TODAY I will tell you the secrets of painting your Imagination…………….

Step number 1 – Take the betel leaf in hand, fold it in style, open your mouth like you are going to mimic the lion’s roar and put the leaf in the far corner of your mouth.

Then the Step number 2 – Chew the stuff in your mouth with passion. Chew it like the world’s going to end after this. Chew it like it’s your last paan for this birth. Now when your mouth has fully reached the level of its capacity, go to step 3.

So here comes the most important step, Step number 3 – Put a V shaped finger gesture on your lips, fold your upper lip in such a way that you spit the longest distance. Now you know the secret of spitting. Spit here and spit there and then spit everywhere. Help India in becoming the red society.

‘Ye India hai aur hum hai Indians, we are free to spit anywhere.’ This has become the thinking of common man. Chew it, and ‘paint your imagination’ through paan. I think paan has become the biggest competitor for Berger paints.

If you go to visit any government office you will see very talented paan spitters. Years and years of practice paan spitting have made them a very rare species on this planet, rare because their accuracy beats the highest in Olympics. I think there should be a competition in Olympics regarding paan spitting, so that India can win at least one gold every time.

Please stop this nuisance of spitting. We have been given such a beautiful planet to live, full of different colors. Please don’t paint it red!




“Now, children follow me.” Said middle aged woman to the bunch of children in school uniform of age group below 10 years, maybe she was the teacher of those children. All the children slowly started to follow her. In the background a sweet, slow music was running which sometimes fades and a beautiful voice of a lady announces, “Welcome to the History museum” and again the music resumes.

“Children please, now have a look at this picture.” That woman grabbed the attention of children and showed a portrait on the wall. “This lady’s name is Ria. Some people say that she was able to see the future. Many scientists worked on her ability and tried to find out the reason behind this ‘Future Philosophy’ but everything failed when she died.”

One boy from the crowd of children asked, “How did she die?”

Firstly the teacher hesitated to say anything but after a while she said, “Look at your back, that window. She jumped down from that window. This museum was once her own house.” Boy stared on that window…………

Boy faded, and slowly the children, that woman, the whole museum faded. Lights got replaced by darkness and the music by quietness. The only thing Ria can listen was her fast beating heart.

Ria was standing on that window, ready to end this curse, by ending this miserable life. She regained her breath and said, “Please leave me alone, I don’t want to see these future dreams. At least let me die in peace.” Tears started to flow down her cheeks. She rubbed those water droplets, gained strength, and jumped down. She was in the mid air when…………

Building from where she jumped faded, trees faded and finally she herself faded.

Ria opened her eyes on bed. “How many times will you show me this same dream?” She screamed while catching her breath again. “I am not a coward, understand. You took everything from me but can’t take my courage back. I will fight you, I will fight my destiny………….”

10 easy ways to – SUCCESS!


  • Create a new folder & move your academic records in it. Rename it to ‘success’.
  • Use the C language to create a program with following output-
    “Press any key to achieve success”
    “Success achieved”
  • Visit a pet shop. Name your favorite pet ‘success’. Buy it.
  • Write ‘success’ with bold marker on your dad’s hand. Irritate him to the extent that he slaps you.
  • Write ‘success’ in bold letters on a blank piece of paper. Mail it to your own address.
  • Type ‘success’ in WordPad. Click print.
  • Change your best friend’s name to ‘success’ in your phone. Text him to call you.
  • Buy a plane white T-shirt. Use custom printing to print ‘success’ on its front & back portion.
  •  Change your user login account name to ‘success’. Use the same account to login every time.  
  • Hack your friend’s facebook account. Change his first name to success. Poke yourself through his account.

At the end of the day you are a “SUCCESS-FULL” man 😉




Nobody told me what happened but somehow I knew that something was wrong. I saw my mother’s face; her expressions were enough for me to sense the trouble. I walked out of my home and in the lawn saw the sign ‘FOR SALE’. I was terrified.

I saw my mom coming out of the home; she had tears in her eyes. She was expecting numerous questions from my side but I didn’t ask a single one. ‘We are now homeless’, her eyes said that all. I continued walking behind her.

Like other homeless, we also started living on streets. First few days were very painful. But I somehow consoled myself because now I had to be calm. I am big now and have to support my mother.

There was one Dhaba on the other side of the street. I used to go at the back side of that and whenever the owner and workers gets busy, I jumped in and stole food to eat. So this was how we stayed alive. But I was not so lucky everyday. Some days we had to sleep with our empty stomachs.

Truly speaking, I never imagined my life so miserable. I never imagined that for food I have to steal. Life changes so fast and on that day my life changed again.

I and my mother were roaming in a garden when it started to rain. It rained very heavily. My mother and I started to look for shelter but didn’t find any empty shelter. Then we saw someone’s personal garden in front of their house. We decided to go there.

In their garage we found our shelter. My mother knew that if someone saw us their, they will not be happy. But we were helpless because of the rain. We had to remain there, if we have to remain alive.

One whole day passed but the rain didn’t stop. The garage was filled with the dirty water.

We were hungry, we were thirsty and we were almost half sink in water. Our body was saying to us that ‘we were about to die’. ‘God please help us’ was the only wish I had.

The rain stopped but we were so weak that we cannot move at all. We wanted water; we wanted food as we wanted to live. Suddenly a new problem arrived. I heard someone coming. Our heartbeat rose. There was a little girl there. She saw us and screamed:

“Mom………. Come here fast.”

Her mother came running she saw us and said:

“Oh, my god. They are not looking good, they are all wet. Honey, run inside and get a towel.”

Little girl ran inside and came back with a towel in her hand.

“So, cute. Can we keep them with us in our home.” That little girl said to her mother while giving towel to her.

“Yes my girl. We can take them with us. You take that kitten with u and I will take that big mother cat with me. They will now live with us.”

So finally we found a new home…………



Beginning of a new thought, a new idea, a new dream,

Let the floodgates be opened for the giant stream.


Wants just a little fame and bring it to supreme, 

Passed through an unknown world, we were like unseen.


Waited for the right time, for right mates, for right scene,

Now it’s time to free the birds from their bolted seam.


Life is getting easy as we started deem,

It’s not owing to single effort, it’s all due to a team.


Happiness we have, we gained, we deserve this beam.

Demolished all the failures with monstrous scream.




For students, it is a euphoric experience but for teachers, a cruel practice. Whatever they call it but we all know that it is an integral part of our college life.

Mass bunk is a noble practice of skipping lectures, usually practiced by college students because of a noble reason behind it and that noble reason is FUN. Mass bunk is a phenomenon practiced by student’s all over the world to fulfill their lust of skipping the boring lectures of the college.

There are some steps related to this act which we have to follow to organize a successful Mass Bunk and these steps make us learn some very important lessons of life.

STEP 1: The idea of Mass Bunk should be presented in front of class with a solid reason behind it (Although everyone wants to skip lectures but still pretend to be very sincere in class). This step teaches HOW TO INFLUENCE OTHER WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.

STEP 2: Make sure that the whole class has agreed with your idea and ensure them that nothing wrong will happen to them and that you are responsible for whatever the consequences of this act be. This teaches THE LEADERSHIP QUALITY.

STEP 3: The most important step comes after the period of mass bunk has expired & when you came to know that some ‘Plan Destroyers’ who agreed to do mass bunk have attended the class and has ruined the idea. This teaches NEVER TRUST ANYONE.

So the moral of the story is that organizing a mass bunk is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires dedication, hard work and prefect planning to stop those three or four Einstein type of students to attend the classes who thinks that skipping the classes will ruin their semester and then their degree and finally their career.

Finally what we conclude is that we all are now adults and should decide what we want. We are in college to become Engineers and engineering is not a child’s play. Do not get distract from your goal because of someone’s talk. Do not ruin your life because of someone’s plan. The motto of the planners of mass bunk can be summarized in just one old dialogue of bollywood and that is “Hum to doobenge sanam, tumko bhi le doobenge….