing by struggle you get to know the real meaning of life”. – Rahat Farooqi

Keep hope alive in the heart “One day you’ll achieve the goal of  your Life”. What people are saying on your back. Never pay a heed to that.


Life will be Easy and Sound


Anticipated everyone
little bit of fear little bit of concern
a new life will born very soon
in their beautiful alyssum, a flower will bloom
squeals will resonate on ground
life will be easy and sound


You dream, you grow, you make your world
your first page of life is being turned
you fight, you toil, you strive for best
blessing will be with you, in all mighty test
no time is left when you will be crowned
surly, life will be easy and sound  


It’s time to start your new life
a beautiful girl will be your wife
you will face a new world
troubles will be bit more curled
but you got a companion around
life will be easy and sound


Done, achieved, gained a lot
go, relax, find some spot
life is thankful for your soul
after you, there will be hole
  that no one can fill, yeah, no one found
but still, life will be easy and sound

…and almighty smiled

His soul needs another venture,
 diagnosed a sore abscess
someone, oh please, someone
give him a comforting cure.

Died like a helpless puppet,
followed always wrong
believe me, you please, believe me
once he also followed a prophet.

Oh god… yes, he killed your men,
but they abducted his sister
May god forgive his oblivious crime,
I end my prayer with  ‘Amen’

Hemmed in incessant dark,
scared like a forbidden child
mercy him, oh god, mercy him
almighty saw him and smiled.

Goddess Of Death


When he needed mother he found himself on the treads of temple. Teary and solitary. When policies were educating country he was feeding other’s empty stomach on roadside food stall. Tired and atrophied. And when they need youth to change the world he is standing there alone on the train platform to end his life at any upcoming second. Hopeless and numb. His eyes are still. His lips are dry. He neither wants to live nor does his death have a single cry. He waits for the train not to start a journey but to end his own.

“Come here” she gestures him with enticing smile. She is standing on the opposite platform wearing a white gown. Glowing like a sun, charming like a moon and glittering like stars she is contrasting the hustle of station by her calm gestures and appearances. He looks in her eyes. They are talking a lot. More he sees, deeper he goes.

 A train horn. Some sudden screams. A flash.

Thing around him are fading into whitish as he is going through clouds. Like a lost soul entering into heaven, he progressed towards a giant gate. Senses are simpler and gratifying. Breaths are easy and soft.

“That world was too small to live, wasn’t that?” she welcomes him with enticing smile on her lips.





 The clock was showing 5 in the morning when I left my bed and started to study for my graduation exams. I was sitting on my study table and in front of me was a window, through which a beautiful scene came into my eyes. When little light starts to come out behind the horizon, the beautiful garden of Mr. Patel comes in front of me. Mr. Patel was an old man and he daily worked in his garden.

 That day around 6 in the morning Mr. Patel came out of his home and as a daily routine starts to water the plants. He was working in the garden when I saw a beggar coming from far away street. It took him around half an hour to reach Mr. Patel. He stopped there and was asking something from him. Mr. Patel gestured the beggar to go from there and he started to work again in his garden.

Beggar was still standing there. After sometime the beggar started to move forward to Mr. Patel’s garden. Mr. Patel got furious to see the beggar coming in his garden. He shouted on beggar, “I told you go away from here.” After that Mr. Patel pushed the beggar hard which made the beggar fell and his head stroked on a stone.

Mr. Patel got tensed, even I got tensed. The beggar was dead, I thought. Mr. Patel holds the beggar’s leg high and started pulling him. He left the body of the beggar on the street and rushed to his home and closed the door. Mr. Patel thought that no one knows about that incident but I was the eye witness.

 After some hours police came and took the body away and thought the death of the beggar was an accident. I also kept my lips shut.


 I was giving tuitions at home when I saw him again. I rushed towards the window. The same beggar, I saw coming through the streets and go directly inside the house. I got scared. I saw a dead man walking. Has he came back to take his revenge?

I told students to go back and rushed to Mr. Patel’s house. Mr. Patel knew me as his neighbor but this was the first time I was going to his house.

I pressed the bell. Mr. Patel came out. He looked a bit confused to see me but greeted me nicely. He took me inside. Then I came to know that his daughter has just given birth to a boy. They where fighting for the name of the child and the fight finished with the name ‘Akshit’. They gave me sweets.

“Mr. Patel, I saw someone coming to your home from the door behind. He was looking like a beggar. So I thought that he was in to steel something. That’s why I thought that I should inform you about that.” I said what I saw.

They searched the whole house but found nothing.

“May be a mistake of mine. Sorry.” I said and left.


I saw Akshit playing on the roof of his house from the window. He has settled the empty cans on the corner of the roof and was trying to knock the cans down by striking stone on them from the distance of 3 or 4 feets. All the cans were falling in garden which I knew will make Mr. Patel angry.

When Akshit was busy in his task I saw that Mr. Patel came out of the house. He was looking very old. He was shaking when coming down of stairs.

In the mean time Akshit knocked a can down which hit on Mr. Patel’s head and he fell in his garden. He died. Akshit was still busy in playing. He didn’t see anything. He was unaware of what happened.

After two three days I saw Mr. Patel’s daughter running furiously in morning on the street and her husband was running behind her. Tension started to build in me. I ran on street and asked Mrs. Patel’s husband what happened.

“Akshit is missing.” He said and hired a taxi to police station.

I turned and started to move towards my home when a man draws my attention. He was him, the beggar. I saw him coming out of Mr. Patel’s house. This was the first time I saw him clearly. He was staring me directly inside my soul.

Then he gave a smile to me and went again from where he first came. He disappeared in nowhere. Then I understood everything. I wanted to tell all this to Mr. Patel’s daughter and wanted them to stop searching for Akshit because Akshit has returned from where he came.



They are crying because I have left the world. Forever. I know the truthfulness of every person’s tears but unfortunately I obtained this ability after my death. I don’t know how they gathered, who called them but I think in all probability my son has learnt to take responsibilities. My 70 year old mother who has lost her all senses to react in any situation ‘is crying’. My father who always needs a helper for his necessities is ‘consoling my mother’. I was angry with my wife because she was going to her father’s house for 3 months and now she is crying to know that I am going forever without forgiving her. They all are making me teary but I can’t weep because my body has left me alone. Helpless and merciless. All I need is a chance to say them,‘I am all right, don’t bother about me. Everything will be fine.’ But this is death. It comes certainly and suddenly.

I am being lifted on four shoulders. Suddenly crying is turning into forceful howling. My wife is uncontrollable now. She wants to come with me. She struggles. She faints. I leave.

People are queuing up to give their shoulders to my coffin. I am overjoyed by being center of attraction and contradictorily some persons are trying to avoid me because I may become ill-starred to them. I may cause a bad day in their office, I may ruin someone’s first date, I may make someone late for their last bus. Funny. I have become more powerful after my death. I am disappointed by being center of repulsion.

The journey is about to end so of mine. And soon I reach to my last destination.The graveyard. I am being placed in my grave for my last sleep.

Everyone is sad. Everyone is crying. I am smiling because my story does not end here. I have things to do, roles to play. Who says I am going. May be for them, may be as they have known me. I will reborn in different identity, in different personality. I will become again a son of 70 year old lady, a husband of immaculate woman, a father of unripe child. This is the end of someone I used to be and this is the start of what I will become.